The Thomas Busby Chair

In this article we will be looking at the strange case of ​the Thomas Busby chair. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…

Drinking Thomas

Thomas Busy didn’t miss many chances to get a beer down his throat. He was a well known character in his local pub for all the wrong reasons.

He was a known thief and the alcohol did not often agree with him. If anyone said a word out of place to him they would soon find themselves out cold on the floor.

Daniel Awety was a successful coin-forger who just so happened to be Thomas’s father-in-law. He had amassed a great deal of money over the years and decided to splash out on a local farm up for sale.

As soon as the purchase went through he rename,d the property Danotty Hall ( after himself of course! ). It was situated in a lovely rural spot close to the village of Kirby Wiske.

One night in the summer of 1702, Awety fancied a beer after a long day’s graft. He visited his son-in-law’s favorite pub and accidentally sat down in his favorite chair.

When Busby later arrived at the pub he noticed his father-in-law sitting in his chair and went through the roof. A vicious fight broke out between the two men resulting in them rolling about the bar room floor.

After the scuffle, Awety rose from the ground and told Busby he was taking his daughter back off him and returning home with her. He returned to Danotty Hall to plan out his next move.

Later that night Busby quietly broke into the property and put an end to his father-in-law’s life as he slept.

It didn’t take long for the local police to find Awety’s body in the local woods – they instantly knew who was responsible for his death.

Busby stood trial and was sentenced to death by hanging – he was allowed one last request before the execution was carried out. He chose to have a drink in his favorite chair.

Once he had finished his drink he was led away to the gallows to be dealt with. As he walked away he stopped and let all the surrounding locals know “Death shall come swiftly to anyone that dares to sit in my chair”.

The Thomas Busby Chair

Several decades later the Thomas Busby chair claimed it’s first victim. A young chimney sweep decided …

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Bill Ramsey The Werewolf

In this article we will be looking at the strange case of Bill Ramsey the werewolf (also known as The Southend Werewolf).

Did Bill Ramsey suffer from clinical Lycanthropy or demonic possession?

Let’s take a closer look at his story…

Days of Youth

Bill Ramsey was brought up in the seaside town of Southend, in Essex, UK. He had a normal childhood up until the age of nine when he started displaying worrying traits…

He was out playing in his parent’s backyard garden when an icy feeling swept over his body. He broke out in a strange perspiration that covered his body from head to toe…and a strange smell surrounded him.

He later confessed that during this incident, he could think of nothing other than a pack of wolves and the ocean waves crashing against the sand.

Confused and scared, he cried out to his mother for help.

Both his mother and father ran into the garden in time to witness their nine-year-old son ripping a fence post, along with the garden fence, out of the ground.

They then watched horrified as he swung this battered fence above his head then started chewing on the wire mesh!

When he started growling uncontrollably, both his parents retreated to the safety of their house.

They did not leave the house until this strange ‘fit’ had subsided.


At first this incident seemed to be a one-off – Bill grew up, got married and had children with his partner.

During the first two years of his marriage, Bill experienced terrible nightmares every night, resulting in him waking up screaming in a cold sweat.

Bill and his wife had no idea what was behind these nightmares – but they were always the same.

In his dreams, Bill would find himself walking peacefully behind his wife down a path. All of a sudden a feeling of dread would sweep over him.

His wife would finally turn around and scream when she saw him, running off into the distance.

This twisted dream carried on most nights until some time in 1967.

The Wolf

A further 15 years passed without incident, until Bill went out with some friends to a local pub in 1983.

Without warning, he suddenly experienced the same strange chills he had when he was a nine-year-old boy – he quickly excused himself and went to the gent’s toilets.

As he gripped the toilet sink …

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Anneliese Michel Possession

The Exorcism of Emily Rose was one of the creepiest films of 2005 – in fact, the Chicago Film Critics Association considers it to be one of the creepiest films of all time.

