Michigan Dogman Legend

Michigan Dogman Legend

​Odawa Indians believe that the Michigan Dogman legend stretches as far back as the early 1700’s. They refer to this strange creature as the Wendingo

Michigan Dogman Sightings

Over recent centuries there has been over 500 reported incidents involving the Wendingo. In 1887 a group of lumberjacks were plodding their way through a day’s work in Wexford County ( Michigan ) when one of them spotted this strange creature.

The group believed it to be a threatening wolf breed and decided to chase it off their work area. As they began to corner the creature it raised itself up on it’s back legs and stood in a human-like stance.

The lumberjacks quickly lost their nerve and ran back to their woodland HQ in fear for their lives. They later reported the incident to their superiors.

In 1938 a teenage boy named Robert Fortney was apparently set upon by a pack of wild dogs in Paris, Michigan. At the time he was out hunting so he used his rifle to scare off the savage pack.

All of the dogs made a dash for it when they heard the gunshot except the largest one. This creature reared up on it back legs and stared directly at the teenager.

Fortney raised his gun and stood eye to eye with the creature for what seemed an eternity. Suddenly it returned to it’s four-legged stance and made a break for it into the forest.

Fortney’s report on the incident claimed that the creature stood well over 6 foot on it’s hind legs and it had bright light blue eyes.

Michigan Dogman Song

In 1987 a DJ from WTCM in Traverse City managed to popularize the Michigan Dogman legend by recording a spoof song. Steve Cook recorded the song as a joke for his radio show but soon after playing it the switchboard went crazy.

The radio station received calls from all over Michigan by frightened individuals who had encountered the strange beast. The song went from strength to strength and before he knew it Cook had amassed a whopping $60,000 from it’s release.

Feeling a little guilty about making money off the subject he decided to donate the earnings to animal charities in the area.

The Michigan Dogman Legend

Over the years a cryptozoology investigator named Linda Godfrey has been following this strange wolf-like creature. She is an author that has published many different books on werewolf creatures.

Her extensive research led her to believe that the Michigan Dogman has some sort of link to Native American mounds and other sacred sites. She believes that these sort of entities are Thought Forms that have lived in the area for centuries.

She owns evidence of what she believes to be the paw print casts of the Dogman. These huge wolf prints measure 6 inches long and 6 inches wide.

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8 comments on “Michigan Dogman Legend

  1. I hear about dogmen in real it true. They hope to kill or alive.it a state order to capture the creature. People take photo of the creature. like dogmen found in 1887.through out the season. if you had any information about the dog men it real

  2. I co-host a paranormal radio show in Tennessee and am reporting on a strange sighting that a Wisconsin couple had of Annubis who is a dog-like creature with a dogs head and pointed ears and a human body. You’ll see paintings of it in Egypt on pyramid walls.It has been reported for over 6,000 years. Anyhow, there was a couple who were necking on a blanket in Wisconsin when they saw a strange dark outline and the grabbed up the blanket and ran to their truck, got in and locked the door! This animal was just like a wolf! And it tried chasing them! No luck-they got away. We scared to death. This happened in erly summer.

    1. Hi Patricia,

      This sounds like a really interesting report – do you have any more on it? (we would love to include it in an article here!)

  3. My god-parents live up in Luther, MI. They had monsterquest up there doing a documentary. strange things do happen up there, and its no joke. Lots of noises at night in the woods by there house. Yelling in a growl tone is one of them that sends a chill down their spine. Authorities have reports, but nothing can be done about it. They have also had items come up missing around their garage. Very strange, considering there’s no neighbors for miles, and its small things, (buckets, a shovel, some bricks that they had in a little stack behind garage.

    1. It certainly is strange that the intruder would take items that are so lacking in value…a very strange part of the world indeed!

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