Mysteries From The Zone of Silence

Mysteries From The Zone of Silence


In this article we will be covering a handful of the more famous mysteries linked to The Zone of Silence – a kind of lesser-known Bermuda Triangle…that’s based in a desert area.

Let’s take a closer look at the eerie 50-kilometer area of desert that has earned the name La Zona del Silencio, or The Zone of Silence…


The 50-kilometer area is situated near Bolsón de Mapimí in Mexico. Its’ a very remote region of the desert and the closest urban settlement, Ceballos, is about 25 miles away.

There are local settlements near the area, and people who live in these settlements have been fully aware of the strange goings on within the zone for many, many years now…

The First Incidents

The strange reports seem to have started up back in the early 30’s when a pilot named Francisco Sarabia ended up having to make an emergency landing due to strange ‘anomalies’ taking place with his radio equipment.

He was forced to land when the problems with his radio equipment suddenly spread to other instruments within his plane. He only just managed to land the craft safely.


The First Incidents


Then, in 1964, a PEMEX engineer named Harry de la Peña, put forward a report that told of his radio communications going haywire when he was working on a oil pipeline to Jiménez. He somehow hit a ‘silent zone’ where his equipment cut out completely.

After this report the area picked up it’s new title of ‘The Zone of Silence’.

Harry de la Peña was a clever man, and he just could not leave the subject alone. He ended up returning to the area on several occasions to research the ‘Zone’. He finally came to the conclusion that these silent zones were not stationary – they somehow moved about constantly within the area.

The Athena RTV V123D Rocket

On July 11, 1970, the Athena RTV V123D rocket launched from the Green River Complex in Utah. The plan was to have it’s Cobalt-57 landing in the desert of White Sands, New Mexico…but it instead came down inside The Zone of Silence (nearly 500 miles further than where it was supposed to originally land!).

The US government had to contact the Mexican government and ask permission to search the area for the rocket. Thankfully the Mexicans agreed and they sent a specialised team out to retrieve the Athena.

When the retrieval team eventually entered the site, they realised that something was VERY wrong with the area. All of their communications were going haywire on them therefore coordination between the teams was near enough impossible.

Nothing electrical seemed to working properly for them.

It eventually took several weeks for these teams to locate the missing capsule.


UFO Activity?

UFO Activity?

Over the years there have also been hundreds of ‘unofficial’ reports linking the area to UFO-linked anomalies. Many of these reports cover strange lights spotted in the desert sky.

Several reports surfaced covering a strange rectangular object flying low through the skies of The Zone of Silence. Unfortunately these reports did not contain any hard evidence.

A number of these reports came from the closest town to the Zone, Ceballos, in September 1976. A large group of locals witnessed the rectangular craft pass over their homes…and head straight into the ‘Zone’.

Fact or Fiction?

Many of the reports that have originated from this area over the years have been branded ‘ridiculous’ and ‘fraudulent’, but locals believe there is no smoke without fire.

What are your thoughts on the subject – do you believe in the strange anomalies linked to The Zone of Silence?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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