In 2006, it clocked in at #86 on their coveted list of “Top 100 Scariest Films Ever Made.” But what’s even creepier than the film’s demonic dialog or the convincing, convulsing performance by Jennifer Carpenter is the fact that it’s based on a true story: the Anneliese Michel possession of the 1970’s.

And much like the plot of the Emily Rose film, the Anneliese Michel case was hotly debated and highly contested in Eastern European courtrooms.

So was Anneliese Michel actually possessed? And what about those creepy Anneliese Michel tapes? Do those prove demonic possession… or just a tragic case of misdiagnosed mental illness?

Health and Family Background

Anneliese Michel was born into a devout Catholic family on September 21st1952 in West Germany. She was the youngest of four sisters all born to her parents, Josef and Anna.

As Anneliese grew up, she followed in the footsteps of her spiritual family members. Deeply religious, she attended Catholic mass at least twice a week.

As Anneliese grew, she began to develop serious health problems. At the age of 16, she suffered a severe convulsion and was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy shortly thereafter.

Alleged Demonic Possession

Anneliese’s health became a greater cause for concern as time wore on. She continued to experience epileptic seizures, hallucinations, paranoia and anxiety. In 1973 during her first year at the University of Würzburg, she fell into a deep depression. She experienced terrifying apparitions while praying and reported hearing strange voices telling her that she was “damned” and doomed to “rot in hell.”

Later that year, Anneliese accompanied a family friend on a religious pilgrimage to San Damiano. On this trip, her escort noticed that she was unable to walk past certain religious icons and refused to drink water from a holy spring.

Based on these events, the escort was the first to conclude that Anneliese was suffering demonic possession. Both Anneliese and her family were also convinced and began to consult their parish and priests, pleading for an exorcism.

The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

Initially, the Catholic Church had declined to exorcise Anneliese. Exorcism rites had not been used for centuries and were highly controversial in the …

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The Vic Morrow Death Scene – The Twilight Zone Curse

This article will be taking a closer look at the Vic Morrow death scene, and the so-called ‘Twilight Zone Curse’ that many people believe was behind this tragic Hollywood incident…


The tragic event that was behind the Twilight Zone Curse took place at 2:30 am, on July the 23rd, 1982. Filmmakers behind The Twilight Zone motion picture were in the process of filming the first segment/story of the anthology movie.

The scene involved actor Vic Morrow and child actors Renee Shin-Yi Chen and Myca Dinh Le, and the segment was directed by John Landis (it was titled ‘Time Out’).

The plot was a typically interesting one – Vic Morrow’s character is a racist bigot who ends up being whisked through time so that he could get a taste of his own medicine.

This particular July scene involved Morrow’s racist character rescuing two children from a US helicopter raiding a Vietnamese village.

Morrow was set to run through the scene with the two children underneath his arms. A helicopter was supposed to follow them as it drove through pyrotechnics and false explosions.

Unfortunately, the pilot of the helicopter struggled to get a clear view of the scene through the smoke and lost control of the vehicle. A technician failed to see this and detonated some charges that proved to be too close to the helicopters tail rotor.

The helicopter went down instantly, killing Morrow and the two girls in the process (Morrow and Myca were decapitated and mutilated by the main rotor of the helicopter and Renee was crushed by the skids).

The Twilight Zone Curse

The tragic accident was captured by three separate angles – Morrow and the child actors died, but the pilot somehow survived.

John Landis, along with producer Steven Spielberg, were arrested along with the helicopter’s pilot and the pyrotechnics technician – they were all charged with manslaughter.

They were all acquitted of the charges.

Authorities also found a handful of laws broken – the two young girls were working at 2:30 am…this was a breach child labor law. Their parents had been instructed to keep quiet about the late night working hours.

The families of Morrow and the two girls both sued, but eventually settled out of court for an undisclosed fee.

Do you believe that this movie was cursed, or was it nothing more than a simple. yet tragic on-set accident?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.…

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The Skunk Ape Sightings

In this article we will be taking a look at the reported Skunk Ape sightings that have come from the Florida swamps over the years.

