Nazca Lines Theory – More Lines Revealed

Nazca Lines Theory - More Lines Revealed

In this article we will be looking at the recent events regarding the Nazca lines theory. A recent report has pointed out that a sandstorm has revealed a few more lines only adding to the overall mystery…

The Nazca Lines Theory

Before we jump into this topic I thought it only right if we cover the history of this subject first (it’ll be short I promise you!).

The The shallow etchings of the Nazca lines are thought to have been made by Indians over two thousand years ago. They dug into the stone surface to reveal white soil below – this is what makes up the Nazca drawings.

Now their purpose is the real mystery here – nobody knows what they were built for!

Some scientists believe they make up a calender whilst others say they make up a map to follow underground water sources.

Ufologists (like myself) prefer to believe that these lines make up some sort of runway for ancient alien races. When viewed from above you can see why so many people subscribe to this idea!

A Nazca Line Diagram

Erich von Däniken is the man that is credited with the alien Nazca lines theory. It was his idea that visitors from far away galaxies used to use this area to land and take off again.

He thought these landings were what caused the initial lines and markings in Nazca but then the aliens stopped visiting.

Primitive man could not understand why the beings from the stars had disappeared so suddenly and began etching more lines and pictures into the stone to try and entice them back.

So you see Erich proposes that the pictures themselves were never made by the aliens – they were made by us in an attempt to draw these strange ‘gods’ back to earth!

More Nazca Lines Revealed

Recently a pilot was flying over the Valley of El Ingenio in the Nazca plains and he noticed a few new additions when he looked down.

There were huge new drawings that had been completely unearthed by recent sandstorms. Pilot Eduardo Herran and researcher Gómez de la Torre spotted a 196 ft-long snake, a camel or llama and an unidentified bird as they traveled over the area.

More Nazca Lines Revealed

They were found in the same area that already housed geoglyphs of a dog, a hummingbird, a condor and a monkey.

These ‘pictures’ are a lot different than the geoglyphs located close by in a separate area. These tend to be sort of spiral pattern based and geometric shapes.

More Theories

The emergence of these new diagrams have started up the engine on the Nazca lines theory once again. As I pointed out above I tend to stray more towards alien activity as a solid theory but others are not so sure.

Spiritualists seem to now think that the Nazca lines are something to do with the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. They also think the spiral diagrams could well of been a labyrinth used for meditative walking.

The idea of water keeps on raising it’s head in certain theories – the hummingbird geoglyph only appears in the summer following heavy rainfall!

What are your thoughts and beliefs on the Nazca lines and do you think there are more strange diagrams buried deep beneath the sand?

Please leave your comments below…

3 comments on “Nazca Lines Theory – More Lines Revealed

  1. As agriculturalists the ancient farming communities brought their dehydrated foods to the central location of Nazca. Following their leaders along specific star lines from village or towns dressed in their colourful costumes. Each community would lay out their contribution, a true cornucopia of foods along the straightest design. These then would be portioned out as an exchange so as to compliment the towns dietary needs. A great ceremony would commence with each village following a dance into the design of their star heritage represented in the bird or monkey etc. they would return home with food and seed to last until the next harvest.

    1. Thanks for both of your comments Anthony! Whilst we do not agree with this theory they are very welcome here on this article 🙂

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