New Scientific Proof of Life After Death


New Scientific Proof of Life After Death

Since the dawn of our own existence man has searched for proof there is life after death. Ancient philosophers, pagans and Christians all lean towards the view that our soul separates from our bodies when we die.

Recently a Harvard-educated neurosurgeon claims he has stumbled upon some new scientific proof of life after death through his own illness. Let’s take a look at his story…

Dr. Eben Alexander

Neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander was not a believer in the afterlife – in fact some might even have tarred him as a skeptic. An incident brought about by his own ill health gave him proof there is life after death and now he is a firm believer in Heaven.

Back in 2008 Dr. Alexander fell into a deep coma that lasted a whole week. What happened to him in that week changed his views on mortality forever.

He was a trained neurosurgeon so he did not believe in any near death experience claims or the afterlife. He grew up in a scientific world due to the fact his father was also a neurosurgeon – there was no room for talk on unknown phenomenon.

Due to his profession he understood what happened to the brain after someone had died. These scientific explanations led him to believe that near death experiences were nothing more than chemical reactions.

Proof There is Life After Death

Alexander’s new scientific proof of life after death came about when his brain was inactivated during the seven week coma. The experience was so profound he is convinced there is something waiting on the other side of life.

He had awoken one morning to a severe headache and within hours his entire cortex ( the part of the brain that controls thought and emotion ) had stopped working.

He was booked into the Lynchburg General Hospital in Virginia where doctors came to the conclusion that he had contracted some a rare form of meningitis.

There was not much hope for Alexander ever coming out of this illness in one piece. If he did break out of the coma he would probably of been in a vegetative state for the rest of his life.

On the morning of his seventh day of being in the deep coma he suddenly regained consciousness with an amazing story to tell…

The Other Side

Dr. Alexander claims to have visited heaven when deep in his coma state. When he was in heaven he remembers meeting a beautiful blue-eyed woman in a “place of clouds, big fluffy pink-white ones” and “shimmering beings”.

These beings were not like anything he had encountered before and seemed to be very advanced – he now refers to them as Higher Forms.

He went on to explain that there was a loud chanting sound from above but he was unsure whether these winged Higher Forms were the cause of it. Everything was confusing due to the fact that seeing and hearing were not separate in this place.

He could actually hear the strange bodies of the Higher Forms and see the noises they were producing!

Dr. Alexander is well aware that his story sounds near enough delusional and not everyone will believe his claims:

Dr Alexander's Comments

As you can see from his remarks above, Dr. Eben Alexander believes that there needs to be more effort put into the search for new scientific proof of life after death. We tend to agree…

4 comments on “New Scientific Proof of Life After Death

  1. Credibility about the subject is taken from Dr Alexanders testimony by those who have immense “faith” in their skepticism. It is a begrudging & squirming admission that there MAY be SOMETHING there. Quite rightly, he has worked hard, achieved many things in his profession and it may help some accept that the universe is a bit more complex than THEY presumed. But like a person who is an ‘expert’ in parenting, but has had no children, suddenly understands when they have a child and all the same fearful doubts arise. So too,, those who would use Dr Alexander’s experience and maybe even he himself, get all excited that they have no found proof! It is disappointing how often, the high and mighty miss the arrogance in their new found faith. They strain out the ‘gnat’, they now have proof, a proof which millions over the centuries have humbly accepted, and swallow the ‘camel’ that greater minds than Dr Alexander have struggled with in the persistence of scriptures. This is the issue that ‘the creatures’ he subjectively experienced, have not, will not and are probably not going to, objectively reveal themselves. And that is the point. Call the beings, Angels, God or the place ‘heaven’ it ‘proves’ nothing. All very interesting, and it may ‘scratch’ your itch, but the obvious, objective and for thousands of years metaphorically consistent Scriptures do write, that when the ‘proof’ arrives the response of most is ‘hide us from Him who sits on the Throne’. In colloquial language, they realise they’re screwed. These same ‘it is written’ Scriptures, were written by people who ‘experienced’ things far greater and far more impressive than Dr Alexander’s and wrote their remarkably consistent experiences down at a time when writing was a difficult and ‘elite’ activity. If his ‘experiencing’ the Truth by microbe makes an impression, all well and good, but may I humbly suggest that this side of death, ‘proof’ in any empirical sense, may actually be dangerously missing the point.

    1. Thanks for your comment Vrya, although we are a little confused on the point you are getting at. The ‘proof’ Dr. Alexander offers is through his on beliefs/experiences and the article simply covers his claims. We cannot agree or disagree with these claims for obvious reasons ( we sit on the fence! ).

  2. Those who doubt the experiences of literally thousands of NDEers are those arrogant know-it-alls who think that they know better what all these NDEers have experienced than the NDEers themselves.

    1. Yes, unfortunately there are many people out there who allow arrogance to cloud their judgement on matters they do not understand. Nice to hear from you again Micheal – hope all is well 🙂

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