What is this strange foul smelling cryptid and is it part of the Bigfoot family?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Florida Skunk Ape

The Sarasota County police station in Florida received two shocking photographs through the post on December the 22nd, 2000.

They came with a hand written letter and were apparently taken by an anonymous woman. She claimed that the photos clearly showed an escaped orangutan who was stealing fruit from her garden at night.

The images in the envelope did indeed seem to show a monkey-like creature that was baring it’s teeth at the camera.

When the photos became public knowledge – the cryptid enthusiasts moved in…and claimed that these images were proof that the Skunk Ape existed.

What is the Skunk Ape?

Well, it’s a creature that has been spotted around the Florida swamps area since the 1920’s, and is thought to be linked to the Bigfoot family.

The Creature

The cryptid is described as being half human and and half ape. Most of the eyewitnesses that have encountered the creature have reported a terrible smell that follows it. This is where it get’s it’s name ‘Skunk’ from.

Most reports claim that the creature is covered in dark colored hair, with glowing red eyes, but a handful of reports insist that it has reddish hair covering it’s body.

It’s known to be a couple of feet taller than the average human male, and like Bigfoot, it has left large tracks on numerous occasions (thirteen inches long).

The Sightings

The sightings of the creature seem to date back as far as the 1920’s, but most of them have been recorded in the 60’s and 70’s.

A large majority of these sightings were made in the autumn of 1974, in Dade County, Florida.

Many of these reports involved the witnesses actually hitting the creature by mistake in their car. Police officers frequently found hair and blood on damaged vehicles afterwards.

Other reported incidents involve the creature throwing rocks at people, swimming through the local lakes and swamps, and even rummaging through local dumpsters for food.

The Elders of the southern tribes of Florida insist that the Skunk Ape has existed for centuries, frequently appearing throughout their history records. They do not fear it – rather respect it, and leave it …

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The North Sentinel Island Tribe

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing this article on the North Sentinel Island tribe for quite some time now because gathering ‘reliable’ information on it has been pretty hard work.

I could just attempt to include all the opinions/facts in this piece but to be honest with you – some of it seems way off this planet (and it is not backed up by any solid fact).

So, I thought I’d keep this short and sweet…and allow the readers of this site to add their opinions on the subject in the comment section below…

North Sentinel Island

So where is North Sentinel Island? Below is the description Wikipedia opens with on it’s dedicated page:

“North Sentinel Island is one of the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal. The island belongs to the South Andaman administrative district, part of the Indian union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands”

Most of the island seems to be covered in a blanket of forest and it is surrounded by coral reefs, and lacks natural harbors.

However, it is not a deserted piece of land…

The North Sentinel Island People

The North Sentinel Island people are known as the Sentinelese, they are indigenous to the land.

Experts cannot be sure, but they believe the population of the Sentinelese could reach as high as 400 individuals. The Sentinelese reject any contact with other people, and are among the last people to remain virtually untouched by modern civilization.

This isolation obviously leads to numerous conspiracy theories popping up on who these people are and where they came from originally.

On the 2nd of August 1981, the ship Primrose managed to ground itself on one of the coral reefs leading into North Sentinel Island.

After a few days the crew noticed a group of tribal figures on the beach observing them. On closer inspection they realized that the group of Sentinelese were constructing weapons (spears and arrows) along with boats to reach the grounded vessel.

Full of panic, the captain of the Primrose radioed in for help in the form of a weapons drop so that himself and the crew could defend themselves.

This weapons delivery never came…

Thankfully the heavy seas and rough conditions managed to keep the islanders away from the Primrose. The crew were rescued about a week later by a helicopter working under contract to the Indian Oil And Natural Gas Commission.

The Sentinelese apparently survived …

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The Myrtles Plantation Mirror

Haunted houses are at the core of scary stories. Of course, not all of these stories are true. One of the most commonly visited haunted houses is Myrtles Plantation, in part due to the mirror that hangs in the home.

