The Ghost of Jenny Dixon Beach

This article will be taking a look at the urban legend that surrounds the ghost of Jenny Dixon Beach. What is the story behind the female phantom that beseeches passing motorists?

Let’s take a closer look…

Heading Towards Noraville…

Local legend warns motorists to beware when heading towards Noraville in New South Wales (Australia) – don’t pick up hitch-hiking women!

As you drive down the road, minding your own business, an extremely pretty young woman may well appear on the side of the road.

Her looks may win you over – surely there is no risk involved with picking up a harmless young lady?

When you pull over, she opts to jump in the back seat of the car, instead of the front.

Driving in silence is always a bit uncomfortable, so you start a conversation.

She begins to reply to your questions, before suddenly trailing off mid-sentence…

Before long you realize you are talking to yourself…the young girl has somehow disappeared into thin air.

When you finally arrive at Noraville, you discover that the local police have received numerous reports concerning the ‘disappearing girl’ – this paranormal event has been has playing out for more that forty years.

The Story Behind The Spirit

A young and attractive woman was making her way down Wilfred Barrett Drive in the early 70’s – day was turning into night and the light was fading.

She decided to stick out a thumb and rely on the kindness of passing drivers, to get her home.

Within minutes, a car full of young men pulled up next to her. She jumped in the car and they set off down the road.

Unfortunately, this was not a nice group of young men…

They ended up sexually abusing the young lady, before beating her and leaving her on the side of a nearby beach.


The beaten young lady was eventually discovered by another passing motorist, but she was at death’s door.

She managed to tell the local police that she would be back to get revenge on the five young men…but she passed away before she could leave any descriptions of them.

Police knew who the five men were – but they had no real evidence, and had to release them without charge.

Within twelve months of this tragic incident – all five of the young men were dead (three car wrecks, a hanging and a self inflicted shotgun wound).

Locals later claimed …

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Chloe And The Myrtles Plantation

In this article we will be covering the rather tragic incident of Chloe and the Myrtles Plantation – a sad turn of events that centered on the desperation of a slave girl name Chloe.


There are numerous Myrtles Plantation ghost stories flojating about the internet but I’m afraid most of them are not based on fact. To be honest most of them would not exist if it was not for the original story of a girl named Chloe…

The man who built the Myrtles Plantation was named General Bradford. He had a fourteen year old daughter who ended up marrying the master of the Myrtles Plantation – Judge Clarke Woodruff.

There were a lot of slaves working under Woodruff at the plantation and one in particular took his eye. She was a young girl named Chloe and she was to become his mistress.

Chloe And The Myrtles Plantation

After a while Woodruff decided to move Chloe up to the house so that he could have his way on a more frequent basis. She was given the task of being nanny to his children as a way of papering up what she was really doing there.

Chloe knew she was onto a good thing after a few weeks of living in the house and decided that she should strengthen her position a little – get a bit more power!

She began to listen in on important parties and meetings that the judge held. Rumors began to fly and the judge was informed about what Chloe was up to. He gave her a final warning and left matters as they were.

A few months later he held another party but this time there were extremely important people present. Chloe was unfortunately caught whilst up to her old tricks and tossed out of the house to work hard labor in the fields.

Woodruff obviously thought this punishment was not severe enough as within a few days he had also cut off her left ear. From that point on, she wore a handkerchief wrapped around her head to hide the defect.


The relationship between Chloe and the Myrtles Plantation was not over – she was determined to get back into that house and leave this hard labor behind for good!

She knew that she needed to use the kids as a way back into the house so she hatched a rather devious plan.

She found out that Woodruff’s …

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The Church of Mabus Radio Show

oday we have something a little bit different – we will be covering a paranormal and metaphysical radio show I was lucky to come across earlier this week.

By chance, I was involved in a conversation with one of it’s hosts, Jeffery Pritchett, a few days ago. He agreed to write a short post for us highlighting his paranormal platform…

The Church of Mabus

The Church of Mabus radio show is a paranormal and metaphysical radio show hosted by Jeffery Pritchett with co-hosts WHAM and Jay McNicholas.

We have great guests on and recently just had William Birnes on from The History Channel’s UFO Hunters. We also make it a habit to have many guests on about Shamanism and love to ask them about UFOs and Bigfoot.

Speaking of Bigfoot, we also have many guests on about this subject as well. The show is Friday nights at 8pm Eastern where you can listen live or if you miss that come to the archives and listen for free anytime you want at your own leisure.

Jeffery Pritchett has been studying the paranormal for over 20 years. He started with a forum on the paranormal and UfOs after his own experiences of being healed from cancer, and his father’s death.

Seeking answers, Jeffery sought the occult like a young Dr. Frankenstein, bringing on high strange phenomena. He’s been using the Mabus name ever since, which originally was going to be the name of a heavy metal band.

That dream was eaten by the goat goblins of life, so he went on to pursue radio and journalism. Jeffery went on to write the books Praise for the Hairyman: The Secret Life of Bigfoot and Probes Happen: The Secret Life of Aliens with Andrew Colvin.

Jeffery has a Bachelor’s in Communications Science. Jeffery Pritchett formed The Church Of Mabus radio show after his experiences. The rest is history and he’s been moshing with the apocalypse ever since with the horned god of rock and roll.


