Mexico Roswell Chihuahua UFO Crash

Mexico Roswell Chihuahua UFO CrashProduct: Mexico’s Roswell: The Chihuahua UFO Crash

Subject: Mexico Roswell Chihuahua UFO Crash

Author: Noe Torres & Ruben Uriarte

Publisher: VBW Publishing

Language: English

Length: 220 pages

Price: $13.95 ( Retail )

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Our Rating: 9 out of 10

The story is a familiar one in the Ufology community: A flash of light is seen over a small town in the middle of the night, by morning strange wreckage is found littering the desert sands, a shadowy team of military retrieval experts set upon the area, wiping it clean of any possible connections to a UFO crash.

Though the story may sound familiar, as I’m sure upon first hearing the details many people’s minds will immediately jump to a little town in New Mexico infamous for its own UFO incident in 1947, Roswell, something far stranger may have happened only three decades later just over the border in the Mexican state of Chihuahua in another small town known as Coyame.

In their 2007 book Mexico’s Roswell writer Noe Torres and MUFON researcher Ruben Uriarte explore the interesting and often times disturbing stories surrounding what’s become known as Mexico Roswell Chihuahua UFO crash.

Product Overview

Mexico’s Roswell by Noe Torres and Ruben Uriarte tells in detail the story of an incident that began along the Rio Grande River near the Texan/Mexican border on the evening of August 25, 1974.

According to the story passed down for generations in the small town of Coyame and told in depth for the first time in Torres’s and Uriarte’s book, on this warm summer night an unidentified flying object traveling more than two thousand miles per hour collided with a civilian aircraft on its way from Texas to Mexico City.

When the wreckage of both the UFO and the airplane fell to the desert town of Coyame in Chihuahua it sent both the Mexican and American governments into a frenzied race to recover the downed craft and its other worldly technology.

In Mexico’s Roswell Torres and Uriarte manage to deliver an intriguing, interesting, and at times frightening tale of a too long forgotten and pushed aside incident.

Including claims of a government cover-up resulting in the destruction of contaminated bodies and a military convoy using thermo-nuclear weapons, a startling look at information from witnesses and participants, and investigations in the mysterious Deneb documents that first exposed the case in 1994, Mexico’s Roswell is the most information ever compiled, and a fascinating look, into the Chihuahua UFO Crash.

The Good & The Bad (Pros & Cons)

Initially the story presented in Mexico’s Roswell is an extremely well told narrative of the effects of a UFO crash on a small community.

Torres’ writing transcends boundaries when he’s telling the story of what possibly happened in that week in August of 1974 allowing the reader to almost see the events he’s describing as a cinematic spy thriller of two governments furious time constrained scrimmage against each other to recover the crashed flying saucer.

As good as Torres’ storytelling is, this introductive explosion of narrative may actually serve to take away from the rest of the book, as it seems to leave the modern day investigation into the Chihuahua UFO Crash a little undone and lacking.

This is not to say that Uriarte doesn’t hold up his end of the book as far as the research and investigation goes, only that, like most books on the subject of the supernatural and paranormal, the end result of Torres and Uriarte’s investigation is to only raise more questions and suspicions about what really happened in the small town of Coyame.

Who is This Product For?

Mexico’s Roswell is an excellent read for supernatural hobbyist readers and professional investigators alike. Offering new and incredible insight, evidence, testimonies, and documents into the investigation of the UFO incident of Coyame.

Torres and Uriarte’s book is a fresh and serious investigation into a possible UFO crash case that could benefit from a much more thorough look.

Definitely a must have for UFO, supernatural, and paranormal book collectors and a compelling Sunday afternoon page turner if you’re just looking for something to make you ponder the mysteries of the universe.


Torres and Uriarte have written a solid, well documented, and remarkably researched book about an ages old UFO incident that deserves way more attention than it has received.

The events of August 1974 and actions taken by both governments are a prime example of similar projects that have taken place, and possibly still are, right under the noses of both countries citizens.

Both authors have done amazing job compiling evidence for this split parts historical drama and true investigative journey into the heart of the Mexico Roswell Chihuahua UFO crash.

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3 comments on “Mexico Roswell Chihuahua UFO Crash

  1. I think UFO’s are really interesting, are we really the only ones in the universe?

    I like your review I had never heard of this book until now, nice to see I can get for a good price too.

    It’s always good to read a well researched book on the unexplained with a nice glass of red wine. Cheers

  2. I have always been fascinated by UFO’s, although I don’t think I could call myself a believer. I am familiar with the Roswell story but I would love to learn more.

    I think I might like to read Mexico’s Roswell: Chihuahua UFO Crash. It doesn’t sound like it’s too out there. It also seems like it is quite factual which I like.

    Hopefully it is available for my Kobo!

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