Interview With a Poltergeist

Before we go any further I should point out that this video could well be taken down by YouTube at any point – it was released by a channel/uploader named theunredacted and I doubt very much they hold the rights to this awesome documentary!

Still, awesome is awesome and we just HAD to include it on this site.

Hopefully it will last…

The Enfield Poltergeist

In August 1977, a series of strange incidents that were soon characterized as ‘poltergeist phenomena’ and even ‘demonic possession’ began in Enfield, a northern suburb of London.

According to paranormal investigator Guy Lyon Playfair, a family was terrorized by a malevolent spirit for 14 months.

He eventually covered the whole story through his own eyewitness accounts in a book named This House is Haunted.

The family in question consisted of divorcee Margaret Hodgson and her four children: Margaret aged 12, Janet 11, Johnny 10 and Billy aged 7.

Journalists, BBC reporters and even the local police witnessed these strange events but there has always been a skeptic undercurrent that quietly screams ‘hoax’.

We have published a full article on this incident and if you are interested in reading it you will find it HERE.

So watch the documentary and read the article – make your own mind up…

Fact or fiction?

In this section we will be gradually adding bonus information linked to the subject of the Enfield poltergeist. Pictures, witness statements, newspaper reports – you name it!

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Photographic Evidence of Janet Levitating:

From what I gather, this image was first published by The Daily Mail newspaper in the late seventies. It’s apparently evidence of Janet levitating at night time.


This is a picture released by The Mirror newspaper of Maurice Grosse and Janet during an apparent possession.

And then things got worse…

Paranormal Bed Covers…

A sequence of photographs taken through automatic cameras which seem to show Janet’s bed covers flying up the wall. The first photo (below) you can see the bed covers starting their journey upwards:

When these automatic photographs were snapped it was apparently mid-December so the window in the bedroom was sealed shut to keep in the heat – there were no drafts that could of caused the bed clothes to move like they did!

The second image shows that the bedclothes have dropped down slightly…

The final image shows the curtains meeting up with the bedclothes and sort of twisting together. As you may have noticed – Janet has not moved throughout this sequence of events…