Resurrection Mary Ghost – Who Was She?

There seems to be varying versions of the story behind the Resurrection Mary ghost so we thought we’d cover the subject truthfully in this article.

Who is Resurrection Mary?

The real Resurrection Mary story starts off in the 1930’s when a young girl was tragically hit by a passing car. She is thought to have been hitching for a lift after leaving the O Henry Ballroom.

She had been attending a function at the ballroom with her boyfriend and they had got into some sort of argument resulting in her leaving early.

It must of been some argument as the weather was apparently bitterly cold that night but still Mary ( as she is now known ) preferred to walk home – she had certainly had enough of this young man’s idiotic behavior!

She left the ballroom and started walking up Archer Avenue and was suddenly hit by a vehicle. Unfortunately it was a case of ‘hit and run’ as the driver of the vehicle sped off and left Mary to die on the side of the road.

She was buried in Resurrection Cemetery and dressed in a white ballroom gown and dancing shoes by her devastated parents.

Since that time the Resurrection Mary ghost has often been spotted along Archer Avenue in the same white dress and dancing shoes she was buried in.


The Resurrection Mary story seems to have been messed up by a newspaper report about a decade ago.

This pathetic press effort on the story led to a handful of researchers creating their own Mary. This Mary was again tragically killed but apparently has nothing to do with the Resurrection Mary ghost that haunts Archer Avenue.

So the researchers moved on again to a lady named Mary Bregovy who is also buried in Resurrection Cemetery. At first Mary Bregovy seemed like a good fit for the Resurrection Mary story but on closer inspection there are too many factors against this choice.

Mary Bregovy was killed in an car accident in 1934 but there is no proof to indicate she was on Archer Avenue when it happened.

She was actually killed on Wacker Drive in downtown Chicago and she was actually INSIDE a car. When the accident happened she was thrown at force through the windshield – gruesome indeed but a far cry from ‘hit and run’.

Reports indicate that Mary Bregovy looked nothing like the spirit …

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Freemason Secrets Revealed

Freemasonry, possibly the most exclusive club in the world. Membership is by special invitation only and is certainly not open to women.

Probably founded by a group of stonemasons hundreds of years ago, its true origins are shrouded in mystery and lost in the mists of time.

Today there are millions of Freemasons across the world, some happy to reveal their masonic membership, others not.

The purpose of this organisation?

To make better men from good men.

As men move through the different degrees of what they call ‘the craft’ they are educated in morality through the medium of allegory and by the use of masonic symbols.

So why do so many people appear to have an issue with what appears to be an admirable attempt to improve one’s ethics?

The problem for many lies in the exclusivity and covert nature of the Masonic movement.

Freemason secrets revealed over the centuries have uncovered an organisation steeped in ritual, symbolism, and mystery which some think hides a more sinister motive of controlling politics, the law, the economy, and ultimately society itself…

Belief in a Deity

The primary qualification for receiving an invitation into the Freemasons, other than being male, is the belief in a Deity.

There is no place for atheism in the Masons. The Freemasons display the Torah, the Koran, and the Bible on their altar.

For the Freemasons, each one of these texts is only one of a variety of sacred texts which all have equal value and status.

People of different faiths are asked to ignore the exclusivity of their God and to accept that all Gods are one and the same, that is The Grand Architect of the Universe.

All references to Jesus Christ, for example, are strictly forbidden.

The Freemasons believe that they will go to heaven as a result of their good works and not because they have been saved from sin.

There is then an obvious conflict for those with strong religious beliefs who join the Freemasons and the Christian Church, in particular, disapproves of the movement.

For others though there is a more disturbing aspect to the belief in the Grand Architect of the Universe. Knowledge is revealed to Freemasons as they progress through the degrees.

Most Freemasons progress through three degrees, but some suggest that there are 33 possible degrees.

As the Masons don’t specify or …

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EBE The Alien – The Sole Survivor

Whilst doing a little research through social media I recently came across a video on EBE the alien. I had come across this subject many times before but due to so much hoaxing and misinformation out there I decided to ignore it…until now!

What made me change my mind? Well a friend of mine directed me to a YouTube posting of William Cooper covering the subject of EBE the alien and the existence of the MJ-12.

I’m sitting on the fence with the video ( but not the subject as a whole! ) – some think it’s legit whilst other’s think this Cooper dude is well off his head. See what you think…

The Only Survivor of The Roswell Crash

EBE the alien is thought to be the only survivor of the famous Roswell crash. The official report on Roswell claimed that there was no fallen spacecraft and certainly no alien lifeforms. Forensic investigator Bill McDonald disagrees…

McDonald had direct contact with what was found at Roswell and claims that it was an extraterrestrial vehicle. The beings that were in control of this vehicle were part of a civilization who had come to earth many times to keep watch of our nuclear progress.

