Lieutenant Colonel Pete Ellis – Looking Into The Future

Seeing The Future

And now we come to the rather strange case of Lieutenant Colonel Pete Ellis who actually predicted the Pearl Harbor bombings…and then disappeared never to be seen again!

The Quiet Man

I find this story so fascinating and every time I read a new report on it I seem to stumble across something new.

Lieutenant Colonel Pete EllisAs I mentioned, Lieutenant Colonel Pete Ellis was somehow able to see into the future and predict the attack on Pearl Harbor.

He was stationed at Marine Corps headquarters in Washington in 1920 and to be honest – he wasn’t the most popular of geezers! It was noted that he very rarely made any friends or contact with other troops and stayed locked in his office. The night guards that protected the building all claimed that he would always display a ‘No Admittance’ sign on his office door. He would remain locked inside this office until the early hours of the morning.

When a guard would attempt to get his attention by tapping on the door they would usually be met by silence. If they asked through the door what he was up to he would reply sternly ‘a special project’.

The Special Project

After approximately 12 months of hard and lonely work the Colonel produced his special project in report form.

It turned out to be a 30,000 word report detailing a surprise attack on the US and the war that would ensue between Japan and the US.

Within the report was information claiming that the Japanese were going to attack various Pacific islands:

  • ​Hawaii
  • Philippines
  • Midway
  • Guam
  • Wake

He had actually come up with a plan to diffuse the situation when the attack actually occurred. He claimed that the US needed to build secret bases on the Marshall and Caroline islands. This in turn would make the deploying of ​troops into the Philippines a lot easier!

The report also pointed out that aircraft would play a really big part in this invasion and he knew the type of plane that would attack. This plane was described within the report and bares a spooky resemblance to the Tornado Bomber.

The Disappearing Act

For some unknown reason Lieutenant Colonel Pete Ellis fell drastically ill after the publishing of his report.

The illness seemed to linger and he applied for a period of leave from army duties to concentrate on his health.

USS Missouri
USS Missouri – Pearl Harbor

For some strange reason the secretary of the navy saw nothing wrong with this and handed him his leave instantly – this was not the way things worked out in the army!

He made a hasty appointment with the Commandant of the Marine Corps before he left and during this meeting he was spotted slipping an envelope into the Commandant’s pocket.

He had told colleagues and superiors that he was off to Europe to recover from this strange illness – he never arrived!

After his 90 days of leave were up he was given another bout of indefinite leave without any questions asked – again very strange!

The Mystery Man

Nobody heard from Ellis for at least 12 months then all of a sudden a friend of his started receiving strange cablegrams. These cablegrams had arrived from hospitals in Australia and the Philippines but seemed to make no real sense.

A few weeks later a man who identified himself as Ellis was located in a Hospital in Japan. He was very ill and was suffering from severe alcohol poisoning. He remained there until October 4, 1922 when all of a sudden – he vanished again!

Nothing was heard on the subject until a few months later when a report surfaced of a man named Ellis had actually passed away when visiting the island of Koror.

There were rumours that the Japanese were stopping all foreigners from entering that region. Ellis was known to have been stopped several times as he tried to enter restricted Japanese areas.

The Pharmacist

This was a very strange turn of events and the US army did not want to leave Ellis’s ashes on foreign soil. They sent a pharmacist named Lawrence Zembsch to Koror to retrieve his remains.

When he finally managed to get back out of Koror he was not the man he used to be!

Zembsch could not speak to anyone and could barely function on any level.

He was tested in Yokohama and they found extremely high doses of drugs within his system. He was immediately placed in hospital to recover to a point where he could be questioned.

Unfortunately the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 struck down that very same hospital before he was able to tell his story…

Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923
Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923

Lieutenant Colonel Pete Ellis

Nobody knows what happened to Lieutenant Colonel Pete Ellis or Lawrence Zembsch when in Koror.

The easiest opinion to jump to is that they were found out by the Japanese and dealt with accordingly. But people who knew Ellis at that time swear blind that he was a severe drunk and this contributed to his death.

What do you think?



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