Maurice Masse UFO – The 1965 Encounter

Maurice Masse UFO

This case takes us back to July of 1965 when a French farmer named Masse was struggling to find a reason for his bare lavender crop.

The Maurice Masse UFO sighting took place in Valensole, France and involved two strange children-like creatures…


Masse had been scratching his head for weeks – why were there so many barren spots in the middle of his lavender crop?

On a hot July day he decided to walk out into the crop to take another close look at the effected areas. As he examined the problem he noticed two child-like figures out of the corner of his eye.

He turned to see two rather freaky looking children standing in his field about 15 meters away from his position. He decided to walk over and see if they had anything to do with the damage to his crop.

As he neared them he noticed a strange object just behind them – it was quite large in size. He made his way even closer and was astonished to find that these two figures in his field were not children at all!

They had large, bald heads, pasty faces, and huge, slanted eyes that stared out at him. They were dressed in some sort of all-in-one coveralls and one of them carried a strange tube shaped object.

Masse decided to find out more about the creatures and the strange object they stood by. As he walked closer to the stationary object he was hit by some kind of force field which completely disabled him for a while.

He awoke in the field to find he had passed out completely and as he got up he noticed the strange object take off and jet into the skies.

The Report

For a few weeks Masse decided against reporting the incident to the authorities – he didn’t want people to think he was ‘losing his marbles’.

After a while he realized that he needed some sort of closure on the subject and decided to come forward with his story.

He was interviewed by many experts but one session stood out in particular. He was shown an artist’s impression of a UFO that had landed in Socorro, New Mexico, the previous year.

This UFO had been spotted by a policeman named Lonnie Zamora and it turns out the two crafts were identical. Masse’s exact words were…

“Someone else has seen my UFO”

The Maurice Masse UFO

Both the Masse and the Zamora case were taken very seriously by a Dr. J. Allen Hynek. He actually ended up going through interviews with the policeman ( Zamora ) and came to the conclusion that he must be telling the truth.

For years after the incident Masse was not able to grow any sort of vegetation on the area of his land where the craft had been positioned.

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    1. I can’t recall where but I recently read that Maurice Masse did pass away not too long ago.

  1. Per a french website it sez he died vendredi 14 mai 2004 so it seems he passed on on Friday May 14, 2004.

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