Old Arnold Estate – The Conjuring

Old Arnold Estate


One of the most intense modern day hauntings took place in Rhode Island in 1970. The ​Old Arnold Estate became infested with paranormal activity that lasted over a decade…

Perron Family Haunting

The paranormal happenings began when Rodger and Carolyn Perron bought the house and moved in with their family. They thought it would be a wonderful choice of home for their five daughters.

When moving in they briefly met with the previous renter and had a quick chat about the property. This previous occupant only had one piece of advice for them…

“Leave the lights on at night!”

The family was hit by paranormal visits as soon as they moved into the house. One of the first spirits encountered was that of Mrs. John Arnold who at age 93. She apparently hung herself in the barn to the side of the house.

A short time later the family began to be visited by the spirit of eleven year old Prudence Arnold. This child was tragically raped and then murdered on the property by one of the farm hands. They were never able to pin down exactly which one of the workers was responsible.

The Perron family claimed many more spirits visited their home after the initial hauntings began…

The Perron Family House

Rodger and Carolyn Perron were understandably concerned by the frequent paranormal visits but their girls seemed to take it in their stride.

The spirits were all over the property but there never seemed to be any malice in their attentions initially. One of the girl’s favorite visitors was the spirit of Johnny Arnold. The girls liked him so much they handed him the nickname of ‘Manny’.

The Perron Family House
The Perron Girls

He was yet another spirit that had hanged itself on the property – this time in mid 1700’s. His spirit seemed to enjoy the company of the young girls and stand over them as they played.

As soon as they made eye contact or moved towards him he would instantly disappear.

The girls also had a lot of fun trying to locate and capture the ‘sweeping spirit’. This female ghost never materialized but would often be heard cleaning the floors in various rooms.

When the girls burst into the room to see if they could corner the spirit the sweeping sound would stop instantly.


Unfortunately, as the Perron’s spent more time in the old farmhouse it began to become obvious that not all spirits had a friendly nature.

Without warning, something twisted and evil began to raise it’s ugly head within the home. This evil presence seemed to center in on Carolyn Perron with violent paranormal attacks.

After looking into property’s history the family determined that this entity was the spirit of Bathsheba Sherman. Mrs. Sherman was known for having a dark side to her personality and there were even rumors of her beating workers at the farm.

When they looked further into this twisted character they found she had several links to satanism ( some even claimed she was a witch! ). She once stood trial for the murder of a young child but somehow managed to get away with it.

She eventually became yet another hanging victim of the house – many believe she had made a suicide pact with the Devil.

Old Arnold Estate

After lasting out a decade in the home the Perron family decided that enough was enough. They were tired of the violent attacks from certain spirits ( Bathsheba Sherman in particular ).

The property was then bought up by Norma Sutcliffe but the paranormal activity did not stop. Norma Sutcliffe insists that the home was constantly infiltrated with blue orbs and a strange mist often rose through the floorboards. Furniture and ornaments would often move and doors banged closed in the middle of the night.

The Perron family’s experience in the Old Arnold Estate was the basis for the recent supernatural thriller The Conjuring.

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  1. Is it true that people can actually try and stay the night in the old Arnold estate, and if so how am I able to do that?

    1. I did hear, a couple of years back, that this might be possible – but I’m unsure who actually owns the property now. It’s probably best to Google it and see if they have an official website setup!

  2. The current owner has done a youtube video said there is no ghosts or have experienced any as such as this article reads .Many of claims of historical events or persons have no true documentation that occurred on the land or in the home . The retired couple wish to be left alone to enjoy there home and wish people to respect their wishes and property .

    1. Seriously?

      You really think that people are going to believe this mate?

      This incident has been known to the paranormal community for over 4 decades now – if you are looking to hit the ‘skeptic’ button here…you’ve chosen the wrong website! 🙂

      Good luck with that.

      1. The paranormal community lacks any scientific evidence of the very thing it’s built around, so it hardly matters which ghost stories they’ve spent 4 decades talking about.

