Jefferson Hotel Haunted Rooms


Jefferson Hotel Haunted Rooms

​I’ve heard many reports regarding the Jefferson Hotel haunted rooms over the years but one stands out in particular.

It’s the incident involving an unnamed traveler and a haunted mirror that hung inside his room for the night…

The Traveler

A unnamed man was traveling through Jefferson, Texas when he decided to book a room at the Jefferson hotel. He was extremely weary with the journey he was taking so he decided to take a break for the night.

He met up with the manager at the front desk and showed a little humor by asking for one of the Jefferson Hotel haunted rooms.

The manager obliged and handed him a key to room number 19 – an apparent ghost hunting hotspot!

The traveler unlocked his room door and walked inside declaring:

“I’m exhausted from the long drive. If you want to haunt me, fine. If not, no problem.”

I suppose his sarcasm was down to his high levels of exhaustion…

That Night

The man finished his dinner in the main eating hall and returned to room 19 for a relaxing bath. The room had an old fashioned claw-footed bath with an antique mirror hanging above it.

The steam from the bath started to fog up the old mirror that hung above and he couldn’t take his eyes off the strange antique.

Without warning the word ‘help’ appeared on the mirror as if drawn by a spectral hand. This word was then joined by ‘me’ and then ‘murdered’.

The man was to frightened to get out of the bath so he just sat there in the water until it cooled right down. As the water cooled the steam on the mirror disappeared taking the ghostly words with it.

The Next Morning

The following morning the man returned to bathroom and decided he needed to know more about this strange message. He ran the hot water tap on the sink and waited until the room gathered a little steam.

This time there was no sign of the cryptic message that was left the night before.

Many people wonder if this room in the Jefferson Hotel is truly haunted. There are rumors that a woman was found dead in a bath within the hotel walls many years before – could this be the ghostly visitor behind the mirror?

Skeptics believe that the mirror messages are nothing more than a trick, etched onto the glass by the hotel management. After all – a haunted hotel is much more appealing than a normal hotel right?

There have been many other reports of messages left on the mirrors of Jefferson Hotel over the years. Are they nothing more than a elaborate marketing ploy or is something more sinister behind it…

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