The Kikiyaon Monster

There are many different folklore’s among the people of Gambia, West Africa but none as terrifying as the Kikiyaon monster

The Kikiyaon Takes to The Skies

This terrifying beast sort of resembles the African equivalent of the mythical Gargoyle. It was humanoid in shape but it also had the ability to take to the skies whenever it needed to!

It was not thought to be the tallest of creatures – most reports come in at around five feet in height. It had piercing red eyes that shone through the night and long sharp claws on it’s feet.

It sported large dark wings beneath it’s arms and had razor sharp teeth.

The Zombie Maker

I first came across the Kikiyaon monster when reading through a book on zombie activity back in the day.

Apparently this beast has the ability to turn man into a zombie at will by simply consuming his soul!

You see, the name Kikiyaon translates into English as soul eater or soul cannibal – a little worrying really isn’t it?

Many different Gambian tribes are petrified of this creature as they firmly believe it has the power to render any man soulless – basically turn him into a zombie!

The creature is said to have vampire like qualities in it’s bite – it’s how it delivers it’s fateful power. It is thought to creep into your bedroom at night and sink it’s teeth deep into your skin.

Once the teeth have broken the surface of your skin you are doomed to live out the rest of your days as the walking dead.


If being turned into the living dead wasn’t bad enough there is an added kick to this creature’s bite!

Once the Kikiyaon monster has sunk it’s teeth the victim will start to display signs of severe illness. It’s thought to be a lot like these zombie illnesses you see in the classic George A. Romeo films.

This illness will progress and get worse until eventually the bitten victim dies…

The Kikiyaon is Near…

Many witnesses have claimed that the Kikiyaon monster can sometimes be spotted travelling at immense speeds across the Gambian plains.

They also claim that it is relatively easy to figure out when the Kikiyaon is near due to it’s horrible smell. A lot of believers put this down to the fact that the Kikiyaon is made up of zombie flesh itself!

A top cryptozoologist named Bernard Heuvelmans looked into the reports and …

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The Jim Morrison Ghost Photo

This article will be taking a look at the famous Jim Morrison ghost photo that ended up in the archives of journalist Brett Meisner’s work. Is this a real image of the paranormal, or nothing more than a clever fake?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Jim Morrison Ghost Grave

Most people know of Jim Morrison due to his time as the famous front man to the musical group The Doors, but he was also considered to be a talented American poet.

He died in Paris in 1971 but no autopsy was carried out on his body. Many believe that he accidentally snorted heroin thinking it was a line of cocaine – resulting in a sudden overdose that ended his life.

He was buried in the Père Lachaise Cemetery and his grave remained unmarked for many years. There had been numerous headstones placed over his resting place but mad fans had either defaced them or stolen them completely.

The Jim Morrison Ghost Grave

In the end, Jim’s heartbroken father decided to commission a simple headstone for the grave – it simply reads ‘Against His Own Daemon’ in Greek language.

Journalist Brett Meisner decided to visit the now famous cemetery back in 1997. Once there he got a friend to snap a photograph of him with the famous singer’s headstone in the background.

Many years later, Meisner was shocked to notice that his friend had picked up something disturbing in the cemetery shot…

The Jim Morrison Ghost Picture

Several years after the shot was taken, Meisner was going through his photo archives when his assistant pointed something odd out in the Père Lachaise Cemetery image.

In the background, standing in the doorway of a crypt, is a semi-transparent figure, with his arms held wide.

The ghostly figure seems to be looking down towards the ground area to it’s right. It’s arms are stretched out wide and you can clearly make out a rather loose fitting, white t-shirt.

It’s the pose that captures the imagination of most paranormal investigators – it’s a famous pose that Morrison made during a publicity photo shoot when he was alive (see image at the top of this article).

It’s a fascinating paranormal photograph but it certainly does have it’s skeptics – many people believe that this was a way for the run-of-the-mill journalist to get some publicity for his work over the years.

What do you think – is this famous Jim Morrison ghost photo …

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The Dogon People of Africa – The Mystery of The Nommos

In this article we will be looking at the Dogon people of Africa and their astronomical lore that stretches as far back as 3200 BC…

Sirius B

The Dogon people of Africa originate from Mali in West Africa. Many historians believe that the Dogon tribe are direct descendants of the ancient Egyptians – this may explain their mysteriously accurate astronomical lore.

Ancient Dogon traditions tell us that they have always believed that the star Sirius has a companion star. This companion star is completely invisible to the human eye and scientists refer to it as Sirius B.

Way back in the 1930s a pair of French anthropologists named Marcel Griaule and Germain Dieterlen visited the Dogon tribe in an attempt to find out more about them. They were completely astonished when they learned about the Dogon’s ancient knowledge on Sirius B.