        There is a retired couple living in the house popularized by the Perrons’ and Warrens’ tales. They do not believe in ghosts, and so the house is suddenly not haunted (funny how that works). What they have been haunted by, to the point of litigation, is members of the paranormal community.

        You really should try that skeptic button sometime, Chris. You’ll find yourself to be much less gullible.

        (LINK REMOVED)

        1. First things first – don’t leave links in our comment section. We are now the most popular mysteries site on the internet, and we didn’t get there by allowing people to spam our comment sections (other websites can do their own dirty work!).

          Okay – so who’s gullible here?

          Am I gullible for believing in this…or are you gullible for not believing in it?

          Answer that question first before people take your comment seriously (disclaimer – you cannot answer that question, it’s impossible).
          We answer comments on this website for a living – you need to up your game love! 🙂

  3. Actually the house is still privately owned. I know for a fact that a great deal of paranormal activity occured within that house, because I was there while it was happening. I was a member of the original parasychololgy group that first investigted the paranormal activity in that house. It was our case, prior to the Warren’s.

      1. That was August, 1973, when Keith & I, then members of a team based at Rhode Island College: Parapsychology Investigative and Research Organization (P.I.R.O.) were contacted by Carolyn Perron in response to an advertisement Keith had placed in a local publication; I believe The Observer paper. Keith also suggested we enlist the assistance of Edward and Lorraine Warren, whom we had met at Rhode Island College the previous year. It’s not as though we felt we were into something over-our-heads. Rather, we supposed having the Warrens present could inspire further confidence on the parts of the Perrons family, We were involved with the Perrons through September, 1973, when the Warrens convinced Carolyn & Roger Perron that they themselves could be effective only if they exclusively handled the intervention. As we were later to learn, that association between the Perrons and the Warrens did not end well. “Truth is stranger than (though not nearly so palatable as) fiction!” — Carl L. Johnson

        1. Sorry for the delay Carl – our website security seems to be working overtime on labeling the wrong comments as spam at the moment!

          Excellent stuff – thank you so much for sharing this with us, our readers are bound to love it!

          If you would like to post an article on the subject here with us that links to/promotes PIRO, and covers your experiences, please let us know!

  4. Our investigation commenced in August, 1973, after Carolyn Perron contacted our team P.I.R.O. based at Rhode Island College. That was in response to an advertisement Keith had placed in a local publication, I believe The Observer. It was also Keith who suggested we enlist the participation of Edward & Lorraine Warren, whom we had met at R.I.C. the previous year. It’s not that we felt we were in over our heads; rather we thought the Warrens being there could further inspire the Perron family we were in earnest about helping them. We were actively involved with the Perrons until September, 1973, when the Warrens convinced Carolyn and Roger Perrons that to be effective, they themselves should be exclusively in-charge of the intervention.

  5. P.I.R.O. was Parapsychology Research and Investigative Organization.

    “Truth is stranger than (but not nearly so palatable as) fiction!” — Carl L. Johnson

  6. I love this but I’m confused. The last article I read says as follows:

    Bathsheba is thought to have lived to the age of 72, but then died suddenly from a strange kind of paralysis. Reportedly the medical report on her death states that her body had turned as if to stone.

    Did she hang herself or die of a strange Kind of paralysis? I love reading all about these things!

    1. Hi Marisol,

      All our research pointed towards her dying through suicide, but, this is the internet…you never know who has warped the truth, and when they did it! 🙂

  7. In the other article you guys posted about Bathsheba Sherman you said she died from a strange paralysis, but in this article you said she was another hanging victim of the house. Your stories contradict one another.

    1. Okay…let me explain how this works…

      This is one of the most popular ‘mysteries’ websites in the world, and I own it. We cannot possibly write all of the articles here, and live a normal life, so we have people who freely hand their articles/research to us in the hope we will post them. If one article contradicts the other, so be it. I for one could not be fucked to go through every article with a fine tooth comb, as I have a life.

      Soooo….to wrap it up…

      We (the people in charge here) do not write every article posted here – success brings a more laid back life, and less work (for me in particular!).

      Actually, the most work I’ve had to do today is write this response…

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