Old Arnold Estate – The Conjuring

One of the most intense modern-day hauntings took place in Rhode Island in 1970. The ​Old Arnold Estate became infested with paranormal activity that lasted over a decade…

Perron Family Haunting

The paranormal happenings began when Rodger and Carolyn Perron bought the house and moved in with their family. They thought it would be a wonderful choice of home for their five daughters.

When moving in they briefly met with the previous renter and had a quick chat about the property. This previous occupant only had one piece of advice for them…

“Leave the lights on at night!”

The family was hit by paranormal visits as soon as they moved into the house. One of the first spirits encountered was that of Mrs. John Arnold who at age 93. She apparently hung herself in the barn to the side of the house.

A short time later the family began to be visited by the spirit of eleven year old Prudence Arnold. This child was tragically raped and then murdered on the property by one of the farm hands. They were never able to pin down exactly which one of the workers was responsible.

The Perron family claimed many more spirits visited their home after the initial hauntings began…

The Perron Family House

Rodger and Carolyn Perron were understandably concerned by the frequent paranormal visits but their girls seemed to take it in their stride.

The spirits were all over the property but there never seemed to be any malice in their attentions initially. One of the girl’s favorite visitors was the spirit of Johnny Arnold. The girls liked him so much they handed him the nickname of ‘Manny’.

He was yet another spirit that had hanged itself on the property – this time in mid 1700’s. His spirit seemed to enjoy the company of the young girls and stand over them as they played.

As soon as they made eye contact or moved towards him he would instantly disappear.

The girls also had a lot of fun trying to locate and capture the ‘sweeping spirit’. This female ghost never materialized but would often be heard cleaning the floors in various rooms.

When the girls burst into the room to see if they could corner the spirit the sweeping sound would stop instantly.


Unfortunately, as the Perron’s spent more time in the old farmhouse it began to become …

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Montauk Time Travel Projects

I first came across the Montauk time travel projects when doing some research into the Philadelphia Experiment several years ago. The idea of mind control and time travel interested me but the idea that some of these experiments still take place interests me even more…

The Military Experiments

The second World War brought with it a selection of secretive experiments and projects aimed at creating new weaponry and giving the US a military edge over it’s enemies.

The most famous of these projects was the Manhattan Project which led to the creation of the nuclear bomb and the war with Japan ending ( abruptly! ).

But the remainder of the experiments seemed to have been brushed under the carpets – but not all believe they are completely over.


The town of Montauk is on Long Island’s eastern end in New York. It is here that the more unsuccessful projects took place with chilling conclusions.

There are unconfirmed reports of experiments in mind control, time travel, psychotronics, and the creation of black holes at Montauk. There was apparently a tall Airforce radar station which had a complex of experiment chambers built below it.

It’s quite frightening to think of these experiments taking place so close to one of the most popular cities in the world.

How did they get away with it?

How did they manage to cover up the outcome of these experiments for so long?

The story of the Montauk time travel projects actually started in Philadelphia in 1943

The Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment was actually known as the Rainbow Project. It was set up by the United States Military so that they could try and create a vessel that would seem invisible on enemies radars.

The experiment centered around a test on the ship USS Eldridge which was situated on the Philadelphia Naval Yard.

Now what happened to the ship is still pretty much up for grabs but lets just say that legend has it that it managed a time shift of sorts. The ship was hammered with electromagnetic energy until it actually became invisible to radar.

The problem was they went to far – the ship completely disappeared out of sight!

Apparently the ship materialized in Norfolk, Virginia but only stayed there for a handful of seconds before returning to Philadelphia.

There was a mass panic when the ship returned but …

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Michigan Dogman Legend

Odawa Indians believe that the Michigan Dogman legend stretches as far back as the early 1700’s. They refer to this strange creature as the Wendingo

Michigan Dogman Sightings

Over recent centuries there has been over 500 reported incidents involving the Wendingo. In 1887 a group of lumberjacks were plodding their way through a day’s work in Wexford County ( Michigan ) when one of them spotted this strange creature.

The group believed it to be a threatening wolf breed and decided to chase it off their work area. As they began to corner the creature it raised itself up on it’s back legs and stood in a human-like stance.

The lumberjacks quickly lost their nerve and ran back to their woodland HQ in fear for their lives. They later reported the incident to their superiors.

In 1938 a teenage boy named Robert Fortney was apparently set upon by a pack of wild dogs in Paris, Michigan. At the time he was out hunting so he used his rifle to scare off the savage pack.

All of the dogs made a dash for it when they heard the gunshot except the largest one. This creature reared up on it back legs and stared directly at the teenager.