The sole survivor of this crash ( EBE ) claimed to have come from the planet Serpo where two suns hang high in the sky.

In 1981 the former US president Ronald Regan insisted on receiving all the information available on the Roswell crash and EBE.

He was informed by former CIA Director W.Casey that EBE had been found at the crash site. The alien did originate from the planet Serpo and it was located 38.42 light years from Earth in the Zeta Reticuli system.

On Wednesday, November 2, 2005 the US government finally had to release some sections of the report on EBE and the so-called planet Serpo. This was down to the time limit on secret government projects of 25 years.


July 1947 brought the US government face to face with EBE – a product of the crash in New Mexico.

There were apparently TWO spaceships that crashed that day yet only one survivor. Both EBE and the craft’s wreckage were taken to the secure Los Alamos military base.

The being was named EBE – an abbreviation for extraterrestrial biologicalentity. Special holding accommodation was created for EBE deep inside the secure base of Los Alamos.

There were thought to have been a total of nine other aliens from …

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Who Killed Amber Hagerman?

On a sunny afternoon in January 1996, young Amber Hagerman was set upon and kidnapped whilst riding her bike in ArlingtonTexas.

Her killer has never been found.

Who killed Amber Hagerman and how have they managed to get away with it for so long?

The Abandoned Grocery Store

On the afternoon of January 131996, nine-year-old Amber and her brother Ricky (5) decided to ride their bikes to an abandoned grocery store in Arlington, Texas.

After a short period of playing around the outside of the store, Ricky decided to head back home and leave his elder sister to cycle alone.

A 78-year-old retiree named Jim Kevil witnessed what happened next from the backyard of his property…

“I saw [Amber] riding up and down, she was by herself. I saw this pickup. He pulled up, jumped out and grabbed her. When she screamed, I figured the police ought to know about it, so I called them.”

The police were on the scene in a matter of minutes.

He gave a description to the police of the truck being a really dark color – possibly black. He also described the abductor as white with a slight chance of him being Hispanic.

When Ricky arrived back home without Amber, their grandfather, Jimmie Whitson, got worried and decided to check on Amber himself.

By the time he arrived at the abandoned grocery store the police were already there, searching the area.

The Hardest Cases To Solve…

When abductions are carried out by strangers, they are regarded as the most difficult cases to solve.

Police were more than thankful for Jim Kevil’s eyewitness account, but even that did little to help their investigation efforts.

At the end of the day it seemed very much like a crime of opportunity – the twisted individual saw Amber playing alone and decided to act on the spot…

The abandoned grocery store was situated on East Abram Street, right near a huge General Motors plant.

From the beginning of the investigation, the police were certain that the culprit was an individual that was more than familiar with the surrounding area.

The Search

The police were joined by volunteers and the FBI to carry out their large-scale search.

Initial reports indicated that a truck similar to the one in Kevil’s description was seen outside a local laundromat before Amber was taken, but investigators never located the vehicle.

Four days after the search …

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The Michael Taylor Possession

The year was 1974, the place a small town called Ossett in Yorkshire, England. Autumn was fading and the bitter chill of winter could be felt in the air.

An unremarkable place in many ways, the ordinary Ossett folk had no idea that soon the eyes of the world would fall on their community. Something sinister and truly evil was brewing in the bosom of their town.

By the time the first week in October was over, a most heinous and sickening crime would have been committed, a crime that would begin with the possession of Michael Taylor.

The Blood of Satan

At 9:45 am on the 6th October 1974, West Yorkshire Police received a phone call. A man had been seen wandering naked through the streets of Ossett, covered in red paint.

Uncertain as to whether or not it was a hoax, PC Ian Walker was sent out to investigate. Making his way along the cold deserted streets that Sunday morning, the police constable could have had little idea what the day would hold.

Arriving at the scene, the officer discovered a naked man curled in the fetal position and covered not in red paint, but in blood. As the officer approached him the man began to scream, ‘It is the blood of Satan. It is the blood of Satan’.

Clearly in a state of great distress he was making little or no sense. Fortunately, by this time a witness had arrived who identified the naked man as Michael Taylor.

Suspecting that foul play may have taken place, PC Walker immediately radioed for officers to be dispatched to Taylor’s home to check his wife and children.

A Scene of Bloodshed And Carnage 

What greeted the police at the home of Michael Taylor, was a scene of appalling depravity. Mrs. Christine Taylor, the wife of Michael, and her small pet dog, lay dead.

Both had been murdered in the most shocking and gruesome way. Whoever had committed the crime was clearly deranged and evil.

Mrs. Walker had asphyxiated on her own blood but before she died her attacker had ripped off her face, pulled out her tongue and gouged out her eyes.