How could a tribe as simple as this have known ANYTHING about a star that is invisible to the eye? These people had no idea what astronomical devices were let alone the knowledge to use them!

This invisible star named Sirius B was first photographed in 1970 by astronomers using a very large ( and very expensive! ) telescope.

The Nommos

The Dogon people of Africa have their own explanation for their advanced knowledge on Sirius B. They claim that an alien race known as The Nommos traveled from the Sirius system to land on Earth many centuries ago.

They managed to travel to Earth in a strange ‘ark’ that came spinning down from the skies. The Dogon claim that the Nommos are the ones that educated them on Sirius B.

The Nommos didn’t stop there – they went on to educate the Dogon about our solar system giving them information that the rest of the world was not aware of until Galileo invented the telescope.

Robert K.G. Temple

The Dogon legends were first brought to popular attention in a book released in 1977 named The Sirius Mystery. This book was the work of Robert Temple – an author who firmly believed in the Dogon’s claims.

It didn’t take long for the skeptics to arrive on the scene – science writer Ian Ridpath and astronomer Carl Sagan claimed that the Dogon priests completely mislead Marcel Griaule and Germain Dieterlen.

They reported that the Dogon priests could easily have been educated by western astronomers before the pair of French anthropologists turned up.

But Ridpath and Sagan’s claims don’t …

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The Count de Saint Germain

Have immortals always walked the Earth without us really noticing? Is it possible for a person to live forever?

Many ‘believers’ point to the fact that a historical figure known as Count de Saint-Germain is indeed one of these immortal human beings.

His birth is thought to have taken place sometime in the 1600’s but researchers claim that certain evidence points to the fact that he first appeared around the time of Christ.

He seems to have popped up numerous times throughout history and he always appears to be around the age of 45. The last sighting was reported back in the early 1970’s.

Many famous figures throughout history have claimed to have met this strange yet fascinating man – CasanovaMadame de Pampadour and George Washington, to name but a few.

An author named Annie Besant went as far as compiling a genealogy on the man, which seems to indicate he could have been the son of Francis Racoczi II, Prince of Transylvania in 1690…

The Immortal One

The Count de Saint-Germain frequently boasted that he had discovered the secret to eternal life – that he was indeed immortal.

Between the periods of 1740 to 1780, the then celebrity (of sorts) traveled the length and breadth of Europe and never aged a day.

He seemed to be an absolute genius in every subject he took on. He was an extraordinary painter, he spoke over ten different languages and he was a talented violinist (virtuoso level).

He also had a few strange ‘peculiarities’ that witnesses picked up on…

Within days of arriving at a capital city, he would set up a state-of-the-art laboratory, presumably for his alchemy work.

He did not own any bank accounts but at the same time – he was extremely wealthy.

He had a lot of friends wherever he went, and he dined with them frequently, but he would never eat any food in public.

He was also linked to numerous elite societies (the Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Society of Asiatic Brothers, the Knights of Light, the Illuminati and Order of the Templars).

Life After Death

Official records point to the fact that Count de Saint-Germain actually died in 1784…but the sightings did not stop there.

In 1785, many witnesses reported seeing him with the pioneer hypnotist Anton Mesmer, in Germany. This led to the rumor that the count had actually taught Mesmer a few dark arts which he applied to …

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The Bruce Lee Family Curse

Born into an affluent Chinese family at the hour of the dragon in the year of the dragon, Bruce Lee was destined for greatness. Fulfilling his fate as an adult, he brought the art of Kung Fu to the western world.

In doing so he became the most influential actor of Chinese origin in Hollywood history. Tragically, Bruce Lee died just as he was on the verge of international fame.

Taken far too young, his death has been scrutinised by those seeking a sinister explanation. Eventually attributed to misadventure it seemed the circumstances surrounding his demise were innocent after all.

Some years later when his son Brandon Lee died in the most bizarre and tragic of circumstances the specter of malpractice raised its head once again.

Had father and son really been the victim of tragic circumstances or had they, as many believed, fallen victim to the Bruce Lee family curse?

The Death of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee died at the peak of his physical fitness and just as he was about to attain international fame. Since his death he has become a cultural icon and the most influential martial artist in the western hemisphere.

Aged only 33, he died on July 20th1973 in the home of an actress due to co- star with him in his next movie. The actress, Betty Ting Pei, claims that Lee complained of a headache so she gave him a painkiller prescribed for herself and left him sleeping on a sofa.

Some hours later when people began to be concerned as to his whereabouts, she tried to rouse him. By this time he was unconscious and could not be saved.

Lee, supposedly had an allergic reaction to the pill he had been given. Strangely he is rumored to have suffered an adverse reaction to the same medication months before but still took the pill of his own free will.

