Mars Celtic Cross


​This report caught my attention due to the fact I am of Welsh nationality and therefore I am Celtic. The Opportunity rover that transverses the surface of the Red Planet seems to have unearthed what appears to be a Mars Celtic cross…

The Opportunity Rover

The rover has been in action on Mars now for the last decade and uses a microscopic image camera to pick up interesting shots of the planet’s surface.

On the 12th of July this camera managed to pick up something that looks very much like a tiny, cross shaped Celtic artifact.

It’s worth pointing out that by ‘tiny’ I mean extremely small!

This image camera concentrates on microscopic elements so the Celtic cross is in fact minute.

I’ve made my way through many online paper reports on this subject and each one offers a unique explanation to what this strange sight is:

  • It was shaped and created by natural forces
  • It was inadvertently created by the rover itself
  • It could be a fossil of a martian creature
  • It could of been created by some sort of advanced micro-technology


As you can imagine many ufologists have jumped all over this story and believe that microscopic tech could be behind this find.

About a week after it’s discovery NASA chief Charles Bolden admitted that there was once life on Mars and there could still be life on Mars. He also referred to micro technology aiding martian life on the planet.

The Opportunity rover was sent to Mars in January of 2004 – it was only supposed to be in action for ten years. It has now exceeded it’s operating plan by over a year and continues to send back vital images.

In total it has covered over 25 miles of the Red Planet which is an off-world distance record.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the Mars Celtic cross, please leave them in the comment section below.

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