Maury Island UFO Incident

Maury Island UFO Incident

In this article we will be taking a look at one of the lesser-known Washington State UFO occurrences – the Maury Island UFO incident…

June 21

On June 211947, local informal harbor patrol worker Harold Dahl set off to work with two fellow employees, his son and his dog.

Around two in the afternoon, Dahl’s boat was approaching the east shore of Maury Island when he noticed six objects floating in the sky above.

Each of the objects was shaped like a typical doughnut and had a width of about one hundred feet. Each one of the circular shaped UFO’s displayed small porthole windows.

They were stacked in a very strange formation – five of the craft seemed to be hovering above the sixth craft as they descended from the air.

Dahl suddenly became very afraid for the welfare of his son and his passengers so he decided to put the boat ashore. He then got out of the boat and began taking snap shots of the strange crafts.

The Metal Rain

Without warning there seemed to be some sort of contact between two of the UFO’s resulting in sheets of metal raining down on the shore and into the water ( Dahl later claimed that these sheets of metal looked very similar to falling newspapers! ).

Dahl recovered a few pieces, finding it was a white, lightweight metal – but there were also a few pieces of darker metal that seemed to radiate strong heat.

Maury Island from Redondo

This darker metal managed to do considerable damage to Dahl’s boat and also burnt his son’s arm. It also managed to somehow kill the family dog that was on board the boat!

When the strange metal rain ceased the craft began to rise again then headed out towards the sea. Dahl and his company attempted to radio in what had just happened but they had no luck with the boat electronics.

The Aftermath

When the craft had disappeared out of sight they all boarded the boat and headed back towards their dock. They stopped only once to give the family dog a burial at sea.

Dahl took his son to the hospital for treatment and then told his boss, Fred Crisman about the incident.

Dahl and Crisman developed the photos taken but there seemed to be some sort of damage to the shots. Dahl claimed this was probably down to the severe heat given off by certain parts of the metallic rain.

Crisman was not convinced by Dahl’s story so he decided to take a look at the area himself. He headed back to Maury Island, where he gathered some rock samples.

When he was halfway through his rock gathering he became aware of something in the sky above him. He looked up and was shocked to see a single UFO floating there as if watching his every move.

The Man in Black

Dahl told investigators that the next morning, a man wearing a black suit visited him. For some reason, Dahl was strangely drawn to this man and agreed to go to breakfast with him.

During the breakfast the strange man in black warned Dahl that he should not be talking about what had happened the day before. He claimed that his family would be in danger if Dahl ever decided to go public with the story.

Dahl decided to ignore the threats from the man in black and a year later sent a package to publisher Ray Palmer in Chicago. Palmer would later become the creator of Fate magazine.

The package contained various samples of the metal which Palmer took very seriously – he immediately contacted UFO investigator Kenneth Arnold.

From this point onward things really started to snowball out of control. Dahl and Crisman were interviewed by Arnold and the U.S. Army Air Force suddenly got involved…

The Pilots

Captain Lee Davidson and First Lieutenant Frank Brown were pilots and intelligence specialists. They arranged a meeting with Arnold, Smith, and Crisman to get their side of the story.

The pilots seemed to take the UFO report very seriously but had to cut their meeting short due to an important military event ( the Air Force was to split from the Army the following day ).

As they returned to base in their B-25 bomber something went very wrong – they crashed near Centralia, Washington. Both Davidson and First Lieutenant Frank Brown perished in the crash but two fellow Air Force soldiers managed to bail out with parachutes and survive.


From this point onward the case becomes shrouded in mystery and conspiracy – Davidson and Brown were actually carrying examples of the UFO metal on board their aircraft when it crashed.

The Air Force claimed it was a a terrible accident but there were local reports of anti-aircraft guns being shot – was this a deadly cover up?

The FBI finally got involved with the case and warned Dahl and Crisman that their hoax was a failure. They promised that if they dropped the matter, the government would not prosecute them for the fraud.

What are your thoughts on the Maury Island UFO incident – do you feel this was an elaborate hoax or a hasty government cover up?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

4 comments on “Maury Island UFO Incident

  1. Hi Chris,

    I think the government is always trying to cover up any stories related to the UFOs wherever they are reported. I never understand why?

    I do not have any doubt that this would have been a deadly cover up. As for the incident at the Maury Island, while they were being rained on by metal pieces, I’d have to say that I feel so sad for the dog having lost its life.

    Thank you for sharing this story.

    1. Well they cover up these types of events so they can avoid mass panic from the public…whether or not there would be a public panic is anyone’s guess?

      Nice to see you here once again Rosa – thanks for your continued support! 🙂

  2. What did the medical report say? Why did they dump the dog’s body at sea? Why would they start a hoax? They saw and felt effects from something. To many unanswered questions.

    1. Yep – there are always too many unanswered questions…when it comes to mysteries! 🙂

      If all the questions were answered…they wouldn’t be a mystery (therefore they would not be on this website!). We did have more info on this subject but some of it was ‘sketchy’ at best. We only print what we can back up from group multiple sources.

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