Jewett City Vampires – The Consumption Diaries


Jewett City Vampires

​The story of the Jewett City Vampires starts in May of 1854 and centers around the Ray family. This unfortunate family were hit hard by the effects of consumption ( tuberculosis ) and were losing members left, right and center.

The Dead Need Feeding

They had tried everything in their power to stop this horrific disease from spreading through their ranks but nothing seemed to work.

For some reason they thought their dead family members were coming back to life and killing the healthy family members. Why they thought this is anyone’s guess!

Eventually the Ray family ended up exhuming the bodies of two of their sons that had died from consumption. Once they were out they wasted no time at all in burning the bodies so that they could not rise again!

We have located an excellent video on the subject of the Ray family and the Jewett City Vampires. In the video they actually visit the cemetery in which the Ray family were laid to rest. Check it out below:

The Walton Family

In 1990 not far from where the Ray family used to reside two young lads made a gruesome discovery.

They were playing about on a gravel bank in Hopeville and they managed to dislodge two human skulls. An inspection of the area led to a unmarked cemetery linked to the Walton family.

A further search of the cemetery revealed a total of 29 strange graves. One of these graves contained a coffin with the engraving ‘JB-55’ on it.

When the strange coffin was opened they found the remains of a man that dated back to about 1790. The body had been dismembered with his skull being ripped away from the spine.

The skull had then been turned around so it faced downwards in the coffin and a pair of femur bones were placed just below them in an ‘X’ formation. It looked just like some sort of twisted skull and crossbones scene!

JB’s body was found to have been dismembered about five years after his actual death. Medical examinations on the bones tell us that he had definitely died of consumption. Another two bodies were found near the resting pace of JB – both had died of the same disease.

The Jewett City Vampires – Conclusion

Researchers have now come to the conclusion that JB’s bones were arranged in this strange and morbid way by his family. Like the Ray family they had come to the conclusion that this JB character was rising from the grave to consume his family members – this was a desperate attempt to stop that.

We have also managed to locate a video on the Walton-Hopeville cemetery and have included it below. It goes over the case we have covered above in a little more detail and gives you a great visual reference of the story. Enjoy!

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