Fortney raised his gun and stood eye to eye with the creature for what seemed an eternity. Suddenly it returned to it’s four-legged stance and made a break for it into the forest.

Fortney’s report on the incident claimed that the creature stood well over 6 foot on it’s hind legs and it had bright light blue eyes.

Michigan Dogman Song

In 1987 a DJ from WTCM in Traverse City managed to popularize the Michigan Dogman legend by recording a spoof song. Steve Cook recorded the song as a joke for his radio show but soon after playing it the switchboard went crazy.

The radio station received calls from all over Michigan by frightened individuals who had encountered the strange beast. The song went from strength to strength and before he knew it Cook had amassed a whopping $60,000 from it’s release.

Feeling a little guilty about making money off the subject he decided to donate the earnings to animal charities in the area.

The Michigan Dogman Legend

Over the years a cryptozoology investigator named Linda Godfrey has been following this strange wolf-like creature. She is an author that has published many different books on werewolf creatures.

Her extensive research led her …

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Mermaid Myths And Legends

For centuries now mermaid myths and legends have fascinated us. It’s human nature to wonder what it would be like to fly high in the sky like a hawk or scour the depths of the ocean like a fish.

With such a large portion of the planet being covered by water it is little wonder that the subject of mermaids arises so often.

History tell us that tales of mysteries creatures of the deep and Merfolk have always been with us. Why do these half human, half marine creatures capture our imagination so frequently…

Mermaids And Mermen Legends

In Greek mythology there are numerous tales that involve the the god Triton who was thought to be a Merman – a messenger of the sea.

There are many different religions that still survive to this day that worship mermaids and claim that they are goddesses. Both Hinduism and Candomble subscribe to these sea creatures being god-like entities.

The Celtic mermaid myths and legends (Scottish and Welsh) explain that mermaids used to befriend land folk and in some cases even marry them.

But not Merfolk legends are of a positive nature. In secular folklore mermaids were a dreaded sight that would only bring bad luck and disaster to those who spotted them. They were also thought to be sirens that lured sailors off course into jagged outcrops of rock.

The Reality of Mermaids

A great majority of Mermaids and Mermen legends are thought to have come from real encounters. Most of these are of course historical claims but there are a few more modern sightings which we will be covering on this site.

One of my favorite mermaid encounters took place in Holland and I was lucky enough to read about it as a child. It captured my imagination and has stayed with me ever since.

The story/incident dates back to midway through the 1600’s. The story starts with a young mermaid entering the country through one of the old fashioned dykes. She suddenly realized she may be trapped on the wrong side of the dyke and tried to return through injuring herself in the process.

The locals found her and took pity upon her and decided to lend a helping hand. They carried her to a nearby lake and spent the following months nursing her back to full health.

In this time period she learned a lot about human ways and …

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Hollywood Sign Ghost Lady in White

In this article we will be taking a look at the case of the Hollywood sign ghost lady in white. A haunting born from desperation and tragedy…


Peg Entwistle was born in Port TalbotSouth Wales in 1908. Her mother died when she was still a young girl resulting in her father uprooting the whole family and moving to the America.

After a short while of living in New York Peg’s father got remarried and had two sons named Robert and Milton. Unfortunately he did not get to spend much time with this new family – he was killed in a traffic accident on Park Avenue.

After their father’s death, Peg’s brothers went to live with their Uncle Harold. Peg had dreams of becoming a famous actress so she decided to remain in New York to search for fame and fortune.

When she was just 17 she managed to land a part with the Boston Repertory Company. She then went on to work in the prestigious Theater Guild productions of Broadway.

Robert Keith

In early 1927 Peg met Robert Keith and they wed later that same year. Keith was 10 years her senior and she knew little about his past.

Within months Peg found out that Keith had actually been married before and even had a 6 year old son. He had never mentioned any of this to Peg before they decided to tie the knot!

Peg decided that the marriage was now nothing more than a sham so she began divorce proceedings with her husband.

During these divorce proceedings Keith got in even more trouble when his wife turned up to claim the back alimony payments he owed. He faced jail time but Peg stepped in to pay the fees for him…but that did not stop the divorce from going through.


Through 1931 Peg saw great success through stage productions of Getting Married and Alice-Sit-by-The-Fire.

Unfortunately, in 1932 she noticed that the work was starting to dry up a little bit and slowly sunk into a cloud of depression. She packed up her bags and headed to Hollywood to see if she could reignite her career.

She eventually moved in with her Uncle Harold at 2428 Beachwood Canyon Drive in Hollywood. She was running desperately low on savings and he was the only free option she could think of.

After moving …

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Heceta Head Lighthouse Ghost

The Oregon Coast line is home to Heceta Head lighthouse which was built way back in 1892. The lighthouse is named after Spanish sailor Don Bruno Heceta who discovered the location in 1755.

