Mackenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars – The Awakened Soul


Mackenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars

In 1998 a homeless thief  is thought to have unwittingly released an ancient Scottish evil. Was this the awakening of the Mackenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars?

The King’s Religion

In the 17th century, Lord Advocate Sir George Mackenzie was ordered to take on the rebel Presbyterian Covenanters by the king. The rebel Presbyterian’s were refusing to ‘play ball’ with the king’s new religion and were therefore turning against him.

When King Charles II ascended the throne he took away the right for Covenanters to practice their own religion. He had created a state religion that he wanted all civilians in Great Britain to follow.

They were not about to give up their religion so easily and a violent and bloody battle followed On June 22, 1679. This battle was to become known as the Bothwell Brig – the Presbyterian supporters had no chance against the king’s forces.

There were many Presbyterian Covenanter rebels left alive after the battle had ended and they were rounded up and imprisoned in a section of the Greyfriars Kirkyard.

Covenanters Prison, Greyfriars Kirkyard
Covenanters Prison, Greyfriars Kirkyard

In those days prisoners had no rights whatsoever and the Presbyterian Covenanter rebels had a torrid time in captivity. Some of them were deported out of the country but the one’s who remained lived their lives in torture and execution.

Lord Advocate Sir George Mackenzie was in charge of these prisoners and it’s safe to say he was a pretty dark man…

Bluidy MacKenzie

Sir George Mackenzie was given the nickname Bluidy MacKenzie by the captives he cruelly ruled over. He lived his life pretending that he was an honest and loving father bound by family life but in reality he was nothing more than a monster.

Bluidy MacKenzie
Bluidy MacKenzie

He was a very well educated man who managed to keep his murderous side away from his wife who never realized what he truly was.

Legend has it that Lord Advocate Sir George Mackenzie was responsible for the first ever novel to come out of Scotland. He is also thought to have written many legal papers at that time.

He was relentless in his cruelty to the prisoners below him and most ( if not all ) were eventually killed through torture and buried in the grounds of Greyfriars Kirkyard cemetery where they had been held captive.

History tells us that this monster Mackenzie killed over 18,000 of his own countrymen – the violence lasted up until his death in 1691.

For some unknown reason Sir George Mackenzie was actually buried in the Black Mosoleum tomb. This tomb stood proudly on the GreyFriars Kirkyard nearby the scene of all his death and destruction.

The Awakening

In 1998 an unnamed homeless man was on the search for hidden treasures in the Greyfriars Kirkyard cemetery. He located the Mackenzie tomb and broke in hoping to find some antique objects he could sell on.

Sir George Mackenzie's Tomb
Sir George Mackenzie’s Tomb

He struggled with Mackenzie’s casket and finally started smashing at it to get it open. It was at this point that the floor beneath him gave way and he fell into a pit of dead plague victims.

This was enough to end the homeless man’s expedition for antiques ( obviously! ) and he left the scene of his crime a bubbling mess.

The following day a lady who had heard about the break in on the tomb went to have a look for herself. As she stood on the steps peering in she was blasted into the air landing yards away.

Shortly after this incident another woman was found unconscious at the tomb entrance with strange finger marks and bruises upon her neck – it was as if someone had tried to strangle her.

Locals began to believe that the homeless intruder had actually managed to awaken Bluidy MacKenzie and he was on a murderous rampage once again!

Paranormal Activity

The internet went wild with stories of the Mackenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars and ghost hunters the world over took note.

Since 1998, when Mackenzie’s casket was first defiled, over 500 ghostly attacks have been reported by those visiting the tomb. Many of these strange paranormal attacks have come with evidence in the form of photographed injuries.

We’re not just just talking about scratches and scrapes here either – documented injuries have included broken bones in fingers, strange unexplained burns and violent gouges to the neck and abdomen areas.

Some women have ran screaming from the area claiming they were momentarily paralyzed due to their hair being tugged downwards.

The Exorcist

An exorcist named Colin Grant followed the ghost hunters to the area in 2000 with a view to ridding the location of the evil spirits that resided there. He set up to perform an exorcism in the graveyard.

The process was not a long one – shortly after beginning Grant claimed he was overcome by the sensation of being surrounded by hundreds of tormented souls and evil spirits.

He had never experienced anything like this before so he left the ceremony and ran for his life. Less than a month later Grant died suddenly of a heart attack…

Many people believe that the Mackenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars was responsible for the death of Grant and the hundreds of injuries to tourists over the years. Did the homeless man unknowingly release the spirit of Mackenzie onto the unsuspecting world?

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  1. I have been to this graveyard on a ghost tour a few months ago was late at nite and tbh I was yawning I felt nothing but having saying that I still wouldn’t go in here myself I was with a tourguide and about 50 people if some1 gave me money to camp this graveyard for 1 nite I would say no way heard so many stories from this graveyard

  2. I’ve just found your site, and am intrigued as a non-believer. What bothers me is that you reference “photographic evidence”, as in this article above, but you don’t link to it? If it isn’t linkable, at least provide a reference, otherwise you shouldn’t claim it.

    1. We work under the watchful eyes of Google – not everything is readily available online for us to…pinch! Also, we are not in the habit of linking to competitor’s websites – our rankings are far too good in search engine results to start shooting ourselves in the foot! 🙂

      (i.e. linking to competitor’s websites gives them a boost and at the same time…takes away our SEO power!)

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