Important Things You Should Know About Remembering Your Past Lives

Important Things You Should Know about Remembering Your Past Lives

Each one of us have lived an entirely different life in a different time. If that much is true, then we can already stop saying the term “new soul,” as we have all been reincarnating for thousands of years.

We do not, per se, die—only live a different life in a different body. It is normal that you find it hard to remember anything from your past lives.

But if you are interested to know more about it, expert and talented past life readers, armed with their years of training, will be able to uncover the mysteries that surround you and the lives you have had before.

Why do we find it hard to remember anything from our past lives?

Every information, every knowledge, and every bit of memories are kept in the deepest recesses of our subconscious. But humans have yet to advance their studies to fully explore what goes in that regions of our mind since we can only access rather a small region of our mind and memory.

Our brains would not be able to handle so much information from our past lives.

But you should see it as a good thing as this gives us an illusion of starting anew. We are able to create new fun memories with new people and new family.

This proves to be really helpful in case you did something really bad in one of your past lives. You would not be able to move on with the guilt from your past life if you could still remember it in your new one.

You would not be able to sleep well at night and your way of living will definitely be affected. Just be thankful that we are unable to remember anything as being able to do so may just bring us emotional stress and, more often than not, confusion.

It is hard, but are we able to remember our past lives?

Some people may find it difficult, but with practice, dedication, and discipline, yes, it is definitely possible! If you consider yourself as someone who is not really spiritual and you are living a rather simple life, you may find it difficult to remember anything from your past lives.

But if you are spiritually advanced, soon you will eventually develop psychic abilities. Your intuition will grow and bloom even if you are not actively using it.

Once you are able to become comfortable with your life and intuition, bit by bit, your memories from your past lives will start to resurface. From there, you will appreciate your life even more knowing that you have had lived beautiful ones in the past.

Is there a point in remembering our past lives?

Of course, there is! If you are able to see and understand the choices you have made in your past lives, you can use this knowledge on how to make better decisions in your current life.

It is important that you do not repeat the mistakes of your past, because the goal is to live a happier, more meaningful life.

Do you keep your past lives to yourself?

Certain situations call for sharing of your past lives to others, but you should always put yourself under the thinking that your past lives are deeply personal. You should be wary of telling your past lives to other people.

Keep it personal always, until you are sure with your decision and the person you should tell it to is someone you trust deeply.

Is it wrong to obsess over my past lives?

More often than not, yes. What is important now is the life that you have and are living right now. Knowing details from our past lives can be a good reference for when we will make an important decision in our current life, but ultimately, they mean nothing.

Our past lives should be used as a guide on how we can make better decisions, lead a better, happier current life, and how we can help other people. Remember that our good decisions and kind acts in this current life will add up and help our spirits to advance in the future.

Obsessing over your past lives is wrong in every sense of the word, no matter how accurate or how wrong they are about them. We should not let our past lives interfere, overshadow, and affect how we live our current life.

Is there a guaranteed way to remember our past lives?

There are psychics and past life readers who can aide you in remembering your past lives. But you can dedicate your time in selfless acts to advance your spirit and it would not be long until remnants of your past lives will start to resurface.

You can try doing mantra, yoga breathing, and dynamic prayer as these activities will help you get in touch with your intuition and other psychic abilities waiting to be awakened.

You should also start taking notes of what catches your attention the most—be it a certain era in history, a specific place, or types of music or art that you appreciate the most.

These certain connections may mean so much in your past lives, but you should obsess over these things and let them distract you from what is really important—your current life.

Your next life awaits you

Whether you believe in karma or not, it is important that you dedicate your life—this current one—to selfless service and helping other people as these activities will help you grow spiritually.

Doing so does not guarantee an easy life in your next one, but it would put you in a really good position should you wish to further your psychic abilities and spiritual advancement.

The true and only path to evolution is being able to help others more and better than your past lives. And if you keep doing so, you will be able to live each life you are meant to with so much gratitude and contentment and appreciation.

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24 comments on “Important Things You Should Know About Remembering Your Past Lives

  1. What if two “total strangers” instantly know they have been happy together in other bodies, and innately know that they promised to find and return to each somehow, no matter what tried to keep them apart? Then it gets very interesting…

    1. That certainly is an interesting angle there Bob – one I hadn’t thought of before! Thanks for sharing it with us! 🙂

  2. Not being able to naturally remember a past life has no sense at all. I deduce there are not past lives and Christ (son of God) never mentioned such a thing. He never taught anything regarding reincarnation. What bigger truth than God words?

    1. Fair enough Pedro – thanks for sharing your side of the argument with us!
      I’m on the flip side of the coin – I believe in this subject…but I don’t argue about religion! 🙂

    2. Interesting Article Chris thanks for sharing. When out and about with my son Ive had complete strangers stop me in the street and tell me that my son has lived before. I researched and learned about DR Ian Stephenson’s studies which he conducted. Absolutely amazing results he was able to achieve. I started meditating a few years ago and have had some pretty amazing experiences regarding my spirit guide. I wonder how past lives and spirit guide coincide. Any thoughts?

