Joan Gay Croft – The Mysterious Disappearance

Joan Gay Croft - The Mysterious Disappearance

This article will be covering a disappearance that took place in the aftermath of a 1940’s F5 tornado in Oklahoma.

Why was she taken and who were the mysterious men dressed in khaki army uniforms?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Natural Disaster

On April 9, 1947, an F5 tornado smashed its way through Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. This natural disaster ended up causing hundreds of deaths and destroying numerous towns in the area.

In Woodward, Oklahoma, just over 180 locals were killed by the tornado. Joan and her eight-year-old half sister, Jerri managed to escape with minor injuries.

The Natural Disaster

The sisters had managed to lose sight of their mother during the disaster and the stepfather was critically injured.

The young girls were eventually taken to the local hospital basement, which was being used as a shelter for those who had lost their homes.

The Two Strangers

During the night, two strangers turned up dressed in khaki army uniforms, entered the basement and began to lead Joan away.

Joan did not know these two men – she was protesting and she did not want to leave her sister behind. The two strangers assured her that they would return for her sister later.

Several hospital workers noticed the uproar caused by the young girl, and confronted the men about what they were doing.

The two men told the hospital employees that they were merely taking the young girl to a nearby location to meet back up with her family.

The Two Strangers

The men had specifically asked for Joan when they entered the room – so the hospital staff assumed they must have known who she was.

They were allowed to leave with her…but they did not come back for her sister.

Joan, and the two men, were never seen again.

Joan Gay Croft

The mysterious case of Joan Gay Croft has received national mainstream attention over the decades that followed her disappearance.

In 1999, a newspaper local to the area, The Oklahoman, received a message off a woman claiming to be Joan. In this message she claimed to have been living under a different name for decades…and her family knew about her name change and her existence.

The woman eventually agreed to meet up with reporters from the paper, but eventually ceased communications and never turned up for the arrangement.

The disappearance of Joan Gay Croft remains one of the most mysterious child abduction cases on record.

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