Levelland UFO Sighting

Levelland UFO Sighting

During the period of November 2-3, 1957, the Levelland UFO Case occurred in and the surrounding vicinity of the small town of Levelland, Texas. Levelland is a small flat prarie town in the plains of South Texas.

Due to a large number of witnesses in a short period of time, the Levelland case is considered by experts as one of the most extraordinary incidents in UFO history.

However, UFO naysayers and the United States Air Force have dismissed the eyewitness claims and offer up a different cause of the incident. The USAF and other groups have stated that the incident was a result of a severe thunder storm that produced ball lightning.

The Levelland UFO Sighting

The incident timeline begins with an eyewitness report by two farm workers. Late in the evening of November 2, the workers contacted the Levelland Police Department to report their UFO sighting.

The details given were that a blue flash of light had been seen approximately 4 miles west of Levelland.

The workers report included the claim that their truck’s engine stalled and a rocket-shaped object rose up from the road and moved towards them.

The men further stated that as the object passed over the truck, the truck rocked back and forth and a noticeable increase in heat was felt.

When the object was finally away, their truck began to operate in a working manner. This initial report was dismissed by the local police as a prank or joke and ignored the farm workers’ story.

UFO Sighting in a Newspaper Report

About an hour later, a passing motorist reported that a 200 feet long, brightly lit, egg shaped object was blocking the road approximately 4 miles east of Levelland.

The motorist indicated that his vehicle’s engine stalled and stopped. The motorist further indicated that the strange object’s lights went out and it moved away from the road. When the object had moved away, the motorist’s vehicle started and operated normally.

A third report came in, a married couple travelling northeast of Levelland indicated that they had witnessed a bright flash of light moving across the sky. Also, during this time their vehicle’s lights and radio stopped working for a few seconds.

A fourth report came in about 5 minutes later, another motorist indicated that he made contact with an odd looking bright object blocking the road approximately 11 miles northeast of Levelland. He reported that his car’s engine died and subsequently restarted when the object had moved away.

A little after midnight on November 3, a college student made the 5th report of contact. Approximately, 10 miles east of Levelland, his car engine began to stall, the battery indicator on the dash showed a complete discharge and normal charge a few seconds later.

His vehicle’s lights went out, his engine stalled, and his vehicle came to a stop. Upon getting out of his car to check out the cause of the trouble, he reported seeing an egg shaped bright object blocking the road.

As with the other reports, his car functioned normally after the object had left the area.

At 12:15 am, Levelland Police received another report, a farmer who claimed he had witnessed a glowing egg shaped object sitting in the road. Like the other sightings, the farmer reported electrical problems and engine failure.

Also, like the others, he reported that his vehicle returned to normal when the object flew away.

Levelland officials received two more reports of strange lights and vehicle trouble between 12:15 and 12:45 am. At this time, several Levelland police officers were responding to the various sightings.

At 1:30 am Sheriff Weir Clem, reported seeing a bright red object moving across the sky. At 1:45 am, Ray Jones, Levelland’s Fire Chief, reported seeing the strange object and experienced car trouble.

During this period of November 2nd-3rd, the Levelland Police Department received approximately 15 phone calls regarding the strange glowing object and automobile failures.

The Levelland Incident

The Levelland incident was reported throughout the US. This attention prompted an investigation by a USAF research group. Three of the eyewitnesses were interviewed.

Based on the results of these interviews and taking into account reports of severe afternoon storms, the USAF investigator determined that the cause of the incidents was due to ball lightning.

Critics of the USAF investigation claim that more witnesses should have been interviewed and the case was rushed. Several independent investigations indicate that there were no storms in Levelland during the period of the UFO sightings.

2 comments on “Levelland UFO Sighting

  1. An interesting account, While I am not a big UFO believer I do find it difficult to believe the official explanation as ball lightning is spherical in shape and many of these sightings were described as egg shaped or even rocket shaped…

    On the other hand, the people dismissing the possibility of ball lightning because of a lack of evidence of any storms at the time of these incidents, were obviously unaware of the possibility that ball lightning can be formed in the absence of lightning.

    To quote John Abrahamson:

    “Conventional lightning may not be the only energy source for the curious orbs. It could be smaller atmospheric discharges or even friction heating from earthquakes—balls have been seen coming from an active fault,”

    So still a mystery 🙂

    1. All good points there Karim – I especially like the quote from Abrahamson you included!

      Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts and opinions on this UFO subject!

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