      1. I would actually love to learn more about spirit guides Dom – you are probably more ‘clued up’ on this subject than me! Could you recommend any tutorials/reading on this subject maybe? Our visitors would probably also love to know more about it…

  3. I believe in reincarnation and believe I have a lot of old quirks from my next to last past life. My hobbies and tastes have never matched my age. I believe that, that particular life ended with the sinking of a ship at high seas around the early 1900’s. I use to love the beach and the ocean but over the past few years, with the emergence of my old world hobbies (sewing, knitting and embroidery) I developed an irrational fear of deep ocean water. You know where the ocean stops being blue and turns black? It becomes an endless pit where light cannot escape? Yep that’s the one.

    1. Interesting perspective Jessie. Why do you think the date ranges in the early 1900’s? Is it because of the pass times or hobbies you enjoy?

  4. If people who writes the story line of movies… like…star wars and, mars…and all alien movies, are they capable of making these ideas up, or are they remembering a past life?…..?

    They can create a world totally different from now…do they remember?

    Or a world in the pass or future… why?

    1. Okay, I think I see where you are going – you mean these great creative minds behind movies etc? Well I suppose that could be an explanation, yes! Good angle to come up with Marel! 🙂

  5. Appreciate the idea of reincarnation, but it doesnt logisticly make sense to me. The human poplulation would have to be the same/static throughout time for this to make sense. That obviously is not the case. Would just like some justification and clarity here. Just dont get it

    1. I would have thought that the population remaining the same/static throughout time would only apply if reincarnation only happened the moment someone died? This is not the case.

  6. Why the followers of Christ did not always recognize Jesus after His resurrection?

    I think it is because Jesus was in His new physical body.

  7. Just go and read Helen Wambach’s book “Life Before Life” and see how consistent almost all the separate stories from people under regressive hypnosis are.

    As for Jesus saying nothing about earlier lives, why do you think he said “You must be born again.” and “The truth will set you free”. Look at the overall thread running through what he said, especially in the Gnostic gospels which were deliberately excluded from the Catholic version of the Bible, and then make up your mind… if you have an open mind.

    What do you think the cause of “Deju Vu” is?

    I’m on Chris’ side about this.

  8. Just in addition to the other stuff I’ve written…. It doesn’t get mentioned publicly very often, but a very large number of young children recall being adults in earlier lives. After a few years, they lost contact with those memories as “reality” overtakes them.

    Have a look at and plenty of similar websites for more evidence. Jesus told people they need to become like little children, and they need to be born again. Why?

    I strongly suspect that Jesus and what he was trying to explain was completely misunderstood by those around him. Then the creators of the Bible put words into his mouth and mis-translated what he really did say. They also left 8 of the original 12 Gospels out of the Bible because they contained ideas which the official “Christian” religion which chose Jesus as its figurehead didn’t like. Watch “Jesus, The Evidence” (on YouTube) and you’ll see what I mean.

  9. Thanks for letting my ‘sacrilegious’ comments through Chris. 🙂

    27 years ago for a few days I started getting what seemed like perfectly ordinary memories, except they were from the middle of WW2 in England and I was a pilot or similar who was going on night bombing raids over Germany. Probably in Lancasters which seem awfully familiar to me. One overcast cold day I said goodbye to my lady love and took off, and never came back.

    Then those memories or whatever they were just faded away and haven’t returned since. Now you can see why I’m very interested in this subject.

    1. Very interesting Bob!
      How old were you (excuse me for asking!) when you got these memories? Also, you say in England – I take it you are based in the US maybe? If so, do you have any British relatives?

  10. Hi again Chris. I was late 30s when that happened. Those apparent memories were mostly very detailed and I had to remind myself that they didn’t happen in this lifetime. Then they just completely faded away and have never returned.

    Scottish distant ancestry, no relatives in the UK and I’m hiding away in the Antipodes where I’ve lived all my (current!) life. 🙂

    1. Ah right – very interesting indeed.
      Thank you for all of the information you have added to our article – this type of engagement really gets people talking about the subject (and it helps the article evolve!).

  11. To save you from doing the arithmetic, there was a gap of about 10 years between the heavy bombing of Germany in WW2, and when I got born in this body.

    I think this is a subject which should be taken very seriously because potentially it makes sense of a lot of ‘mysteries’ which man-made religion can’t explain, like young children clearly remembering details of being adults in other bodies and situations, which have been verified.

    Maybe at some future time, the concept of each (non-physical) person going through attachment to many bodies and having many different experiences in them will be accepted to be the way it really is.

    But as Arthur Schopenhauer so accurately observed: “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

    1. Oh I like that Bob! My new quote of the Week – “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

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