During the post mortem it was discovered that he had also consumed cannabis leaves. According to the coroner, these mixed with the painkiller and Lee’s amazingly low level of body fat, just 1%, combined to poison his system.

Almost immediately the conspiracy theories began. How could such a fit man have succumbed to one pain killer?

Why had Lee taken a pill he knew he was allergic to and why hadn’t Betty Ting Pei called an ambulance much earlier when he …

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The Betsy Aardsma Murder

On ​November 28, 1969, a graduate English student arrived at a Penn State campus library to research some homework for an upcoming study. Shortly after her arrival her body was found in a dark library book row.

In this article we will be looking at the mystery that surrounds the Betsy Aardsma murder…

The Library

When Betsy first entered the library on that fateful day she had a quick conversation with a professor who worked in an office nearby.

At some point between 4:45 and 4:55 that afternoon she ended up in a dark library row looking for some research books. A witness later came forward and reported they had heard a man and a woman having a conversation in that area of the library.

The conversation seemed to be pretty calm and the witness heard no indication that an argument was taking place. Suddenly they heard the sound of books hitting the floor.

Just before 5pm a man walked quickly out of the library and informed the desk worker that ‘somebody better help that girl’. She didn’t really ‘get’ what this man was saying so she returned to her work without a second thought.

Without warning, a group of students shouted from the other end of the library saying they needed help. They had found Betsy collapsed on the floor and thought it was some kind of seizure.

Betsy was then taken to the Ritenour Health Center that was located nearby. It was here that the local doctor discovered a puncture wound through her right breast.

Her right ventricle had been cut right open by some sort of small blade but the red dress she had been wearing covered up the small amount of blood.

There were no indications of any sort of struggles or defensive movements. The authorities came to the conclusion that she had been stabbed from behind.

The Investigation

When the police finally arrived at the library they were disappointed to find that a janitor had cleaned over the area where the assault had taken place.

If there was any evidence left there it had been thoroughly washed away!

A mass investigation followed where just about every man on the campus was put through a police interview. The library desk clerk was able to help a police artist draw up a portrait of the suspect who left in such a hurry.

The case grew cold and before long the …

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Salyut 7 Space Angels

This strange report comes from 1985 when six crew members on board a Soviet space station were confronted with a life-changing experience.

They were casually going about their daily astronaut tasks when the whole station suddenly filled up with a strange orange cloud.

The days leading up to this incident had seen the astronauts handle many peculiar technical occurrences and system failures. Had the station finally caved in and was this cloud from a resulting fire?

The Light

The crew desperately ran around the station looking for the source of this strange orange gas cloud – where was the fire? Where did this cloud originate from?

Without warning, the station was engulfed in a blinding white light and the astronauts were left temporarily blinded.

When their sight returned, about a minute later, they noticed something outside the station windows and moved closer to investigate.

The crew were confronted with seven strange beings floating about outside the space station.

At first the astronauts recoiled in terror but these feelings soon subsided – the faces of these beings wore pleasant and divine-like smiles that immediately calmed the observing crew.

The Angels

The strange beings had humanoid-shaped bodies but their overall dimensions were absolutely huge. They sported large wings and it looked like they had halos floating above their heads.

The group of astronauts all agreed that they were in the presence of angels and decided to immediately inform their superiors back on Earth.

The Russian government was convinced that the astronauts were experiencing some very strong delusions and paid little attention to their claims.

About a fortnight later a new group arrived at the space station to take over the astronaut tasks. Within 24 hours they had also witnessed these strange beings floating around the station.


The Russian government decided that a reshuffle was in order and they brought both teams of astronauts back to Earth for questioning and mental health tests.

The results proved that the astronauts were in excellent mental and physical health.

The report was classified as top secret and the astronauts were ordered not to mention the incident to anyone. Unfortunately (for them), the incident did not stay a secret for long…

The Leak

The report of the Salyut 7 space angels leaked within the year prompting an engineer from the Hubble Project to come forward and back up the story.

He claimed that the Hubble telescope had been capturing images of …

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Old Arnold Estate – The Conjuring

One of the most intense modern-day hauntings took place in Rhode Island in 1970. The ​Old Arnold Estate became infested with paranormal activity that lasted over a decade…

Perron Family Haunting

The paranormal happenings began when Rodger and Carolyn Perron bought the house and moved in with their family. They thought it would be a wonderful choice of home for their five daughters.

When moving in they briefly met with the previous renter and had a quick chat about the property. This previous occupant only had one piece of advice for them…

“Leave the lights on at night!”

The family was hit by paranormal visits as soon as they moved into the house. One of the first spirits encountered was that of Mrs. John Arnold who at age 93. She apparently hung herself in the barn to the side of the house.

A short time later the family began to be visited by the spirit of eleven year old Prudence Arnold. This child was tragically raped and then murdered on the property by one of the farm hands. They were never able to pin down exactly which one of the workers was responsible.

