Unsolved Supernatural Mysteries In Malaysia

Denai Alam

Asians love horror stories more so than others because it is strongly incorporated in our culture through the influence of various stories shared by people that have claimed to have experienced supernatural encounters. That is why we can see that it is common when people are interested in a particular property like at Setia Eco Park, they will first try to investigate if any supernatural encounters had occurred before the construction of new properties. However, we are not sure about to what extent these stories are true because who does not like the attention they get when they share stories about something usual. We are sure that each one of you has heard stories about supernatural creatures or evil spirits haunting several places in Malaysia, including at Denai Alam. Some individuals even claim that they had encountered strange creatures or experienced strange behaviours due to the possessions of ghosts at these places. These kinds of stories have spawned several urban legends about these places and instilled fear in many as they are afraid of being a victim of evil spirits. 

From ghost hunting documentaries to interviews with victims of supernatural encounters, we are exposed to many chilling tales regarding certain places in Malaysia daily. If you are a thrill-seeker that would like to investigate further on supernatural mysteries, then this article is the right one for you as it shares some of the most popular unsolved supernatural mysteries in Malaysia. 

Unexplainable Sounds At Bukit Larut Taiping

Setia Eco Park

Who does not love a good mystery when hills or mountains are portrayed in it? From Fraser’s Hill in Pahang to Mount Kinabalu at Sabah, there is a story that speaks of supernatural creatures or strange happenings occurring there. One of the most famous supernatural mysteries that are still popular among the natives in Perak happened at Bukit Larut, Taiping. Bukit Larut is a popular location among hikers and isolated retreats away from their busy lifestyles. The story goes back to the Second World War. It is said that prisoners were transported to Taiping to work on the construction of buildings and roads at Bukit Larut. Nevertheless, due to the torture, they endured at the hands of their supervisors, many of the prisoners lost their lives while working there. That is why the hikers that had gone either for a hike or had stayed overnight on the hill had shared their experience …

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The Mystery Science For Workplace And Technological advancements.

The brain and consciousness are intimately connected.

 SAP Ariba Partner in Malaysia the

Most people will argue that awareness is brought about by the brain, however the research in this area doesn’t really lend much support to that notion. Damaging the brain in various ways causes people to lose their consciousness.

However, there is a small issue. No one has a complete understanding of how the brain creates consciousness. If it is indeed how it is theorized, then this is a major challenge. Each brain has around 100 billion neurons, each of which communicates by electrical and chemical impulses with other neurons in the same brain, as well as neurons in other areas of the body such as the eyes, ears, and skin. 

Non-consciousness is not transmission

Scientists have a good understanding of how neurons connect with one another, making it relatively straightforward to observe that neurons convey information, just the way information is sent down telephone lines or inside computer networks.

Knowledge may be transmitted without cognition. Computer networks and telephone systems accomplish many of the same tasks, but computer networks do not have a personality since they don’t process or send along information. The way we receive, and process information is not limited to only things like colors, sounds, and physical touch, though. We also could become consciously aware of what we’re perceiving. Telephone and computer systems are not aware; thus, we view, hear, and feel feelings, emotions, and suffering differently than they do.

 Organizational leaders and hiring managers are in a vulnerable position. Since companies must stay current and keep pace with technological innovation, economic growth, globalization, and automation, they have no alternative but to modernize. These components impact the performance of organizations, as well as the ability to recruit new job seekers and keep existing associates. Despite numerous cultural and institutional transformations in the workplace, several workplace challenges have not been solved.  

The cure for workers of “the living dead” is the experience of doing creative work. Great managers seek to boost employee morale and alleviate feelings of low morale. Even if a team member doesn’t feel appreciated, their ability to perform might suffer. They may look disinterested or, if you prefer, like a zombie. Even if there was a justification for doing so, it’s disputed whether a company can motivate people. Several employers and experts in human resources think that real motivation is a matter of the individual.

