Is Dragsholm Castle Haunted?

Is Dragsholm Castle Haunted?

The only castle to survive the Danish Count’s Feud – is Dragsholm Castle haunted and if so…who are the spirits that reside there?

Let’s take a closer look…

Dragsholm Castle

Dragsholm Castle was built in Zealand, Denmark in about 1215, and it has a long and interesting history behind it. These days it’s used as hotel and restaurant, which has had it’s fair share of paranormal reports.

It was originally used as a palace and was owned by the Bishop of Roskilde, but troubles brewing within the country led to the palace being turned into a full-blown military castle.

Dragsholm Castle was built in Zealand

In the 1530’s – the Count’s War broke out in Denmark and there was an uprising against the king and other nobles. This led to many palaces and buildings of importance being torn to the ground…but not Dragsholm.

When the war ended, Dragsholm was pulled away from the church and converted into a prison for the fallen royalty and noblemen.


The Catholic Bishop of Roskilde was one of the first noblemen to be put into the new castle prison. He was followed shortly after by the 4th Earl of Bothwell, James Hepburn.

Now, James Hepburn was actually the the third husband of Mary, Queen of Scots…and he was well known for pissing off the British royal family. He eventually pulled one too many sly moves and ended up in Dragsholm Castle, chained to a pillar, in a dark, dank room.

James Hepburn

He was left to walk in circles around the pillar he was chained to…eventually going mad. He actually wore a circular groove into the stone floor, from his repetitive motion.

His misery was finally over when he died in his castle room, on April the 14th, 1578.

Locals believe that the spirit of James Hepburn is the ‘main’ entity that stalks through the corridors of the now hotel and restaurant.

The Others

Paranormal experts believe that there are two other ghosts that ‘live’ inside the walls of Dragsholm Castle. The first is thought to be that of a woman who worked at the castle…but suffered for months with a terrible toothache condition.

A visiting ‘medical man’ finally put an end to her pain (probably by ripping her tooth out with a wrench!) and she was eternally grateful to her castle employers. So grateful, that she never really stopped working there. Her spirit is often seen tidying rooms and making beds etc.

The final castle ghost is that of a spirit of a young woman, dressed in white, who is thought to be the daughter of a noble.

The Others

She was arranged to be married to the son of another noble in order to strengthen ties between the two families.

The girl was in love with another man, and her father was fully aware of this. He allowed her to keep up this secret relationship as long as she married the noble son when the time came.

Unfortunately, the girl fell pregnant with her lover’s child…resulting in her father drugging her and bricking her up in one of the castle walls. Apparently, castle workers could hear her crying and scratching away at the walls for weeks…before finally falling silent.

A renovation of the castle after the First World War uncovered a skeleton, shrouded in a white dress, behind one of the castle walls.

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