History of The Plantation

The Myrtles Plantation was built by David Bradford in 1794. Bradford was a man on the run, wanted for his role in the Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania.

Leaving behind the protests, Bradford eventually settled down near St. Francisville, Louisiana. He bought 600 acres of land and built a house in 1796, and lived alone.

In 1799, Bradford was pardoned for his participation in the Whiskey Rebellion. Upon receiving the pardon, he traveled to Pennsylvania to retrieve his family and bring them to live with him in the home he had named Laurel Grove.

Every now and then Bradford would accept students of the law as his apprentices. One such student, Clark Woodrooff, married Bradford’s daughter Sarah Mathilda.

The same year the couple was married, Bradford died.

Over the next few years, Woodrooff and Sarah Mathilda had three children. In 1823, Sarah Mathilda died of yellow fever, a common illness at the time.

By the next year, their only son and one of their daughters had also perished from the same illness.

Once his mother-in-law passed away in 1830, Woodrooff moved himself and his only remaining child to Covington, Louisiana to focus on his law career.

Laurel Grove was sold in 1834 to a very wealthy man named Ruffin Grey Stirling. He officially changed the name of the plantation to “Myrtles”, and filled the home with fine imported furnishings.

Twenty-four years after purchasing the property, Stirling died from consumption, leaving behind his wife Mary.

Her son-in-law was appointed to help her manage the manor, until 1871 when he was shot outside the home and died of his wounds.

After this incident, the home changed hands several times, each with a tragic death of someone connected to the house. By the 1950’s, the ghostly stories began…

Hauntings at Myrtles

One of the main hauntings surrounds the story of a slave girl named Chloe, who was allegedly killed by the other slaves for poisoning one the meals prepared for Woodrooff and his family.

The legend says this meal directly resulted in the death of Sarah Mathilda and …

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Sir William Crookes Experiments

Sir William Crookes, (1832 – 1919) a British physicist and chemist, was a student of spectroscopy, and he attended the Royal College of Chemistry, London. He was a pioneering inventor of vacuum tubes, and he invented the Crookes Tube.

This article will be covering the Sir William Crookes Experiments into the Paranormal and the Spiritual…


In 1870 Crookes began to study paranormal phenomena associated with spiritualism. Having already established himself as a serious scientist, he was more than equipped to use his talents and knowledge to study the paranormal in a scientific way. However, his scientific research and test results were much maligned at the time.

He was not studying the paranormal at a time when it was considered appropriate. However, Crookes believed it was the duty of science to study paranormal phenomena, and he spent his entire later adult life trying to prove that paranormal phenomena was real and that there was “an outside intelligence”.

Other reasons for his studying spiritualism possibly include his brother dying an untimely death from Yellow Fever at 21, as well as the prodding from some of his more open-minded colleagues in the scientific community.

He approached the study of the paranormal with no preconceptions, and he believed that science could help humanity better understand the paranormal. He thought that measuring instruments would help to explain, or even classify, the phenomena. Or, he thought, he would be able to throw out all of it as mere superstition.

He did not approach the subject with any preconceived notions or prejudices, but interestingly for people who believe in the paranormal, he came to firmly believe in it over the last three decades of his life.

Sir William Crookes Experiments

Crookes had several conditions for his experiments, and he imposed them on the mediums he studied:

  • It had to be at his own house
  • It had to be his own selection of colleagues, friends, and spectators
  • He would set the conditions
  • He would choose the apparatus

Crookes studied notable mediums, including Florence CookDaniel Dunglas Home, and Kate Fox.

Crookes asserted that he witnessed varied paranormal phenomena, like the following:

  • Bodies moving at a distance
  • Rappings
  • Bodies changing weight
  • Levitation
  • Seeing luminous objects
  • Sightings of phantom figures and ghosts
  • Writing without human agency
  • Various circumstances which pointed to the agency of an outside intelligence

Met With Outrage

Crookes published a report on his research in 1874

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Resurrection Mary Ghost – Who Was She?