Likely the most …

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Spine-Chilling Malaysian Urban Myths

In conjunction with the enlightenment of modernity where superstitions and religions are not the most important of facets in human lives as compared to the past, the majority of the society has since intellectually evolved. Rather than putting in uttermost faith in something science has little to no clarification on, we count on ourselves to welcome whatever undertakings fate holds for us in open hands. At the very end of the day, we are the ones deciding how things can work out for ourselves. Many of whom are religiously driven are ironically the ones who take opportunities for granted; rather than making full use of the resources available around them, they take things lightly and pray to the divine for greater outcomes. How in the world is that sensible? 

Notwithstanding how evidence-driven our lives are right now, there exists one part deeply rooted inside of ourselves that is petrified of the commonplace old wives’ tales we tried to abandon but perpetually remains at the back of our head. Whether they have been factually verified or not, we have the tendency to continue to circulate these tales of caution and potentially pass them down to the upcoming generations as a cultural heirloom. 

Similar to many other nations of the globe, Malaysia possesses a good number of urban legends which continues to keep the locals awake through the moonlight.

Here are some of the most commonly-known tall tales across Malaysia you must not miss out. Bear in mind that you need not believe any of these stories in order for you to read through them. Read and decipher with an opened mind. 

Mystifying Taxi Passenger 

If you happen to commute in taxis on your way to any designated destinations, ask the drivers about this legend and I assure you that most of them have far been familiar; especially those who operate in night shifts. 

The story started off with a taxi driver driving through roads of silence who sighted a beautiful young lady standing adjacent to a traffic light junction. Her hair was dark and long, and a flowy white dress was what she wore.

To his natural instinct as a taxi driver, he felt the necessity to offer her a cab service. She turned and looked at him slowly while she entered the automobile without uttering a single word. That moment when she entered the car, the taxi driver encountered an …

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Unresolved Gruesome Murders In Malaysia

Imagine being failed by humanity so dreadfully it took a toll on your life that even after years or decades passed, the justice you deserve has yet to be served. Malaysia, apart from its magnificent sandy beaches, palette-satisfying local delicacies, colorful heterogeneity, and many other captivating attributes, similar to many other nations of the globe, surely holds countless dark tales of devilry left unexplained till the present day. 

Today we bring back some atrocious murder cases predominating local and international (some) headlines in which concrete evidence is still unobtainable; mysteries that have been leaving the entire nation puzzled. 

Nurin Jazlin

Children have deemed the future pillars of society thus our utmost responsibility to protect their wellbeing. Humanity continued to fail us nevertheless. An 8-year-old girl Nurin Jazlin Binti Jazimin was reported missing on 20 August 2007 after venturing out from home in Wangsa Maju all by herself to purchase some hair clips. While being informed of her leave, her mother was at that time, busy entertaining guests thus not alert enough to ensure her being accompanied by her younger sister. 

The night market she intended to approach was located merely 100m away from their apartment. Upon disappearance, her petrified parents lodged a report followed by a search that was conducted in the succeeding weeks by multiple bodies which comprise media agencies and benevolent NGOs. 

Few weeks later on 17 September 2007, a large black and blue duffle bag was sighted in a premise situated in Petaling Jaya. Horror-stricken passer-by discovered a child’s naked body inside the bag, which was suspected to be Nurin’s. 

The corpse’s original facial features were terribly ruined by the trauma, causing the victim’s parents to deny her very identity. They remained optimistic till a DNA test confirmed the body as Nurin’s. 

Till the present day, the culprit has yet to be arrested and we genuinely hope for justice to be served. 

Audrey Melissa Bathinathan 

A regular 17-year-old would have been fortunate enough to spend their time thinking about degree programs they wish to pursue post-secondary school education, but Audrey’s seemingly happy teenage life was jeopardized by sickos who were believed to have abducted, raped, and strangled her to death. The incident took place amidst her journey back home from school – the Methodist Girls’ School situated by Jalan Cenderasari, Kuala Lumpur on 17 May 1999. Tear-breakingly, she was at that time the only child to …

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Celebrities You THOUGHT Were Dead

Having a deceased loved one to resurrect may be one of the best things yet a mysteriously spooky event to occur. While you pray with your uttermost will to have them sent back to live to be able to create more beautiful moments before you begin to regret for the rest of your life, having their body arose and eyes opened out of the blue moon from their very coffin is one nightmare you wish to not be struck upon. A similar conception is applicable in the celebrity realm where many alleged dead celebrities were rumored to be discovered in another side of the world, a locale totally different from their place of origin. Are these bona fide instances of resurrection or their deaths a complete fraud? God knows what their precise motives are.

