Kate Morgan Ghost – The Hotel Del Coronado Haunting

kate morgan ghost - hotel del coronado ghost

The story of the Kate Morgan Ghost is based on a tragic events in 1892. Both Kate and her husband Tom were professional con artists who used to travel the train lines in the late 1800’s

Life was good until one day Kate broke some rather life changing news to Tom who was less than happy with the announcement…

The Hotel Del Coronado

The Hotel Del Coronado was opened up way back in 1888 and our story starts not long after it’s opening.

Tom and Kate Morgan were a married couple who excelled at their ‘self employed’ business – they were both rather exceptional con artists!

They continuously rode the train lines looking for their next pay packet ( or victims! ). There setup was rather simple really:

  • Kate was really good looking so she would lure men on the trains into a game of cards involving Tom.
  • She told the men ​that Tom was her brother so they had to prove their worth to him before anything ‘more’ could happen.
  • Tom was a dab hand at card cons and he would then drill the cash out of unsuspecting victims.

​They both made a very impressive living out of this con job…until 1892.


In November of 1892 Kate noticed a certain change in her female ways and then informed her husband of the good news. Unfortunately Tom did not take this as good news as it would effect their con artist ways.

Kate didn’t really care about this and told Tom it was a perfect opportunity for them to settle down and live a normal life – Tom was having none of this!

He didn’t want to change his lifestyle and got off the train at Orange County – he arranged to meet his wife for Thanksgiving in San Diego.

When Kate arrived at San Diego she booked a room at the Hotel Del Coronado and set about waiting for her husband to return.

Hotel Del Coronado
Hotel Del Coronado

When Thanksgiving came there was no sign of Tom so she started to check out the other hotels in the area. Nobody had seen or heard of Tom for quite some time!

Before long the staff at the Hotel Del Coronado took note of Kate’s health – she often complained about being ill and she looked really bad. Rumors circulated that she might have been so desperate that she performed an abortion on herself…

Her Death

Around the same time of her complaints of ill health Kate was seen purchasing a gun at a store local to the hotel.

This was one of the last times she was seen alive as shortly after she was found on steps to a beach with a bullet hole in her head – it was thought to have been an obvious suicide.

This cause of death held up until 1990 when a lawyer who specializes in murder cases ( Alan May ) decided to produce a book on the story. After thorough research his conclusion was that Kate had actually been murdered by her husband Tom.

He highlighted many different reasons for this conclusion but the biggest factor seemed to be that the bullet in Kate’s gun did not match the bullet they found in her head.

The Kate Morgan Ghost

It is thought that the Kate Morgan Ghost now haunts the room she used to use in the Hotel Del Coronado. It used to be 302 but it has since changed number to 3312.

The lights and the electrics in room 3312 are constantly playing up and nobody seems to know why. There are also reports of deathly cold breezes creeping through the room at night – even in the summer months!

kate morgan ghost

The maids that work at the Hotel Del Coronado claim that they have seen objects move around the room and curtains move for no reason.

Certain guests that have stayed in room 3312 reported strange murmurings coming from the dark corners and some have even witnessed the Kate Morgan Ghost walking down the corridors of that floor.

The steps where they found Kate’s body have a street lamp above them but it is never lit. The local electrician constantly changes the bulb but for some reason it just blinks out every time.

Alan May himself decided to test out these sightings by staying at the hotel himself for a couple of nights. He claims that one night a face of a woman appeared in the TV screen that was completely unplugged from the wall. Two members of staff back up this incident.

So what really happened to Kate Morgan that night and how did she meet such a tragic end? Was she the victim of an angry husband or was she the victim of her own despair?

Please leave any thoughts or opinions on the Kate Morgan Ghost in the comment section below…


5 comments on “Kate Morgan Ghost – The Hotel Del Coronado Haunting

  1. Just because the bullets didn’t match, that doesn’t mean that it was her husband who killed her. It could have been someone else. But it doesn’t sound like it was suicide.

  2. If it was a murder that would explain why her spirit is still here. Great story! Peace & love 🙂

  3. Love the interesting things concerning her spirit and possibly her story. Someone should check into her husband and so on. Would love to see this cold case solved and the spirit to be put to rest and at peace. Please let me know, anyone!!?

    1. Hi Shawntay,
      Unsure what happened to the husband but there must be some sort of follow up on him somewhere out there – this is the internet after all! 🙂

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