Okiku The Doll

Okiku The Doll

This article will be taking a look at the strange case of Okiku the doll – is there a paranormal force that causes the hair on this decorative figure to grow?

The Doll

The 40cm doll now sits in a wooden box which is placed on display in the Mannenji temple shrine in the town of Iwamizawa, Hokkaido, Japan.

For some reason, Okiku’s hair continually grows, and is regularly cut back to shoulder length once it reaches her knee level. The hair has apparently been growing for just under 8 decades…

A Wonderful Present

A 17 year old young man named Eikichi Suzuki purchased the doll for his two-year-old sister (Okiku) from Sapporo in 1918. As soon as he set eyes on the decorative piece he knew he had to buy it for his sister – she would love it!

The doll was dressed in a traditional kimono and sported shoulder length hair. It also had wonderfully attractive eyes that were made out of quality black beads.

The Hair

His sister adored the present – she and the doll became one. Wherever she went, ‘Okiku’ the doll went with her.

Tragedy struck in 1919 when Okiku developed a strong fever…which she failed to shake.

When the three-year-old was to be buried, the family planned to put Okiku (the doll) in the coffin with their daughter. For some unknown reason this did not happen, and the doll was instead placed in the family’s altar.

The Hair

A few months after their daughter had passed away, the family noticed the doll’s hair growing. It had normally been level with the shoulders…but now it was past the waist…with random lengths on each strand.

The Suzuki’s told everyone that visited their home that the doll held the spirit of their dead daughter, Okiku.

In 1938 the family moved to another locality but they did not want to move the doll. They feared that if they took it too far away from their daughter’s resting place, her spirit would be lost.

They instead opted to hand it over to the Mannenji Temple.

Once there, they informed the priests and workers about the doll’s hair and their thoughts on their daughter’s spirit. The head priest decided to look after the doll himself and backed up the story about it’s hair. He regularly cut it when it grew too long.

Before long, the priests at the Temple began taking photographs of the doll, with it’s hair at various lengths. These photographs are now pinned around the shrine where it sits.

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