Oftentimes when a celebrity passes on, his or her family members are inclined to issue merely a partial backstory to avoid attention and unwanted exposure; that instantly leaves room for the public to question its authenticity. Many defended the skepticism stressing how massive the world population is thereby leaving the possibility for resemblance. Nonetheless, it remains as mysteries seemingly engrossing to merit a degree of attention. 

Whether you have heard of it or not, this article aims to list down a few notable celebrities whose “death” shocked the world, yet are rumored to be alive in another dimension of the world-leading a modest life compared to that of their “past life”. 

Michael Jackson

You are no music enthusiast if you do not get goosebumps listening to MJ’s masterpieces. There exist countless conspiracy theories revolving around this precise singer dubbed the King Of Pop, one most prominent being his hoaxed death. There is this circulating footage of him getting off an ambulance, most especially when he was reported by the news to have passed on at home. One reason backing this theory up being his befalling legal consequences, bringing immense catastrophe to his image and reputation. Perhaps with that, he chose to give up on his hard-earned luxury and exclusivity by fabricating the globe with his death so he can move on with his life in more humble methods rather than presenting himself in front of the eyes of millions. While this sounds fairly convincing, there is no evidence proving it otherwise, yet surely a mystery interesting to be explored more on. 

Tupac Shakur

If you are …

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The Lost Island Of Atlantis – 6 Most Sought-After Theories

Imagine a city so advanced and adequately sturdy to overcome countless hardships throughout their civilization suddenly disappear out of nowhere to which are left not properly explained

Atlantis, which held such an advanced civilization, is a legendary island allegedly sunk beneath unknown waves. God knows whether it vanished in the air or it even existed in the first place. Either way, it has kept the universe questioning ever since; mysterious and inaccessible.

Many experts have come up with their own respective theories responding to the absence of Atlantis and we handpicked a few prominent ones. 

1) Atlantis Was Destroyed By Natural Disasters That Are Uncalled For

I believe this is the most strongly stanned theory of which many believed this very continent had sunken in conjunction with natural disasters. Former US Congressman Ignatius Donnelly published a book dedicated entirely to this civilization Atlantis : The Antediluvian World had unprecedentedly sunken due to a huge flood. Many facets of his book were concluded by experts to be rather misleading; one of which being his assumption claiming that the Atlantic Ocean was merely 100 feet deep or less. Having said that, many have unearthed the truth whereby this very ocean is approximately 5 miles deep. 

2) Atlantis Was Precisely An Ancient Greek City Abolished by A Volcanic Explosion

Drawing back to the 1600BC where a gigantic volcanic explosion eventuated in the midst of multiple cities including those situated by the coast. Scientists and experts are convinced that Plato was indicating this very city in a fairly utopian manner. In addition to that, Plato onced referred to the divine’s rage as the contributing factor to the demolished Atlantis, perhaps this was the real meaning behind his insinuation. 

3) Atlantis Was Inundated By The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

Many writers followed by the above Donelly have since widened their respective theories on the whereabouts of Atlantis. Amongst the pack of whom is named Charles Berlitz, an author who has written a plethora of paranormal-based books, who claimed Atlantis as a legitimate continent situated by the Bahamas have unfortunately fallen into the trap of the infamous Bermuda Triangle where a number of land and air transports had reported disappeared under unknown conditions. 

4) Atlantis Was In Point Of Fact, Antarctica 

One pretty convincing theory out of tens or hundreds being Atlantis as a rather benign version of current Antarctica, at least how it was stated …

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Shrine Of Love – Trimurti Shrine, Bangkok

Notwithstanding the number of individuals preaching independence; love and romance never die. Who does not wish for a genuine partner who would go all out to sacrifice just to be able to see that beautiful smile of yours? Many people may have significantly lost hope in quest of love due to what they have experienced beforehand. Having said that, the ocean is relatively more prodigious in size and depth than you could ever visualize where abundant marine species are left undiscovered. You are thereby encouraged to not give up on this very special journey till you cross paths with the right one. 