Her little dog lay close by, he had been strangled, his legs were torn out of their sockets and his eyes and tongue also removed. Investigating officers immediately realized that Michael Taylor …

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The Ghost of Jenny Dixon Beach

This article will be taking a look at the urban legend that surrounds the ghost of Jenny Dixon Beach. What is the story behind the female phantom that beseeches passing motorists?

Let’s take a closer look…

Heading Towards Noraville…

Local legend warns motorists to beware when heading towards Noraville in New South Wales (Australia) – don’t pick up hitch-hiking women!

As you drive down the road, minding your own business, an extremely pretty young woman may well appear on the side of the road.

Her looks may win you over – surely there is no risk involved with picking up a harmless young lady?

When you pull over, she opts to jump in the back seat of the car, instead of the front.

Driving in silence is always a bit uncomfortable, so you start a conversation.

She begins to reply to your questions, before suddenly trailing off mid-sentence…

Before long you realize you are talking to yourself…the young girl has somehow disappeared into thin air.

When you finally arrive at Noraville, you discover that the local police have received numerous reports concerning the ‘disappearing girl’ – this paranormal event has been has playing out for more that forty years.

The Story Behind The Spirit

A young and attractive woman was making her way down Wilfred Barrett Drive in the early 70’s – day was turning into night and the light was fading.

She decided to stick out a thumb and rely on the kindness of passing drivers, to get her home.

Within minutes, a car full of young men pulled up next to her. She jumped in the car and they set off down the road.

Unfortunately, this was not a nice group of young men…

They ended up sexually abusing the young lady, before beating her and leaving her on the side of a nearby beach.


The beaten young lady was eventually discovered by another passing motorist, but she was at death’s door.

She managed to tell the local police that she would be back to get revenge on the five young men…but she passed away before she could leave any descriptions of them.

Police knew who the five men were – but they had no real evidence, and had to release them without charge.

Within twelve months of this tragic incident – all five of the young men were dead (three car wrecks, a hanging and a self inflicted shotgun wound).

Locals later claimed …

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Chloe And The Myrtles Plantation

In this article we will be covering the rather tragic incident of Chloe and the Myrtles Plantation – a sad turn of events that centered on the desperation of a slave girl name Chloe.


There are numerous Myrtles Plantation ghost stories flojating about the internet but I’m afraid most of them are not based on fact. To be honest most of them would not exist if it was not for the original story of a girl named Chloe…

The man who built the Myrtles Plantation was named General Bradford. He had a fourteen year old daughter who ended up marrying the master of the Myrtles Plantation – Judge Clarke Woodruff.

There were a lot of slaves working under Woodruff at the plantation and one in particular took his eye. She was a young girl named Chloe and she was to become his mistress.

Chloe And The Myrtles Plantation

After a while Woodruff decided to move Chloe up to the house so that he could have his way on a more frequent basis. She was given the task of being nanny to his children as a way of papering up what she was really doing there.

Chloe knew she was onto a good thing after a few weeks of living in the house and decided that she should strengthen her position a little – get a bit more power!

She began to listen in on important parties and meetings that the judge held. Rumors began to fly and the judge was informed about what Chloe was up to. He gave her a final warning and left matters as they were.

A few months later he held another party but this time there were extremely important people present. Chloe was unfortunately caught whilst up to her old tricks and tossed out of the house to work hard labor in the fields.

Woodruff obviously thought this punishment was not severe enough as within a few days he had also cut off her left ear. From that point on, she wore a handkerchief wrapped around her head to hide the defect.


The relationship between Chloe and the Myrtles Plantation was not over – she was determined to get back into that house and leave this hard labor behind for good!

She knew that she needed to use the kids as a way back into the house so she hatched a rather devious plan.

She found out that Woodruff’s …

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The Church of Mabus Radio Show

oday we have something a little bit different – we will be covering a paranormal and metaphysical radio show I was lucky to come across earlier this week.

By chance, I was involved in a conversation with one of it’s hosts, Jeffery Pritchett, a few days ago. He agreed to write a short post for us highlighting his paranormal platform…

The Church of Mabus

The Church of Mabus radio show is a paranormal and metaphysical radio show hosted by Jeffery Pritchett with co-hosts WHAM and Jay McNicholas.

We have great guests on and recently just had William Birnes on from The History Channel’s UFO Hunters. We also make it a habit to have many guests on about Shamanism and love to ask them about UFOs and Bigfoot.

Speaking of Bigfoot, we also have many guests on about this subject as well. The show is Friday nights at 8pm Eastern where you can listen live or if you miss that come to the archives and listen for free anytime you want at your own leisure.

