Hudson Valley UFO Sightings – The Triangle

The case of the Hudson​​ Valley UFO sightings is made up of numerous first hand reports that began at almost the beginning of a new year, 1982.

It all started with a retired policeman relaxing on his backyard porch on the night of December 311981

Lights to The South

The policeman in question was admiring the night sky just before midnight on the 31st when he noticed a grouped selection of rather bright lights to the south.

When the lights approached his area he realized they were selectively colored as red, green and white. At first he thought it was nothing more than a plane flying from the New York area but it seemed to be awfully low in height.

As the lights got closer he realized they were moving very slowly and there was no sound coming from them – no engine noise to indicate a craft in flight whatsoever!

As the lights passed over him he realized that a V-shaped fuselage was holding them together. The V-shaped craft hummed peacefully past him and carried on it’s mysterious journey.

One of Many

This kind of report would be repeated many times in the Hudson Valley over the next few years. Most of the Hudson Valley UFO sightings seemed to indicate that the craft was a V-shaped fuselage with the brightly colored lights attached to it.

On March 261983, the Westchester-Rockland Daily Item released a front page story covering the incidents and Ufologists the world over got wind of the case.

A well known UFO investigator named Dr. J. Allen Hynek put a group of associates on the case and they immediately set up a hotline for incident reports. They received well over 300 calls and all of them described the vessel in it’s V-shaped form.

On the night of March 241983, the city of Yorktown also came alive with reports of this strange UFO activity. The local police switchboard had severe difficulties in trying to keep up with reported emergencies due to the constant stream of UFO sightings.

The Taconic parkway that runs through the area was packed with stalled cars as their drivers got out to witness the strange UFO pass over them.

There were over 5,000 Hudson Valley UFO sightings from the period of 1982 through 1986.

The Sightings

  • ​The UFO was always spotted at night – for some reason it never ventured out during the daylight hours.
  • Many of the eyewitnesses claimed that the UFO was not really one solid craft but numerous smaller vessels flying close together.
  • The UFO did not always travel at slow, rumbling speeds. At times it was said to dart rapidly at right angles through the night sky.
  • The lights on the UFO didn’t always remain the same color – the each fluctuated through the red, green and white cycle.
  • When over a body of water ( lake or river ) the craft was spotted using a beam of red light to scan the surface for information.
  • For some reason the craft would often end up hovering over the Indian Point Nuclear Plant as if it was gathering information on it’s reactor.

​The more rational of experts out there have attempted to throw many a theory at the UFO incidents but none of them have stuck. Planes, balloons, satellites, and even the planet Venus have come into play.

The researchers that were put on the case finally came to the conclusion that the UFO could of been a blimp due to the movements it made in the night sky.

When the blimp manufacturers and pilots were contacted they ALL confirmed that no blimp had been anywhere near the areas linked to the UFO sightings.

These UFO sightings remain a mystery…

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