Karl Denke The Cannibal

An approachable and devout Christian, a talented organ player at his local church and a man known for helping out the poor and needy…

Who also killed over 40 people and pickled their flesh before selling it, under the label of ‘pork’, at the Wroclaw markets.

Meet Karl Denke the cannibal…

Denke was known locally as ‘Pappa Denke’ – he was a kind character who you could rely upon if you were in some sort of trouble.

A devout Christian, assistant at Evangelist funerals, church organ player and savior to the poor and needy.

He was born on 12 August, 1870 in a small village in Prussia. He disappeared from the history books when he was about 12 – running away from home, and he reappeared when he was 25, due to his father leaving him an inheritance.

He used this money to purchase a small farm, but failed miserably at it. He then used the remainder of his savings to start up a door-to-door salesman business, where he sold leather belts, shoelaces and boneless pork.

He also opened up a small stall at the local market.

The First World War was not kind to Denke, and by the end of it he had lost most of his savings, and sold his house. He was left with a small apartment with a small shed in the backyard area.

Vincenz Olivier

The 21st of December, 1924, and a homeless man named Vincenz Olivier stumbled into the Munsterberg Police Station with blood all over his clothes. He was shouting hysterically that Pappa Denke had tried to kill him with an axe.

At first the police laughed it off – everyone knew Pappa Denke, and he was certainly not a killer.

But Vincenz was adamant, so the police followed up the claims and paid Denke a visit.

Denke actually came clean and claimed that he did attack the homeless man – but it was in self defence. The police put him in the cells for the night and told him not to worry, they would clear his name by the morning.

Denke was found dead in his cell the following morning – he had hung himself.

The Cannibal Psychopath

When the police searched through Denke’s property – they uncovered a sadistic double life…

It was Christmas Eve, and the police were getting the house ready to hand over to Denke’s relatives…but nothing could prepare them for what they discovered.

The inside of the property resembled a meat processing room, but the meat was human flesh. Various ‘pots’ were found containing remains from various parts of the human body – hair, buttocks, skin, parts of the aorta, bones – the list goes on and on!

They also found a dental collection that contained three hundred and fifty-one teeth.

The police investigation into this madman went on for years and years…the remains of Karl’s victims were turning up still in the late 1940’s.

When the case was eventually closed, it stated that Denke had probably killed over 40 people in his time.

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