New Sea Serpent Found – The River Thames?

New Sea Serpent Found

I decided to write and publish this post in an attempt to highlight the hoax idiots we have to contend with on a daily basis. Yes there was apparently a new sea serpent found in London and yes there is photographic evidence of it……or is there?

Gigantic Sea Serpent

This incident took place on August 7th, 1999 in London – apparently there was proof of a new sea serpent found in the famous Thames river.

Now normally this type of report would excite us no end and if I’m honest it did at first. But unfortunately the excitement soon vanished due to a little research on our part.

On this August day the police around London were bombarded with reports of a massive sea serpent making it’s way up and down the river Thames. There were about 40 frantic reports in all and the police could not figure out what the hell was happening.

Most of the reports seemed to stick to the same story/claim – the great beast was at least 200 ft long and 5 yards across!

The Photo

There were over 40 reports of this creature and I cannot comment on these reports – something was obviously spotted in the river that day but THERE IS NO EVIDENCE to prove what it was.

But somebody in their wisdom decided that there really should be some sort of evidence – or somebody was just bored and wanted to use their Photoshop program!

The photo below was taken by a guy named John Collins who was taking aerial photos of London from a private plane. In time honored fashion – he didn’t notice anything strange until he got home…

New Sea Serpent Found - Hoax Photo

Wow look at that – a new sea serpent found in the Thames and caught on camera!!!! What a great piece of evidence……NOT!

I doubt Mr. Collins even exists and if he does he’s one of the stupidest time wasters I’ve ever come across. This is a photo put through poor 1992 JPG compression and then tailored to suit the purpose of cryptozoology – complete bollocks!

Here is a photo we found online with very little effort last week – notice any similarities?

New Sea Serpent Found - The Real Photo

Whoever took the time out of their day to shop this needs to get laid big time. Unfortunately a lot of people feel the need to create these hoaxes – why, I’ll never know. A few insignificant ‘Unexplained’ sites are still trying to sell this photo as the ‘real deal’ but by now I doubt people are falling for it ( well I hope they don’t after this article! ).

Keep in mind that there WERE many reports to police in London that day and many eyewitness accounts claim there WAS a new sea serpent found in the Thames

Something happened but this photo had NOTHING to do with events ( obviously! ).

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