Hunting The Loch Ness Monster

Hunting the Loch Ness Monster (Nova Documentary)

The Loch Ness monster was brought to worldwide attention in 1933 (2nd of May) by Alex Campbell, water bailiff for Loch Ness and a part-time journalist.

He released a report in the local newspaper Inverness Courier. This report resulted in a landslide of often anonymous letters of sightings turning up at the Courier offices.

On the 6th of December, 1933, the first purported photograph of the monster, taken by Hugh Gray, was published in the Daily Express.

From this point onward ‘Nessie’ has grown into a cryptozoology superstar with many sightings recorded from year to year.

The documentary we have decided to showcase here was first watched by me several years ago – luckily, I discovered it again this week floating around on YouTube.

To date, it’s one of the most enjoyable documentaries I have seen on the subject.

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2018 UPDATE: The original Loch Ness documentary we featured here has been taken down by YouTube for copyright reasons – this happens from time to time. Anyway, we’ve replaced it with a shorter documentary until we are able to locate another version of the original example (sorry for the inconvenience!).


World’s Best Monster Mystery: Loch Ness

Okay, better late than never!

We’ve finally managed to locate a replacement documentary for the original effort we first posted here (which was taken down by YouTube for apparent copyright issues!).

This fantastic documentary, World’s Best Monster Mystery: Loch Ness (Mystery Documentary), is from the verified YouTube channel Real Stories

Now, this bunch have a LOT of documentaries up on YouTube and their channel looks very solid (check it out!). So, hopefully this documentary is here to stay!

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