Men in Black Conspiracy


Men in Black Conspiracy

Thanks to Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones the Men in Black conspiracy is now a bit of a Hollywood family theme. But the truth of the matter is that these guys actually exist and even the authorities have a hard time explaining who they are.

Theories cover secret government agencies, humanoid aliens and messengers from another dimension. Who are these men that often to turn up after UFO encounters?

The Doctor Herbert Hopkins Encounter

In 1976 Doctor Hopkins was in the process of investigating a local UFO case. He had harbored an interest in the subject for years and often followed new incidents.

One night, not long after he started his investigation, he received a phone call from a stranger who was fully aware of his interest in the local incident. The man on the other end of the phone asked if they could maybe meet up later that night.

Hopkins was a little weary of this man as he had not given out his phone number to anyone recently. He decided to find out more so agreed to invite the man to his home later that night.

Once the phone call had ended, Hopkins walked to the front door and turned on the porch lights in anticipation of his visitor’s arrival.

He was shocked to see the man was already standing outside his front door! Cell phones were not invented until decades later – how had this man just contacted him?

The man was dressed in black suit, black tie, black hat, and gray gloves. This seemed awfully strange to Hopkins as it was the middle of summer and the heat was unbearable.

He also noticed that the man had applied female lipstick to his lips in a bid to make them look fuller.

The man in black asked Hopkins if he would take the two spare coins out of his pocket and hold them in front of him. Hopkins quickly dug his hands into his pocket and found that there were indeed two coins there.

As he held them in front of him the coins suddenly levitated and vanished without a trace. The strange man then claimed that nobody on Earth would ever see the coins again!

He then seemed to wobble slightly and informed Hopkins that his energy reserves were running low. He then disappeared into thin air.


But the first reported case of the men in black happened over two decades before the famous Hopkins encounter. In 1953 Albert K. Bender had an encounter with three similar men dressed in black.

At the time he was the editor of a magazine called Space Review. He was also in the process of starting up a group he called the International Flying Saucer Bureau.

Rumor has it that in 1953 Bender had managed to get hold of some pretty juicy information on a link between the US government and UFO sightings.

He was in the process of documenting the story for Space Review when these three strangers arrived at this door.

They claimed that they had already read his article and that they advised against ever publishing it. Bender argued that he had only finished writing the article the day before but they were adamant that they knew what it contained.

They also went on to advise Bender against delving too deep into the subject of UFO encounters. He was so scared after this strange visit that he never had anything to do with the magazine or the subject again.

The Military Investigates

In 1967 the US military decided to sit up and take note of the reports that had come in involving these strange men in black.

They were particularly concerned about the fact these men often claimed to be part of the military themselves. The topic/case was sent to Project Blue Book at the Pentagon and this is what Colonel George P. Freeman had to say on the matter:

Colonel George P. Freeman statement

The Men in Black Conspiracy

So who are these strange visitors and why are officials so in the dark about their purpose? Are we to believe that the governments really have no idea where they come from or why they are here?

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5 comments on “Men in Black Conspiracy

  1. Anyone interested in this topic should read “The Real Men in Black” by: Nick Redfern. It’s a very interesting read.

  2. After reading this article, I don’t think the word “men” applies to these guys. They sound more like a completely separate entity that doesn’t follow any actual government. And their only concern is to keep the existence of extra-terrestrials a secret until their plan is complete.

    What plan you ask? Who knows….

    1. Fair point Ryan – if we had any sort of idea what their ‘plan’ was I’m sure we’d be able to figure out where they came from originally…

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