Iranian UFO 1976

Iranian UFO 1976

In this article we will be taking a look at the case of the ​Iranian UFO 1976 incident that took place shortly after midnight on September 19th…

First Contact

Just after midnight on September 19, 1976, the Tehran Air Force control center was bombarded with local calls claiming that something strange was travelling across the skyline.

Many of the callers labeled the object as a strange sort of helicopter displaying an incredibly strong light. Other callers simply classed the object as bird-like with a strange glow.

The command post checked their records and discovered that there were no registered flights in that area – what could this object be?

They quickly contacted Assistant Deputy Commander of Operations for instructions ( B.G. Yousefit ) but he claimed the object to be nothing more than a star in the sky.

He finally agreed to look at the local reports in more detail and decided that he was probably wrong – he needed a closer look at this airborne object.

After seeing the object for himself he immediately scrambled a F-4 jet from Shahrokhi Air force Base to get more information on the UFO.


The plane eventually took off at 1:30 AM and headed north of Tehran toward the strange craft that was listed as 70 miles away.

The plane managed to get about 40 miles into the journey before all communications and instrumentation were suddenly lost.

In a mad panic, the pilot turned away from the UFO route and headed straight back towards base. As soon as he broke the route his plane seemed to regain it’s functions.

The Second F-4

At precisely 1:40 AM a second F-4 made an attempt to close in on the strange bright object.

This second plane managed to get a lot closer to the object and reported back that it’s dimensions were about the same as a 707 jet aircraft.

As the plane neared the UFO it seemed to catch wind of their presence and sped off in the opposite direction.

This acceleration of the UFO was confirmed visually and by the aircraft’s instrument board radar.

The pilot was unable to catch up with the fast traveling object so he just tailed behind at a matched speed. The crew began to take notes on what they were following.

They reported that the UFO had rectangular pattern lights that rapidly shone blue, green, red and orange in color.

Captain Henry S. Shields's Statement Regarding The Incident
Captain Henry S. Shields’s Statement Regarding The Incident


Without warning the UFO seemed to fire some sort of small object out of one of it’s cavities…the object headed straight for the pursuing F-4.

The pilot decided to fire upon this unknown object but the plane’s AIM-9 missile function seemed to somehow lock.

The pilot was left with little choice but to dive down out of the smaller UFO’s way…but it followed!

It only broke off it’s pursuit when the plane redirected it’s course and headed back the way it had came.

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11 comments on “Iranian UFO 1976

  1. As an Air Force vet I’m wondering why the pilot didn’t try to engage the UFO with his machine gun, seeing as how the F4 was a fighter jet and is equipped with at least one. My other question is I’ve heard other reports that the UFO after it “crashed” in the desert that it was giving off an emergency squelch like a plane would so why would an alien spacecraft have such a thing? Also has any thought been given to maybe some type of secret Soviet aircraft?

    1. Interesting stuff Eric – we have not come across any info regarding an emergency squelch. Do you have any other info on the subject? If so, please feel free to add it here! 🙂

      1. My knowledge of the incident came from the History channel show UFO hunters I believe the episode was called “Military vs UFOs” or “Code Red”. They had said something about a squelch sound.

      2. Early model F-4s were originally designed without machine guns, and relied purely on missiles. After combat experience proved that relying purely on missiles was not the best idea, many f4s were retrofitted with hardpoint mounted machine guns, and then later models had them internally mounted. My point is there’s no guarantee the planes involved in this situation were equipped with machine guns because they could have been an older variant that would not have them as standard equipment.

  2. I recall reading about this incident back when it occurred. The U.S. AIR FORCE took a serious interest in this event because the F4 was an American built military aircraft which had its instruments seemingly disabled by an unknown craft. The Cold War was still very much in effect and the idea that a modern (if not necessarily cutting edge) fighter jet could be disabled by some invisible force emanating from an unknown (and possibly Soviet) aircraft was deeply concerning to military leadership at the time.

  3. No problem this incident is really interesting because it could actually be proof of alien life if its not some type of Soviet aircraft

  4. Hi Chris,

    I haven’t heard of this incident before. As I read the article I noticed this incident took place in Iran and the Tehran Air Force control center were constantly being contacted by local calls about strange lights across the sky. I didn’t know that Iran’s military flyers were called air force. I just basically identify that to the US.

    Anyway, it just seems very strange and scary. I remember years ago as we were traveling in the night heading to visit family as we were on the highway, at a far away distance, we saw a bright orange color that seems to stretch miles across. We couldn’t figure out what that could have been. But it did give me a scare.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Rosa,

      So did you ever find out what that strange bright orange color light was? Sounds really interesting and we would love to hear more!!!! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing with us.

  5. This is an interesting page. I have heard something about aliens invading earth in September. I believe there is life somewhere besides our planet. If they know of us and we have no knowledge about the extraterrestrials they have an technological advantage that will be hard to prepare for. The Iranian incident in 1976 seems like no fluke with the things I hear going on.

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