Is the Matrix Real? Are We Living Inside a Computer?

Is the Matrix Real? Are We Living Inside a Computer?

The more you study, the more you know
The more you know, the more you forget
The more you forget, the less you know
So why study?

What does the above non-scientific gibberish have to do with The Matrix?

A lot!

Basically, the question is; is the human race spending too much time reading into nothing and the impossible?

Everyone has watched the Matrix movie series by now right? And some of us have watched Prometheus. So, is the matrix real or not? What do you think? Are we products of someone or something else’s imagination?

Living A Dream

When you think about it, sometimes it actually feels like we’re living a dream; like someone somewhere is watching and giggling as we stumble through life trying to make sense of our own existence.

This is a blood chilling thought, and the idea that someone or something out there could decide that the program that’s our reality is no longer amusing, and shut it down…is just plain nuts!

So do we exist in a virtual reality created by more superior beings than us?

Do we live in the Matrix?

And who designed the world that our “supposed” makers live in?

It’s a bottomless rabbit hole…

Our Matrix

The battle of minds on the topic has been fierce. While Nick Bostrom (Oxford University Philosophy dept.) is inclined to the theory that our world may be a very powerful computer code running on supercomputers, Professor Millican ( Oxford University Philosophy and Computer Science) seems to think of this idea as just another absurd theory that could possibly lead to something.

Although he does not support the whole living in a virtual reality world idea, he tends to think that it would provide scientists with something to keep their minds healthy and charged for a couple of years to come.

the existence of The Matrix

Theorists who support the existence of The Matrix say that many things we perceive as coincidence or that “deja vu” feeling is just a glitch in The Matrix code.

They argue that we live in a world controlled by an advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) program that keeps evolving… like getting updates.

The scariest thing is that they could be onto something but we’d rather not find out if we really are generated code or not… right?

Who wants to know if the world will be shutdown tomorrow and everything as we know it ceases to exist? Or wonder if their supercomputer(s) run on an uninterrupted source of energy?

You surely don’t need that kind of pressure on you…


So what do we make of all the world disasters and weird biological defects like Siamese twins or the emergence and spread of deadly pathogens?

A computer bug?

An attack on our designer’s system by viruses?

Who could be against their creation so much as to create these Trojans to disrupt the smooth execution of the code that is our reality?

Will they succeed to bring the system down one day?

The question of our existence and purpose on earth has sparked more questions than answers. Did we evolve from simple organisms like the Darwinian theory purports?

Are we a creation of the supreme being God?

Did we just happen from the Big Bang as some Atheist may wants us to believe?

The ball is your court… what do you believe? Is The Matrix real?

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today please leave them in the comment section below.

3 comments on “Is the Matrix Real? Are We Living Inside a Computer?

  1. I think this is a really interesting idea/belief. I had actually not heard a lot about the matrix before this article – though I have indeed heard people speak of it. I for one am spiritually inclined so I don’t really believe in the matrix school of thought. However, learning about it is super cool and kind of fun too!

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      No problem if this type of belief does not fit your spirituality – we see where you are coming from and accept all here! 🙂

      Maybe you should give the first Matrix film a go – you never know…you might enjoy it!

      Great speaking with you and thank you for sharing your beliefs/opinions on this subject with us.

  2. The concept that the world we think we experience is not real was not created by the (former) Wachowski brothers. (They’re both trans women now)

    Years ago I read a science fiction story where our whole existence is part of a game played by immortal aliens. When you die you tally up the points and start all over if you choose.

    The most likely reason for a matrix scenario is not some big important “reason” We would more likely be some form of entertainment like an incredibly sophisticated version of the Sims.

    And you know what? Cipher had it right. “Living” in blissful ignorance in the matrix as a rich celebrity was objectively better than risking his actual life daily as a peon.

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