Luke Ruehlman Past Life


Luke Ruehlman

Luke Ruehlman is a five-year-old boy from Ohio who claims to have lived a past life up to the age of 30 as a woman.

He started to display strange behavior from the age of two when he appeared convinced that he used to be a young black woman from Chicago…

Pamela Robinson

Luke was convinced that this young black woman was named Pam and frequently used to tell his parents what he looked like when he was female. He claimed that Pam had met her end by tragically leaping from a burning building.

On one occasion he claimed he used to wear earrings similar to the ones being worn by a character on TV. On another occasion he informed them that when he was a girl he used to have black hair.

As Luke grew older he also claimed to remember the moment he died and how he was converted into a newborn baby. He then remembers being sent back down to earth as this baby.

The Paxton Hotel Fire

An investigation into Luke’s claims took place and came to an extraordinary discovery. They located information regarding a fire that had taken place in The Paxton Hotel, Chicago in 1993.

The investigation was to be part of a documentary based on Luke’s claims.

In this documentary Luke was eventually tested through images of women that bore similarities to Pam Robinson.

In among all these random ladies was a picture of Pam – the investigators asked Luke if he could point her out…

He successfully picked the correct picture!


Luke’s mother, Erika, was convinced that her son had some kind of link to this lady that had perished in Chicago. She tenderly reached out to Pamela’s family in an attempt to gather more information on the subject.

They exchanged facts and it came to light that both Robinson and Luke had a love of Stevie Wonder music and they both had a passion for playing the keyboard.

Luke’s recollections have now stopped but his mother, Erika remains convinced that he had some sort of past life link to Pamela Robinson.

If you interested in finding out more on the subject of past lives we suggest checking out How To Uncover Your Past Lives ( By Ted Andrews ). Read our full review on his book HERE

15 comments on “Luke Ruehlman Past Life

  1. Please consider that the information of all past lives, events, and knowledge exist in the present day as recorded events. These events can be known, but are particularly known to certain individuals who are sympathetically sensitive to other historically similar people. This results in the recall of the past experiences as something that individuals therefore mistake as their own life experience…hence the assumption of reincarnation. Have you ever seen a movie and left feeling a deep understanding of the main character? That’s not reincarnation either. Now picture being able to recall all events of a past life in exactly the way another person had experienced it as a recorded event. Would we not feel that we are that person? Yes we would, although we never were them we would assume that we are them. I ask that, instead of being angry at me for challenging your beliefs, you will see this as an explanation of reality for the sake of guidance as we pass from this world into God’s eternity.

    1. No that’s fine Bobby – we love other people’s opinions and welcome them on our site. Conflicted views help the article grow and evolve. Please feel free to leave your views whenever you see fit 🙂

    2. You just gave a perfectly “logical ” explanation as to why reincarnation is a misguided belief yet you ended it with ‘ gods eternity ‘ ….. What logical explanation can you give for his existence ? And I am sure the points that you will use can be used to love re incarnation as much or even more . As humans we don’t have the perceptive capabilities to have a definitive answer to either of these questions and as is this case with both of them and several other things …..just because we as humans cannot perceive and prove a certain thing or ideas irrefutable existence is not proof of its non existence ….that is the arrogance of man to think he is capable enough to be in that position to be able to pass judgement to something’s existence . Just saying .

      1. The problem is that for the Ego the notion of a soul and higher self is not something that can be understood or proven/verified.
        For the soul/higher self it is much easier, it can retrieve knowledge directly (although when you have no proper connection between the Ego and Higher self, the Ego will doubt this direct knowledge and discard it as not verifiable.
        As long as you Ego and Higher self are not connected you will also not be able to accept the explanation I gave above.
        It is similar as trying to explain color to a blind person.

    3. Where is your evidence that Like felt Pam you can’t feel somebody you never knew, the last time I tried to “feel” a stranger I got arrested.

      1. This was a setup, exploit your child. He was exposed to t-ball. Then, get him to start playing ball, do a Youtube video, hoping he would be discovered. Look and find someone who your child vaguely resembles. Add in that, you are his mother in a past life also.

        Kid gets a part in a movie, more money for you.

        Write a book, make more money.

        I believe in reincarnation, but your story, is like a fairy tale. I DO not care, that you supposedly had some famous doctor examine him, and that you were hypnotized.

        Shame on you!

        1. We’re struggling here to figure out who you are targeting on this comment section?
          The rant is fine – just try and make sure you direct it at the person you’re aiming for! 🙂
          (shame on who?)

          1. I don’t think you really get the point of this site do you?
            We research the articles, then post them. We don’t make up ‘stories’ as you put it.
            You’ve watched a film on this subject so suddenly you’re an expert? Grow up a bit. The truth of the matter is that we have access to more information on these subjects that you can ever hope to have. If it is talked about online – we cover it!
            This is the most popular mysteries website in the world – for a reason.
            Kindly take yourself to another website and leave this one alone – it’s obviously way above your pay grade and intelligence.

  2. Why wouldn’t anyone not believe this story. How could anyone plant in a two year olds mind about this woman. My belief is that we never die. Energy does not die. We stay as ourselves and when we are ready to come back it is our choice.

    1. Hi Conney,
      I agree with you that energy doesn’t die – I’ve always believed this and always will. Thanks for leaving your opinion on the article 🙂

  3. I feel so sorry for the people who believed this story, seriously, it had a lot of errors. I’ve watched the ghost inside my child version of this and some of things she told Fox news 8 weren’t the same on ghost inside my child. No shred of evidence whatsoever. Some people that claims their child had a past life always admit they saw ” heaven” or “God” again, no evidence, and people out their that are claiming they saw heaven and hell, and again no evidence, that’s the same problem with Luke’s story. Erica (the mother of Luke) Failed to provide evidence for that and where she got those pictures of those two black women. Not only that, there’s no evidence if they actually contacted Pamela parents, I bet they were dead before/after she died back in ’93. I honestly believe the story is fake and Ericka was being very dishonest about it and I hope Luke won’t grow up thinking he was once another person that he has no evidence for. So sad indeed.

    P.S If you think I’m wrong, please provide evidence to prove all the information (including his heaven and God, her parents phone number) is true 🙂

    1. That’s fine – opinions are opinions, and we’re not here to judge them (even if we disagree!) 🙂
      We just post the research…and let the rest of you argue about it!!!!

  4. I’ve seen this before, and geez, only stupid people would believe this story. HA! HA! no shred of incredible evidence as usual. Every “past life” story always admit that they read the fairytale called the bible and say they saw heaven. The best way to prove God existence. Ha! Ha! I’ve seen a lot of people taking this seriously, spreading their ignorance all over it. I bet if Erica admits the story was false everybody who says it’s real will look very stupid 100%. Ha! Ha!

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