In this article we will be covering the Heceta Head lighthouse ghost lady who goes by the nickname of ‘Rue’. She is reported to haunt the house that stands by this aging coast light…

The Heceta Head Lighthouse

This awesome looking lighthouse stands at 56 feet and sits 205 feet above sea level. It is known to be the most powerful light on the Oregon coast line ( in some cases it can be spotted as far as 20 miles out to sea! ).

Building started way back in 1892 but the lighthouse was not used for the first time until 1894.

The lighthouse is joined by a single house which was built for the lighthouse keeper at the time. There is a smaller building attached to this house where the assistants quarters are located.

The Gray Lady

The house that stands next to this impressive tower has often reported accounts of paranormal activity.

The resident ghost carries the nickname of Rue and is often referred to as The Gray Lady. Many years ago the child of an infant was excavated from the lighthouse grounds and many locals believe it is linked to the ghost Rue.

Locals say that the Gray Lady haunts the building because she knows her infant daughter was buried there.

The ghost itself is not a harmful entity – it tends to move items around and open and close cupboard doors. In some cases she has been heard walking around the upstairs level when all household members are downstairs.

Reports of the mischievous entity seem to originate from the 1950’s to present day. Although it causes no harm it seems to get very distressed when construction takes place or changes are made to the buildings.

In one instance a group of volunteer workers stayed at the lighthouse to give the building a new coat of paint. They spent the whole day painting the walls and decided to retire to the house to rest before the next day’s work.

They were continuously woken throughout the night by the sound of the fire alarm switching on. By the early hours of the morning they got sick of the alarm so they decided to remove it’s power source.

The alarm continued …

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Haunted Furniture Stories – Jason’s Bed

I come across many examples of haunted furniture stories but none of them seem to stand out as well as the Cobb poltergeist case in 1998…

The Bed

Al Cobb of Savannah, Georgia, decided to surprise one of his twin sons with a rather groovy looking antique bed for his bedroom. The son in question was named Jason and he was a 14 year old with a passion for older styles.

Jason fell in love with the elaborate bed and for the first two nights he enjoyed perfect sleep patterns. On the third night things took a turn for the worse…

Paranormal Activity

On the third night Jason awoke to the sensation of someone kneeling down on his pillow and breathing deathly cold breath into his face. Jason’s parents thought their son was simply dreaming and dismissed the incident as nothing more than teenage nightmares.

On the fourth night Jason noticed that a picture of his grandfather had been removed from the wall and placed face down on a bedroom cabinet. He placed the picture back on the wall and thought no more about it.

When he awoke the next morning he found his grandfather’s picture in the middle of his bed with various other possessions surrounding it. In a circular shape around the picture were a Conch shell, a dinosaur made from small shells, a plaster cast of a bird and two Bennie Babies.

He ran from the bedroom screaming and cornered his parents in the kitchen. His parents accompanied him back up to his bedroom to examine the strange circle of objects on his bed.

At this point the parents knew something was amiss – they to had noticed strange goings on in the household over the previous 24 hours.


Jason’s father, Al Cobb, decided to try and make contact with the ghost to see if he could stop the poltergeist activity. He stood in Jason’s bedroom and attempted to talk to the entity for a few hours – he got no response.

He decided to leave a crayon and a few sheets of paper on Jason’s bed and left the room for several minutes. When he returned he found that one of the sheets of paper had crayon writing on it – Danny 7. He took this to mean the spirit was a young boy named Danny aged seven.

Danny Aged 7

Al Cobb was fascinated with this young …

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Grey Aliens Are Demons

Aliens, who in this day and age hasn’t heard of them? A grey, slant-eyed, over-sized bald head and an unusually proportioned body immediately comes to mind.

For a long time now, from cartoons, movies and science fiction novels, we have been exposed to these so called ‘extra-terrestrial’ beings, their images burned into our minds.

Often referred to as ‘Greys’, named so because of their skin color, references to these foreign creatures no longer surprise or shock any of us.

But don’t be fooled, these are not aliens as they want you to believe. These Grey aliens are demons…

Government Conspiracies and Cover ups

Over the years, there have been countless witnesses of UFO sightings. Many of whom, claiming to be victims of alien abduction, being subjected to weird and often sexual experiments.

Of course it is easy to discard such reports as the ramblings of a delusional mind, but not so easy when prominent and respected members of our society come forward with confessions of their own.

One such example is of Steven Greer, founder of the Disclosure Project. Geer is also the head of CSETI, and an eminent UFO theorist.

Greer had addressed a press conference in Washington DC with over 400 government, CIA, military, and other high-level intelligence community testifying to the existence of aliens and UFO’s.

