Ingo Swann Remote Viewer

Ingo Swann Remote Viewer

There are many people who consider the late Ingo Swann to be one of the US government’s foremost remote viewers, those exceptional individuals whose psychic powers and extra-sensory perception (ESP) abilities were used, beginning in the 1970’s, to spy on the then-Soviet Union.

Swann proved to be particularly adept as a remote-viewer, whose talents were employed in any number of government operations that involved espionage against foreign targets, many of which could have proven hostile to the United States.

As a result of his work, Swann was in contact with a variety of shadowy figures that emerged from the world of intelligence-gathering, including one Machiavellian character known as Mr. Axelrod.

Swann Meets The Mysterious Axelrod

In February 1975, Swann was contacted by a person he described as a highly-placed figure in Washington, D.C.

This person advised Swann that he would soon be receiving a telephone call from Axelrod, although the person denied a specific explanation of the nature of the call, he said that it would be of great importance.

For nearly four weeks Swann waited for the call, and when it was finally received he was asked to make a rendezvous in a mere matter of hours later at the National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian.

Despite the last-minute, fraught nature of the contact, Swann unhesitatingly agreed to a meeting, despite his concern and trepidation, as well as the fact that the man whom Swann met looked like a Marine.

After formalities were exchanged, Swann was taken by car to a second location where a helicopter was waiting to take him to an unknown destination.

The approximately 30-minute flight was cloaked in security and secrecy, with Swann blindfolded for the duration as he made his way on this trip of near 007 proportions.

Upon landing, Swann was escorted to an elevator where he descended for  a significant time – perhaps into the bowels of some secret, underground installation – he thought, with considerable justification.

When his blindfold was finally removed, Swann got his bearings, and then was introduced to the enigmatic Axelrod, who finally admitted that his name was a ruse that served the purposes of the meeting.

The Nature of Remote Viewing

Axelrod wasted no time coming to the point of the meeting: to find out the nature of remote-viewing.

Axelrod also made it clear that he wished to make use of Swann’s skills in what could be easily considered a secret operation, in return for a significant amount of money.

It was one of those offers that one cannot refuse, and Swann did not.

The purpose of the meeting quickly came into focus when Axelrod asked Swann what he knew about the moon, a matter that Swann knew that officialdom was secretly looking into having remote-viewed, and was precisely what Swann did.

The Nature of Remote Viewing

Swann readily admitted that he was floored by what he had found: spectacular imagery of what appeared to be a huge tower similar in size and structure to the Secretariat Building at the United Nations, differing only in that it soared above the moon’s surface.

This tower was not man-made. It was told to Swann that it was made by mysterious extraterrestrials.

Little Human Miners?

In later remote-viewing sessions, Swann perceived that the surface of the moon was a wealth of domed structures, advanced machinery, other tall towers, large cross-shaped structures, tubular structures scattered across the landscape, and even what looked like an extensive mining operation.

This appeared to be nothing less than a moon base.

Swann was also able to focus on what appeared to be a number of people that appeared to be human, all housed in some sort of enclosure on the moon.

These people were busy burrowing into the side of a cliff. Even stranger was the fact that all of the people were completely naked.

Axelrod quickly terminated the experiment, concerned that these moon-based entities might be aware that they were being spied on via astral-travel.

He also implied that Swann’s actions might even place him in grave danger if these beings turned tables and paid him a visit of the deadly, cosmic kind.

Axelrod also asked Swann if he knew of a man named George Leonard, to which Swann replied that he did not.

It also came about that Axelrod was considering Swann to seek out the mysteries of the moon while Leonard, an author, was hard at work on a manuscript titled Somebody Else is on the Moon, which was finally published in 1977, focusing on the very issues about which Axelrod was so deeply troubled.

In particular, this was intelligently designed structures or installations on the moon.

These Deep Throat-like meetings between Swann and Axelrod – centering on the moon – continued until 1977, at which time they stopped, with Swann left scratching his head over the odd sequence of events.

Had Swann really used his psychic abilities to access a base on the moon that had been constructed by space-faring extraterrestrials?

Or does the fact that Swann described a facility being operated by members of the human race – albeit naked ones – mean that his was a secret installation of terrestrial origins, one that Axelrod wanted to learn more about, but was unable to since he was out of a classified government loop?

The answers to these questions are as unknown today as they were to Ingo Swann remote viewer then. And if Axelrod is still alive and reading this, he might be able to fill in some of the blanks.

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  1. In going over this information, I am not understanding from this read what remote viewing actually is. I suppose I would have to look this up, but it does not hurt to ask here. Thats some pretty mysterious viewing in any case, that I suppose would be helped by Mr. Swann actually veiwing this blog himself.

    1. Well that would be pretty hard Andrew…considering Mr. Swann died back on January 31, 2013, in New York city! Maybe this topic is a little bit above your head mate – check out one of our UFO articles or Cryptozoology instead – much easier to get a grasp of!

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