There seems to be varying versions of the story behind the Resurrection Mary ghost so we thought we’d cover the subject truthfully in this article.

Who is Resurrection Mary?

The real Resurrection Mary story starts off in the 1930’s when a young girl was tragically hit by a passing car. She is thought to have been hitching for a lift after leaving the O Henry Ballroom.

She had been attending a function at the ballroom with her boyfriend and they had got into some sort of argument resulting in her leaving early.

It must of been some argument as the weather was apparently bitterly cold that night but still Mary ( as she is now known ) preferred to walk home – she had certainly had enough of this young man’s idiotic behavior!

She left the ballroom and started walking up Archer Avenue and was suddenly hit by a vehicle. Unfortunately it was a case of ‘hit and run’ as the driver of the vehicle sped off and left Mary to die on the side of the road.

She was buried in Resurrection Cemetery and dressed in a white ballroom gown and dancing shoes by her devastated parents.

Since that time the Resurrection Mary ghost has often been spotted along Archer Avenue in the same white dress and dancing shoes she was buried in.


The Resurrection Mary story seems to have been messed up by a newspaper report about a decade ago.

This pathetic press effort on the story led to a handful of researchers creating their own Mary. This Mary was again tragically killed but apparently has nothing to do with the Resurrection Mary ghost that haunts Archer Avenue.

So the researchers moved on again to a lady named Mary Bregovy who is also buried in Resurrection Cemetery. At first Mary Bregovy seemed like a good fit for the Resurrection Mary story but on closer inspection there are too many factors against this choice.

Mary Bregovy was killed in an car accident in 1934 but there is no proof to indicate she was on Archer Avenue when it happened.

She was actually killed on Wacker Drive in downtown Chicago and she was actually INSIDE a car. When the accident happened she was thrown at force through the windshield – gruesome indeed but a far cry from ‘hit and run’.

Reports indicate that Mary Bregovy looked nothing like the spirit …

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Freemason Secrets Revealed

Freemasonry, possibly the most exclusive club in the world. Membership is by special invitation only and is certainly not open to women.

Probably founded by a group of stonemasons hundreds of years ago, its true origins are shrouded in mystery and lost in the mists of time.

Today there are millions of Freemasons across the world, some happy to reveal their masonic membership, others not.

The purpose of this organisation?

To make better men from good men.

As men move through the different degrees of what they call ‘the craft’ they are educated in morality through the medium of allegory and by the use of masonic symbols.

So why do so many people appear to have an issue with what appears to be an admirable attempt to improve one’s ethics?

The problem for many lies in the exclusivity and covert nature of the Masonic movement.

Freemason secrets revealed over the centuries have uncovered an organisation steeped in ritual, symbolism, and mystery which some think hides a more sinister motive of controlling politics, the law, the economy, and ultimately society itself…

Belief in a Deity

The primary qualification for receiving an invitation into the Freemasons, other than being male, is the belief in a Deity.

There is no place for atheism in the Masons. The Freemasons display the Torah, the Koran, and the Bible on their altar.

For the Freemasons, each one of these texts is only one of a variety of sacred texts which all have equal value and status.

People of different faiths are asked to ignore the exclusivity of their God and to accept that all Gods are one and the same, that is The Grand Architect of the Universe.

All references to Jesus Christ, for example, are strictly forbidden.

The Freemasons believe that they will go to heaven as a result of their good works and not because they have been saved from sin.

There is then an obvious conflict for those with strong religious beliefs who join the Freemasons and the Christian Church, in particular, disapproves of the movement.

For others though there is a more disturbing aspect to the belief in the Grand Architect of the Universe. Knowledge is revealed to Freemasons as they progress through the degrees.

Most Freemasons progress through three degrees, but some suggest that there are 33 possible degrees.

As the Masons don’t specify or …

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