Jeffery Pritchett has been studying the paranormal for over 20 years. He started with a forum on the paranormal and UfOs after his own experiences of being healed from cancer, and his father’s death.

Seeking answers, Jeffery sought the occult like a young Dr. Frankenstein, bringing on high strange phenomena. He’s been using the Mabus name ever since, which originally was going to be the name of a heavy metal band.

That dream was eaten by the goat goblins of life, so he went on to pursue radio and journalism. Jeffery went on to write the books Praise for the Hairyman: The Secret Life of Bigfoot and Probes Happen: The Secret Life of Aliens with Andrew Colvin.

Jeffery has a Bachelor’s in Communications Science. Jeffery Pritchett formed The Church Of Mabus radio show after his experiences. The rest is history and he’s been moshing with the apocalypse ever since with the horned god of rock and roll.


If you have any questions for Jeffery please feel free to visit The Church of Mabus and contact him directly. Alternatively, please feel free to leave any thoughts or opinions in the comment section below! …

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Ghosts of The Stanley Hotel

I’ve been aware of the ghosts of The Stanley Hotel for some time now and that is largely down to the link the building has with one of my favorite authors.

Stephen King apparently used The Stanley Hotel as inspiration for his classic novel The Shining. He apparently stayed in room 217 but it was not used as the location for his writing or the Stanley Kubrick film itself.

The Stanley Hotel

The hotel itself was built in 1909 by Freelan Oscar Stanley. From what I gather Freelan was the creator of the Stanley Steamer automobile so he was obviously a wealthy enough individual.

The hotel is located in the Colorado Rockies and is made up of 138 rooms. These days it is a very popular destination for various ghost hunting groups and tours. It is also a popular location for spiritualists to demonstrate psychic abilities.

The Ghosts of The Stanley Hotel

Over the years there have been many different reports of various entities showing themselves throughout the hotel. Below are a handful of the more prominent paranormal visitors:

The Stanley’s – Many people believe that the ghosts of Freelan Stanley and his wife Flora are haunting the building. There have been numerous reports of them gracing the hotel’s function rooms in formal attire. They seem to concentrate their energies on appearing in the lobby and the billiard room.

The Earl of Dunraven – The Earl used to own the land that the Stanley Hotel was built upon. He is considered one of the oldest ghosts of the Stanley Hotel and likes to frequent room 407 ( for some unknown reason! ). Many reports have come in from visitors arriving at the hotel. They claim that when they looked up to the window of 407 a spectral face was looking back down at them. Guests who stay in room 407 often complain about the smell of cherry pipe tobacco at night – this was the Earl’s favorite choice of smoke!

Elizabeth Wilson – Elizabeth was the housekeeper of The Stanley Hotel up until the 1950’s when she passed away. It is her spirit that is thought to inhabit the room Stephen King stayed at – 217. Very strange poltergeist activity has been recorded in this room with doors opening and closing by themselves and lights switching on and off throughout the night.

The Small Child – There is a ghost of a …

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Okiku’s Well – The Epic True Story Of The Haunted Himeji Castle

The term ‘Okiku’s Well’ refers to one of the most well known legends in Japanese lore, as well as the alleged location where it took place.

Even though, over time, the story itself has suffered many changes, and there seems to be even some legitimate doubt as to the actual site of the well, it is a very well established ghost story and haunting that resonates to this day.

It centers around a castle, known as Himeji Castle, which stands above the city of Himeji on top of a hill and dates back to the 14th century, later having been widely amplified and expanded upon.

The well is located at the base of the castle, close to what has become known as the Suicide Gates (this is the place where those who had fallen from grace where compelled to take their lives to restore their lost honor), and is thought to have been used for cleaning up after various Hara-Kiri ceremonies that likely took place right next to it.

However, the haunting we are going to talk about here has nothing to do with the poor souls who met their demise at the point of their own sword at the Suicide Gates.

The Tale of Okiku´s Well Goes Something Like This…

A long time ago (the story has sometimes been dated to somewhere around the 18th century, but this is disputable) there was a servant girl living in the Himeji Castle, named Okiku.

She served the master of the Castle, a powerful and wealthy lord, whose most valued treasure Okiku was entrusted with guarding.

This treasure consisted of ten gilded plates, of incalculable value and great beauty.

Apparently, over time the servant girl development feelings for the lord of the castle; however, because of her position and difference of status with respect to him, she did not make there feelings known.

On one occasion, Okiku accidentally overhead a conversation between a couple of the lord’s chiefs, where they appeared to be making plans and conspiring to take his life.

Naturally, she became fearful for the life of her beloved superior, so she decided to tell him about the plans she had just overheard.

However, the chief in question somehow learned about the fact that Okiku had revealed his plans to the lord, and therefore turned his murderous intentions towards her, instead.

So the chief, who had …

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