Rather than sitting there and letting fate do its wonders, many of whom pine with unrequited love have approached Thailand’s Trimurti Shrine, or commonly referred to as the love shrine with their uttermost yearning for true love. Situated by one of Bangkok’s busiest locales – Ratchaprasong junction opposite of Erawan Shrine, we have the very shrine where many love seekers drop by in hope of their dreams to be fulfilled through worship. 

Background & Brief History Of The Trimurti Shrine

In accordance with Hinduism, Trimurti implies the Trinity of Hindu Gods comprises the creator Brahma, the sustainer Vishnu, along with the destroyer Siva : the three most noteworthy gods of the religion. 

The divinity is a gold statue resembling a human physique alongside two heads and four arms. The heads are stacked atop one another whilst the lower part of the head has a total of four faces. 

Established in 1989, the shrine is set on a raised altar surrounded by a four-pillar-supported dome. Worshippers are provided seats in the open area encircling the shrine while they reflect. Curated in an Indian-Thai fused sculpture, the statue replicates the old Ayutthaya (Thailand’s famous ancient ruins).

Similar to any other shrines across the nation, the Trimurti Shrine was formed to respond to people’s prayers revolving around success, prosperity, together with happiness; or goodness in general.

Overtime, the shrine by hook or by crook has obtained a reputation of bestowing merriment in romance. Since then, it has been commonplace amongst local youngsters to associate the shrine with the very divine of love, hence the moniker.

Prayers aside, the shrine sets off a peaceful and serene vibration that just naturally captivates the attention of individuals. 

Valentine’s Night In Bangkok – 2013 

The flow of worshippers was rather small-scale, comprising youthful lovebirds, …

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Nation-Renowned Haunted Spots – Malaysia Edition

Every nation holds specific unearthly locations where unexplained phenomena are frequently encountered. Till this very present day, there is not one concrete justification supporting the existence of apparitions thereby coming down to one’s individual belief. Whether you believe it or not, there exist multiple supernatural occurrences, not even science can interpret. Today we bring you the exclusives of Malaysia’s popular haunted destinations in which are some of the nation’s most highly-frequented tourist sites, places numerous paranormal experts, or simply, ghostbusters have desired to scrutinize despite having to travel all the way from the opposite side of the globe. 

Kellie’s Castle – Perak

Situated in one of the nation’s most delicacy-rich states, Perak is, too, well-known for the one and only Kellie’s Castle where many have claimed to experience supernatural phenomena during their visit to this very historical site. Owned by Scottish William Kellie Smith, the castle was left abandoned for more than 80 years post his death. Its haunted allegations began circulating the community back in 2000, rather than stopping visitors from coming in, it has since gained a mystifying reputation thereby bringing in more intrigued sightseers. In accordance with those who visited, many sighted Smith’s apparition loitering a balcony which is now named the “Ghostly Cloister Balcony”. He might not have died in the mansion, yet it is said that his spirit remains because his aspiration of building the mansion was nowhere near completed. Other than that, some noticed his 6-year-old daughter wearing a fully white ensemble outfit running around her bedroom. Some other unidentified entities were also seen roaming the corridors of the castle. As yet, the ghostly atmosphere of this historical site is primarily what attracts people to visit. If you are one of those who seek satisfaction in supernatural subject matters, Kellie’s Castle is a must-visit. 

Mimaland – Selangor

Ever wondered how an initially happening theme park could turn into post abandonment? This is what has been faced by Gombak’s Mimaland (Miniature Land) since 1994 due to hazardous security matters. By way of context, this was the foremost theme park ever established in Malaysia housing a plethora of attractions including water parks and rides; basically what an amusement park is in its truest of nature. In the previously mentioned time frame, a Singaporean tourist found fatal on a water slide, followed by a destructive landslide ruining the similar pools where the former incident occurred merely a …

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Prague’s Mysterious Houska Castle: Gateway To Hell?

