International Raelian Movement – Explained

International Raelian Movement

In this article we will be covering the basics of the International Raelian Movement and finding out about it’s origins.

The Raelian Movement

The Raelian Movement is a modern day religious movement that doesn’t really subscribe to the idea of a supernatural being named god.

They believe instead that the various mythologies on offer to us are linked directly to a alien civilization called the Elohim.

The International Raelian Movement believe that all the figureheads of religions like Buddha and Jesus are prophets of this Elohim race. This means that they were the ‘chosen ones’ to educate humanity in the Elohim ways.

The Origins of The International Raelian Movement

Raelian Totem

Claude Vorilhon is the man behind this new religious movement and he claims he was chosen to do this through a chance meeting with a Elohim.

This chance meeting was actually an abduction that took place on December 13, 1973. During this abduction he was renamed Rael and told that from now onward he would be a prophet for the Elohim.

Rael ( Claude ) held his first controversial public conference on his revelations on September 19, 1974.

The Belief System of The Raelian Movement

Evolution seems to be a ‘no go’ area for the Raelians, instead they believe the Elohim planted all life on Earth 25,000 years ago. This was done through means of advanced scientific knowledge and processes.

The Elohim claim they were also created by another race and it is humanity’s destiny to do the same one day in the future ( we are create a new race through our teachings on another planet ).

Cloning seems to replace the belief of an afterlife in Raelian religion – immortality is achieved through the means of cloning.

It is said that every now and again the Elohim managed to clone brilliant human individuals to take back to their own home planet.

Sexual Freedom plays a big part in the Elohim setup as they want us all to enjoy life to the fullest. This means we should be free to perform monogamy and even chastity.

Elohim Embassy is needed on Earth before they will ever show themselves. The International Raelian Movement claim this will be a neutral space for the Elohim. This embassy will be a sign to the Elohim that we on Earth are ready for them – they are not looking to impose/force themselves on us.

The Embassy apparently needs to be built in Israel because the Hebrews were the first civilization contacted by the Elohim.

An Act of Apostasy needs to take place before you are allowed to join up with the Raelian Movement. This means you must deny any previous theistic associations. You must then be baptized in a special process called the transmission of the cellular plan.

This transmission of the cellular plan is a process that takes the new members DNA and somehow links it to the Elohim computer database.

Holidays differ in the Raelian calender as well – new members can only join up on these designated holidays.

The very first Sunday in the month of April is considered a special day to the Raelians. This is the day when the Elohim gave us their version of Adam and Eve.

The Hiroshima bombing took place on the 6th of August and this again is a very important day on the Raelian calender. This is thought to be when we as a civilization began the Age of Apocalypse/Revelation. It is said that humans must take a warning from this date about our own dark capabilities.

On October the 7th the Raelians believe that the Elohim once had a meeting with all of Earth’s powerful past profits. This took place on the main mothership of the Elohim and Jesus was among the members invited.

Rael ( Claude ) first met the Elohim on December the 13th – this again is a very important date on the Raelian calender.

Your Views

We are all entitled to our own beliefs so I will leave the conclusion of this article up to you. What are your opinions on the International Raelian Movement? Please leave your answers in the comment section below…


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  1. They had Jesus at the meeting, yet to be a member you have to throw out any belief that he is real, yet they’ve met him which is more than the rest of us have done, and is that a swastika in their symbol?!

    1. It certainly looks like one doesn’t it Kellie! (and sorry for the delayed moderation of comment – been ill!!!) 🙂
      Great to see you here yet again supporting our articles.

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