Mystery – Blair Adams Death

Mystery - Blair Adams Death

Blair Adams was an extremely popular foreman of a local construction company – a friendly and optimistic character, nobody had a bad word to say about him.

In the summer of 1996 his personality suddenly began to change from the happy-go-lucky workman, to an anxious and moody individual.

Eventually this change in personality began to effect his sleeping pattern and his mother became very concerned for his welfare. When she finally got her son to talk about the changes in his life he simply replied “I don’t think I should tell you about it.”

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the mystery of the Blair Adams, and the final few days of his life…

The Great Escape

On July 5, 1996, Adams emptied his bank account to the tune of $6000, he also took all of his secret belongings from the personal safety deposit box he rented.

Forty eight hours later he arrived at the Canadian-U.S. border in an attempt to cross over into America. The border patrol on duty that day did not like the amount of valuables found in his car and immediately suspected him of being linked to drug smuggling.

After a search turned up nothing, they told Adams he was under suspicion for being a drug mule and ordered him to turn back to Canada.

The very next day, Adams quit the job he loved and bought an airline ticket for a flight to Frankfurt, Germany. This ticket was for a flight booked on the following Tuesday.

After purchasing his ticket, Adams arrived at a female friend’s house in a bit of a panic. He begged her to help him somehow cross the border and insisted someone was trying to kill him.

Frightened at what was happening to Adams, the female friend declined to help him.

Adams managed to turn up for his flight on the following Tuesday but opted to get a refund on his ticket. Instead he rented a car and headed off for the border once again. This time he was successful and got through to America.

He drove straight to Seattle Airport where he bought a ticket for the first flight out, which took him to Washington D.C.

He landed on the morning of Wednesday, the 9th of July, and once again rented a car. He then ended up driving over 500 miles to the southwest to Knoxville, Tennessee.

Blair's Mother
Statement From Blair’s Mother

The Hotel

The Toyota that Adams hired eventually ended up in Knoxville early that evening – he pulled up at a petrol station where the attendant noticed he was having some sort of car trouble.

The attendant went over to help and noticed that Adams was trying to use the wrong key to start the car back up. The pair of them searched the station area for the lost key but it was nowhere to be found.

The car was eventually towed to a local hotel and Adams followed it by hitchhiking the short distance.

Blair Adams entered and exited the lobby five times over the course of an hour before he finally asked the receptionist for a room. Workers at the motel noted that he was continually looking over his shoulder – as if someone was directly behind him.

He finally booked out a room but then bizarrely never used it – he left the hotel at 7:37 p.m.

The Blair Adams Death

The following morning, Blair Adams’s body was discovered in a parking lot no more than a mile away from the hotel he attempted to stay at.

His shirt had been ripped open and his pants/trousers had been removed, both of his socks were inside-out on his feet.

A large amount of Canadian, American, and German currency was found around his body and all of his valuables from the safety deposit box (gold and jewels) were found at the scene.

The ‘missing’ Toyota car keys were discovered in the same area as his body.

He had a number of superficial wounds but the death blow had been to his abdomen – his stomach was ruptured.

Blair’s friends and immediate family have no idea why he was in Knoxville – he did not know anyone in the area and he therefore had no reason to be there. They were also confused about why he’d zigzag his way across two countries – who or what was he trying to outwit?

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