Czech Republic (or Czechia),  a central European country that was previously part of Czechoslovakia is fairly well-known for its abundance of beautiful castles as they are located in almost every visible facet of the country. 

One most highly frequented castle recognized by tourists across the globe is none other than their Hluboka Nad Vltavou Castle that lies in the very heart of South Bohemian Region, or České Budějovice, also locally monikered as Budějce. Another one being the State Castle and Chateau in Cesky Krumlov of which is under close supervision of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), making it a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Monument since 1992. Similar to any historical monuments, these castles have their respective backstory that has been passed down through generations and is customarily awe-inspiring. Having said that, there exists one castle in this very nation that changes people’s perspective on a downright neutral historical landmark.

Laying on the cliff top of Prague we have a gothic-styled castle renowned for the most infamous motive across paranormal-enthusiasts and experts. Houska Castle established in the 13th century has since inundated locals residing nearby with the darkest of myths and legends possible. Located approximately an hour north of Prague atop a cliff, a rather secluded site almost impossible for residential purposes, what are the odds behind its precise construction?

Peculiarly Structured 

Adventurers of whom are adequately courageous to visit this castle of spook have claimed its attributes as downright out of the ordinary. Pictures displayed across the internet may have it appear just as usual and resemble the construction of any other typical castles. However, for ones who have been there personally, the windows are a complete facade where sturdy walls are built beyond glass panes. In addition to that, the castle does not have ramparts to safeguard amidst invasions; source of water; kitchens; together with the most important element – occupants. This proves a point as to how Houska Castle was established for motives apart from making it a defensive sanctuary or residence. Not only that, as mentioned previously, its location is another aspect leaving people in utter confusion; it seems as though this very castle decided to appear out of nowhere. With zero strategic value for not situated close any trading routes, it is surrounded by thick forestry, swamps, and mountains.

Adventurers who gained authoritative access to enter its interior added that the …

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Southeast Asian Witchcrafts And Sorcery

As our lives are modernized by the swift advancement of digital technology, our mindset has since led us to put aside beliefs and superstitions which account for little to no sense. This phenomenon suffices to justify the increasing number of religiously unaffiliated individuals or the “nones” of whom lack stance in religious beliefs, or simply call for no association with any religious groups. While religion is deemed a somewhat important facet of human life, this community has largely overtaken the size of US majority religion. Many counterparts see the need to condemn their disbelief towards the holly divine notwithstanding their entitlement to decide on their intended path. As a matter of fact, many of whom are intensely religiously-minded turned out to be one of the most venomous beings alive. What is the point of having supreme faith when one is still depraved by heart?

Be that as it may, there are still those who value the practices of worshipping and most especially superstitions. 

Superstitions simply put, refers to the blind convictions of supernatural forces with complete disregardment of science and evidence. As a matter of fact, superstitious beliefs vary across cultures thus a hitch in pinpointing a specific definition, but the entire conception indicates accepting and bowing to unwritten rules in which are passed down as heirlooms within a particular cultural group. 

To put this into perspective, a fairly popular belief withheld by the Chinese community for many decades emphasizing how the 14th floor of buildings should be labelled with 13A instead due to the number’s intonation in mandarin resembling that of “death”. The indian community on the other hand, strongly believes in the evil forces an eclipse would bring, they are thereby conditioned to stay indoors everytime amidst an eclipse to prevent any bad matters from arising. 

While most superstitions being not evidently sensible, are perfectly neutral to be upheld because it brings no harm whether or not it is applied in quotidian life; rather, it sporadically helps us stay out of trouble.  Having said that, there exist multiple, if not abundant old wives’ tales that prevail with evil intent, one of which being witchcrafts or sorceries. 

Black Magic As A Widely Practiced Phenomenon Across Southeast Asia, Especially Thailand 

Apart from being globally recognized as one of the finest tourism sites for holding a plethora of awe-inspiring beaches and mouth-watering delicacies, little did the majority realize that Southeast Asia …

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