Joliet the Doll

Joliet the Doll

This article will be taking a look at Joliet the doll – a cursed item that has remained with a family for over four generations. Why do they still hold onto this paranormal object?

Let’s take a closer look…

Why Keep The Doll?

At the time of writing this, the doll is owned by a lady who only wants to be known as ‘Anna’. It has been in her family for over a century now, and it is said to have the power to cry out at night with the sounds of a baby in distress.

All of these cries are reported to come from male infants.

Sometimes there is only one cry, other times there is a chorus of four different babies in distress.

Anna believes that she knows the names of all four of the souls that are said to inhabit the doll – that they are all linked to her family tree.

This is the reason she will never give up the haunted object.

The Curse of Joliet the Doll

The story starts four generations ago, when Anna’s great grandmother was given the doll as a gift from a so-called friend. When she received the item she was carrying her second child.

For some reason this ‘friend’ of the family had a problem with Anna’s great grandmother – she was jealous of her (and we don’t know why?).

Anna firmly believes that the bitterness this woman contained, was somehow passed onto the doll, cursing it in the process.

Anna’s great grandmother eventually gave birth to a healthy little boy…but three days after his birth he died suddenly from a strange illness. This same tragedy would unfold for at least four generations.

Every female member of the family would eventually end up bearing two children – a boy and a girl.

Tragically, the boy would always die three days after his birth.

It is also reported that shortly after Anna’s great grandmother lost her son, she began experiencing paranormal activity that came from the doll itself. The grieving mother was certain that these were the cries of her dead baby boy.

Even though these haunted cries broke her heart every night…she still would not get rid of the doll. She firmly believed that the doll was somehow protecting the spirit of her lost son.

When she died she passed the doll onto her daughter (Anna’s grandmother) for safekeeping. She also had a son and a daughter, and the son died three days after his birth.

The cycle would repeat again and again until today, with Anna being the current owner of the doll. Tragically, Anna also lost her son, three days after he was born, and she believes his cries have been ‘added’ to the doll’s paranormal sounds.

Each mother has cared for the doll like they would have cared for their sons – they will never let it leave them family.

Apparently the cries can only be heard by the female members of the family.

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