Olympus VN-7200 – Best Digital Voice Recorder For Ghost Hunting

Product: Olympus VN-7200 Digital Voice Recorder

Subject: The Best Digital Voice Recorder For Ghost Hunting

Brand Name: Olympus

Price: $29.49 ( Retail )

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Our Rating: 9 out of 10

Product Overview

Setting out on a ghost hunt is a exciting undertaking, one that requires you to be well equipped. Ghost hunters, also referred to as paranormal investigators, want to capture paranormal activity across a wide range of different measurements.

Among the many tools a ghost hunter uses to capture paranormal activity is the digital voice recorder. These are used to record EVP’s or electronic voice phenomena, electronic recordings of sounds believed to be of a ghost or spirit.

The best digital voice recorder for ghost hunting is the Olympus VN-7200 Digital Voice Recorder.

This particular device is excellent for its purpose here, because of its ease of use, with Record and Stop buttons, a center button for OK, and a toggle wheel for smoothly skipping through recordings.

This makes it intuitive in use and that is exactly what you need when going out ghost hunting.

The VN-7200 has 2GB integrated flash storage, allowing a whopping 1,151 hours of recording time in the LP mode.

There are three recording modes, LPSP and HQ high quality, that enable you to record whatever you need in any type of situation.

Besides normal playback, you can also choose to listen to your recordings 25% slower or 50% faster, so you can pick up details or quickly go over recordings whenever you please.

It also features voice activation for automatically starting and stopping recording when you respectively start and stop talking, and index marks to specify particular points in a recording or playback – great for pin-pointing highlights.

The Good & The Bad


  • Super user friendly design and controls layout. The most important buttons are well located for intuitive use
  • Three different recording modes, LP (low), SP (standard) and HQ (high quality)
  • Hundreds of hours of recording time, up to 1,151 hours in LP mode
  • The LED can be turned off, which is essential for ghost hunting
  • Olympus’ renowned audio technology makes for high quality recordings with minimal noise
  • Optional VCVA or Variable Control Voice Actuator allows you to set a level at which the device starts recording when it detects sounds at that level
  • Fast and slow playback and index marking features
  • Pocket size and very lightweight – carry and use it anywhere, at any time


  • The biggest drawback to this device is its lack of a USB port, meaning you are unable to easily transfer the sound files to a computer for further analysis. However, you could alternatively use a stereo mini plug to connect the headphone jack of the VN-7200 to the microphone jack on your computer and record your files onto the computer using a program like Audacity.
  • The slow memory booting process every time you turn on the device to record something on the spot, can be annoying.

Who Is This Product For?

Ghost hunters, digital is the way to go. Analog technology can also be used, but it is not recommended because analog recorders also pick up their own internal noise, meaning that the sound recordings can be compromised because of this contamination.

In addition, digitizing tape recordings can be a pain, and is really not necessary in this modern day and age.

That is why paranormal investigators will want to use digital recorders for the best possible sound quality, and with three different quality modes of recording, the VN-7200 will meet your demands in any situation.

The VN-7200 also makes for a great gift idea for your children or friends who might be staying at a haunted building sometime and want to engage in a ghost hunt.

Otherwise, any student will find this to be a great tool for recording lectures with, especially using the voice activator feature, and business people and their secretaries will have no problem keeping their to-do lists handy in one small device.

Our Final Opinion On The Product

The VN-7200 is a highly versatile, best-seller digital voice recorder and quite possibly the best digital voice recorder for ghost hunting.

Its low price and high value due its many features and excellent design, makes this an great product for anyone looking for a voice recorder for any purpose.

The lack of a USB port is a major negative point for a lot of people, but some ghost hunters can and do actually use this negative to their advantage – it can be proof that their recordings are 100% original and have not in any way been tampered with or enhanced.

As a workaround, using a stereo mini plug cable, you can record the files onto your computer.

This product makes a great gift for children as a fun toy, friends interested in the paranormal, as well as for students looking for an easy way to record their lectures and professionals who want to record conferences.

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