Out of The Blue UFO Documentary

The Best UFO Documentary (EVER)?

I’ve spent a LOT of time on YouTube since the early days of running (and building out) this website. I’ve had this ‘documentary section’ up here for quite some time…but I’ve had certain problems with it!

People love to upload ‘mystery-related’ topics to YouTube – it’s a quick way of them getting attention, but they don’t own the f##king copyright…

See the problem here?

Well, I’ve spent a number of late nights taking down the ‘free’ documentaries I’ve showcased here due to me being caught out…and being a bit lazy with my research on them!

Long story short – YouTube takes down these copyright infringed documentaries and I’m left with a page full of content…with no documentary.

But every now and then, I stumble across a complete YouTube beauty…which has no copyright issues whatsoever…

Out of The Blue UFO Documentary

This well-respected film is widely considered to be the best UFO documentary ever made…and it was given/uploaded to the world for FREE!

It’s been narrated by noted actor Peter Coyote and it manages to avoid that usually ‘hammy’ or ‘cheesy’ feel that the majority of YouTube UFO documentaries suffer from.

The two main subjects of the movie cover the Phoenix Lights and the famous Roswell Incident, although it also covers a handful of slightly lesser-known UFO encounters.

The documentary also covers some UFO incidents that have been witnessed by well-known NASA astronauts (who actually put in an appearance in the movie!).

As I touched on above, this movie has been given to the ufology world for FREE, so we would really appreciate you taking the time to visit it’s official channel on the YouTube platform (located here – UFOTV The Disclosure Network).

Wonderful channels like this could really do with your support so that they can keep on producing these pretty awesome documentaries (a simple LIKE, COMMENT or SUB goes a long, long way!).

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the Out of The Blue documentary, please leave them in the comment section below.