The Perron family claimed many more spirits visited their home after the initial hauntings began…

The Perron Family House

Rodger and Carolyn Perron were understandably concerned by the frequent paranormal visits but their girls seemed to take it in their stride.

The spirits were all over the property but there never seemed to be any malice in their attentions initially. One of the girl’s favorite visitors was the spirit of Johnny Arnold. The girls liked him so much they handed him the nickname of ‘Manny’.

He was yet another spirit that had hanged itself on the property – this time in mid 1700’s. His spirit seemed to enjoy the company of the young girls and stand over them as they played.

As soon as they made eye contact or moved towards him he would instantly disappear.

The girls also had a lot of fun trying to locate and capture the ‘sweeping spirit’. This female ghost never materialized but would often be heard cleaning the floors in various rooms.

When the girls burst into the room to see if they could corner the spirit the sweeping sound would stop instantly.


Unfortunately, as the Perron’s spent more time in the old farmhouse it began to become …

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Montauk Time Travel Projects

I first came across the Montauk time travel projects when doing some research into the Philadelphia Experiment several years ago. The idea of mind control and time travel interested me but the idea that some of these experiments still take place interests me even more…

The Military Experiments

The second World War brought with it a selection of secretive experiments and projects aimed at creating new weaponry and giving the US a military edge over it’s enemies.

The most famous of these projects was the Manhattan Project which led to the creation of the nuclear bomb and the war with Japan ending ( abruptly! ).

But the remainder of the experiments seemed to have been brushed under the carpets – but not all believe they are completely over.


The town of Montauk is on Long Island’s eastern end in New York. It is here that the more unsuccessful projects took place with chilling conclusions.

There are unconfirmed reports of experiments in mind control, time travel, psychotronics, and the creation of black holes at Montauk. There was apparently a tall Airforce radar station which had a complex of experiment chambers built below it.

It’s quite frightening to think of these experiments taking place so close to one of the most popular cities in the world.

How did they get away with it?

How did they manage to cover up the outcome of these experiments for so long?

The story of the Montauk time travel projects actually started in Philadelphia in 1943

The Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment was actually known as the Rainbow Project. It was set up by the United States Military so that they could try and create a vessel that would seem invisible on enemies radars.

The experiment centered around a test on the ship USS Eldridge which was situated on the Philadelphia Naval Yard.

Now what happened to the ship is still pretty much up for grabs but lets just say that legend has it that it managed a time shift of sorts. The ship was hammered with electromagnetic energy until it actually became invisible to radar.

The problem was they went to far – the ship completely disappeared out of sight!

Apparently the ship materialized in Norfolk, Virginia but only stayed there for a handful of seconds before returning to Philadelphia.

There was a mass panic when the ship returned but …

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Michigan Dogman Legend

Odawa Indians believe that the Michigan Dogman legend stretches as far back as the early 1700’s. They refer to this strange creature as the Wendingo

Michigan Dogman Sightings

Over recent centuries there has been over 500 reported incidents involving the Wendingo. In 1887 a group of lumberjacks were plodding their way through a day’s work in Wexford County ( Michigan ) when one of them spotted this strange creature.

The group believed it to be a threatening wolf breed and decided to chase it off their work area. As they began to corner the creature it raised itself up on it’s back legs and stood in a human-like stance.

The lumberjacks quickly lost their nerve and ran back to their woodland HQ in fear for their lives. They later reported the incident to their superiors.

In 1938 a teenage boy named Robert Fortney was apparently set upon by a pack of wild dogs in Paris, Michigan. At the time he was out hunting so he used his rifle to scare off the savage pack.

All of the dogs made a dash for it when they heard the gunshot except the largest one. This creature reared up on it back legs and stared directly at the teenager.

Fortney raised his gun and stood eye to eye with the creature for what seemed an eternity. Suddenly it returned to it’s four-legged stance and made a break for it into the forest.

Fortney’s report on the incident claimed that the creature stood well over 6 foot on it’s hind legs and it had bright light blue eyes.

Michigan Dogman Song

In 1987 a DJ from WTCM in Traverse City managed to popularize the Michigan Dogman legend by recording a spoof song. Steve Cook recorded the song as a joke for his radio show but soon after playing it the switchboard went crazy.

The radio station received calls from all over Michigan by frightened individuals who had encountered the strange beast. The song went from strength to strength and before he knew it Cook had amassed a whopping $60,000 from it’s release.

Feeling a little guilty about making money off the subject he decided to donate the earnings to animal charities in the area.

The Michigan Dogman Legend

Over the years a cryptozoology investigator named Linda Godfrey has been following this strange wolf-like creature. She is an author that has published many different books on werewolf creatures.

Her extensive research led her …

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