Lubbock UFO Sightings – The Night Lights


Lubbock UFO Sightings

One of the first incidents of a UFO report blown up my the national media was the Lubbock UFO sightings. They took place in LubbockTexas in 1951 and have failed to reappear since. The police AND the military took the incident very seriously but the case still remains a mystery…

The Lubbock Lights UFO

The Lubbock lights UFO incident started off when three men witnessed something strange on the night of August 25, 1951. They were sitting on a porch outside a house when they noticed spectacular lights dancing across the sky at a ferocious speed.

The men claimed that there were at least 20 of these strange lights at first but then they reappeared in a group of about 30. On the two occasions the lights passed over them no sound was heard.

Lubbock Texas
Downtown Lubbock, Texas

You’d be forgiven for thinking these three men were nothing more than boozy characters who had been on the beer – this was not the case!

All of the men were extremely credible witnesses:

  • ​They were professors at the nearby Texas Technical College
  • They were all extremely well educated to a PhD level
  • Two of them were very talented engineers
  • One of them was a qualified Geologist

The three of them had no idea what they had just witnessed but they were all sure it was something special. They reported it to the local authorities and to their surprise other witnesses came forward.

The Second Coming

​​The initial Lubbock UFO sightings had baffled the men so much they decided to get together with another two colleagues and search the skies again.

On September 5, 1951, they witnessed the second coming of the Lubbock lights UFO display. They were once again out in the front yard examining the skyline when the strange lights returned.

This time they got a much better look at the objects and described them as as the size of dinner plates and greenish-blue. There wasn’t as many of them this time but they flew above them in the exact same manner.

The Lubbock Lights Photos

Carl Hart, Jr. was a freshman at the same college where the initial witnesses worked. On August 30 of the same year he actually witnessed the exact same lights fly over through his bedroom window.

lubbock lights ufo

He was aware of the early reports so he decided to go out into the garden with a camera just in case the lights returned. The lights did return and Hart managed to snap a total of five mysteries photographs.

The professors from the college got hold of the photos and compared them to what they had witnessed earlier in the year. The professors at once admitted that Carl’s lights were flying in a different pattern than the ones they saw.

lubbock lights ufo second lot of photos

The photos went through vigorous testing techniques and nobody could find anything wrong with them – they were NOT a hoax. They are pretty low quality but they are also authentic.


The skeptics jumped all over the Lubbock UFO sightings and started claiming that some witnesses had reported them as birds. They thought the birds were nothing more than a flock of plovers flying over the area with streetlamps lighting up their underbelly.

But this bird explanation seems to fall a bit flat really! For starters, It doesn’t explain the circular shapes the professors saw in August and the photos Carl Hart took were certainly NOT displaying any sort of bird species.

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