When government conspiracies and cover ups of the ‘Greys’ are exposed like this, it becomes quite clear that information on the subject is being held back.

The Bible

Time is witness that, although we claim to have faith in our Lord, we conveniently tend to ignore the real truth that is so often revealed in the Bible.

Genesis, Chapter 6 says that as the population of men on earth grew and they gave birth to daughters, the divine beings, seeing how beautiful the daughters were, took those that pleased them as wives.

Thus the ‘Nephilim’ appeared on earth – the of-springs from the cohabitation of the divine beings and the daughters of men.

The bible here is referring to the fallen angels, who in spite of being kicked out of heaven for their rebellion against God, still believed and pursued their plan to usurp God.

Corrupting the human DNA until the perfect host is finally created for their end of days grand plan.

Mary Sutherland, an expert in the field of ancient history and unusual phenomena …

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Famous Bermuda Triangle Disappearances

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the more famous Bermuda Triangle disappearances over the years. Also known as ‘the Devil’s Triangle’ – one of the most mysterious places on our planet…

The Bermuda Triangle Myth

Sat between Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico, this mysterious area off the Southeastern coast of the US holds many paranormal secrets. The following are some of the most famous cases linked to this area that covers 440,000 miles of sea…

The Mary Celeste Disappearance

Discovered on the 4th of December, 1872, The Mary Celeste is probably one of the most famous sea-based mysteries of all time…no wonder it was finally linked to the area of the Bermuda Triangle!

When it was found, everything on the ship was in the right place – except for the crew.

It was on a sea journey from New York to Genoa and it was discovered a matter of days after it left port.

Captain Benjamin Briggs was in charge of seven crew along with his wife and two-year-old daughter. All of them disappeared without a trace.

The ghostly abandoned ship was found by a British vessel named the Dei Gratia, it was under partial sail and the lifeboat was gone.

The Mary Celeste was carrying large amounts of alcohol on it’s journey – nine of these barrels were found empty…

The Ellen Austin Ghost Ship Incident

The Ellen Austin was a 210 ft. long American white oak schooner that was on a journey to London when it encountered a abandoned boat near the outskirts of the Bermuda Triangle.

The Captain of the Austin, Captain Baker, decided that the scene was too mysterious to leave – so he ordered his crew to observe the boat to try and find out what was going on.

They observed the boat for two whole days – nothing.

The Captain boarded the ship with his crew and found everything in order – minus the crew.

He ordered a few of his best crew members to stay on the derelict ship and sail back behind the Ellen Austin.

They set to sail together on calm waters but without warning…the derelict ship vanished without a trace along with the captain’s crew members.

The Austin remained in the area for several days after the disappearance, and finally, the derelict boat was spotted once again.

Unfortunately there was no sign of the crew members that Captain Baker left on board…

The USS Cyclops Story

The USS Cyclops …

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The History of Poveglia Island

Located in the lagoons of Venice, Poveglia Island remains one of the most frightening island locations on the planet. In this article we will be taking a look at the history of Poveglia Island and the horrors behind it…

The Dark History

The darkness that surrounds the island started off in Roman times when it was used to house plague victims. The poor souls were basically dumped there so that they could have no further contact with the healthy population.

A few centuries later the Black Death opened it’s wings over Europe and once again the island became a haven for the sick or dying. Many of the unfortunates who died on the island were simply dumped into large death pits for burial.

As the plague tightened its grip, the population began to panic and those who showed the slightest sign of sickness were ripped from their homes and taken to the island of Poveglia to rot away in misery.

During the Black Death period it is estimated that the island witnessed well over 160,000 agonizing deaths.


A psychiatric hospital was constructed on the island in 1922 and it didn’t take long for the reports of paranormal activity to surface.

Many of the patients would complain about being tormented by ghostly plague victims and screams of agony throughout the night.

Unfortunately it’s hard to get people to listen to experiences when you are already considered mad by the hospital staff looking after you!

But things were about to get a lot worse for the mentally unstable inhabitants of this dark island – a resident doctor decided to try and make a name for himself…

Doctor Death

He set about experimenting on the mentally challenged in the nearby hospital bell tower. Lobotomies were performed on his unsuspecting patients using all manner of crude tools.

Legend has it that the horrific doctor himself became a target of the ghostly entities that haunted the island. They had enough of his twisted experiments and drove him into his own personal madness.

He decided to end it all by throwing himself from the bell tower where he performed the majority of his unspeakable experiments.

But the island was not willing to let him go so peacefully – the fall did not kill him.

A nurse who was working that night witnesses the whole event and later reported that he lay broken and screaming …

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