If you have any questions for Jeffery please feel free to visit The Church of Mabus and contact him directly. Alternatively, please feel free to leave any thoughts or opinions in the comment section below! …

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Ghosts of The Stanley Hotel

I’ve been aware of the ghosts of The Stanley Hotel for some time now and that is largely down to the link the building has with one of my favorite authors.

Stephen King apparently used The Stanley Hotel as inspiration for his classic novel The Shining. He apparently stayed in room 217 but it was not used as the location for his writing or the Stanley Kubrick film itself.

The Stanley Hotel

The hotel itself was built in 1909 by Freelan Oscar Stanley. From what I gather Freelan was the creator of the Stanley Steamer automobile so he was obviously a wealthy enough individual.

The hotel is located in the Colorado Rockies and is made up of 138 rooms. These days it is a very popular destination for various ghost hunting groups and tours. It is also a popular location for spiritualists to demonstrate psychic abilities.

The Ghosts of The Stanley Hotel

Over the years there have been many different reports of various entities showing themselves throughout the hotel. Below are a handful of the more prominent paranormal visitors:

The Stanley’s – Many people believe that the ghosts of Freelan Stanley and his wife Flora are haunting the building. There have been numerous reports of them gracing the hotel’s function rooms in formal attire. They seem to concentrate their energies on appearing in the lobby and the billiard room.

The Earl of Dunraven – The Earl used to own the land that the Stanley Hotel was built upon. He is considered one of the oldest ghosts of the Stanley Hotel and likes to frequent room 407 ( for some unknown reason! ). Many reports have come in from visitors arriving at the hotel. They claim that when they looked up to the window of 407 a spectral face was looking back down at them. Guests who stay in room 407 often complain about the smell of cherry pipe tobacco at night – this was the Earl’s favorite choice of smoke!

Elizabeth Wilson – Elizabeth was the housekeeper of The Stanley Hotel up until the 1950’s when she passed away. It is her spirit that is thought to inhabit the room Stephen King stayed at – 217. Very strange poltergeist activity has been recorded in this room with doors opening and closing by themselves and lights switching on and off throughout the night.

The Small Child – There is a ghost of a …

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Okiku’s Well – The Epic True Story Of The Haunted Himeji Castle

The term ‘Okiku’s Well’ refers to one of the most well known legends in Japanese lore, as well as the alleged location where it took place.

Even though, over time, the story itself has suffered many changes, and there seems to be even some legitimate doubt as to the actual site of the well, it is a very well established ghost story and haunting that resonates to this day.

It centers around a castle, known as Himeji Castle, which stands above the city of Himeji on top of a hill and dates back to the 14th century, later having been widely amplified and expanded upon.

The well is located at the base of the castle, close to what has become known as the Suicide Gates (this is the place where those who had fallen from grace where compelled to take their lives to restore their lost honor), and is thought to have been used for cleaning up after various Hara-Kiri ceremonies that likely took place right next to it.

However, the haunting we are going to talk about here has nothing to do with the poor souls who met their demise at the point of their own sword at the Suicide Gates.

The Tale of Okiku´s Well Goes Something Like This…

A long time ago (the story has sometimes been dated to somewhere around the 18th century, but this is disputable) there was a servant girl living in the Himeji Castle, named Okiku.

She served the master of the Castle, a powerful and wealthy lord, whose most valued treasure Okiku was entrusted with guarding.

This treasure consisted of ten gilded plates, of incalculable value and great beauty.

Apparently, over time the servant girl development feelings for the lord of the castle; however, because of her position and difference of status with respect to him, she did not make there feelings known.

On one occasion, Okiku accidentally overhead a conversation between a couple of the lord’s chiefs, where they appeared to be making plans and conspiring to take his life.

Naturally, she became fearful for the life of her beloved superior, so she decided to tell him about the plans she had just overheard.

However, the chief in question somehow learned about the fact that Okiku had revealed his plans to the lord, and therefore turned his murderous intentions towards her, instead.

So the chief, who had …

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Karl Denke The Cannibal

An approachable and devout Christian, a talented organ player at his local church and a man known for helping out the poor and needy…

Who also killed over 40 people and pickled their flesh before selling it, under the label of ‘pork’, at the Wroclaw markets.

Meet Karl Denke the cannibal…

Denke was known locally as ‘Pappa Denke’ – he was a kind character who you could rely upon if you were in some sort of trouble.

A devout Christian, assistant at Evangelist funerals, church organ player and savior to the poor and needy.

He was born on 12 August, 1870 in a small village in Prussia. He disappeared from the history books when he was about 12 – running away from home, and he reappeared when he was 25, due to his father leaving him an inheritance.

He used this money to purchase a small farm, but failed miserably at it. He then used the remainder of his savings to start up a door-to-door salesman business, where he sold leather belts, shoelaces and boneless pork.

He also opened up a small stall at the local market.

The First World War was not kind to Denke, and by the end of it he had lost most of his savings, and sold his house. He was left with a small apartment with a small shed in the backyard area.

Vincenz Olivier

The 21st of December, 1924, and a homeless man named Vincenz Olivier stumbled into the Munsterberg Police Station with blood all over his clothes. He was shouting hysterically that Pappa Denke had tried to kill him with an axe.

At first the police laughed it off – everyone knew Pappa Denke, and he was certainly not a killer.

But Vincenz was adamant, so the police followed up the claims and paid Denke a visit.

Denke actually came clean and claimed that he did attack the homeless man – but it was in self defence. The police put him in the cells for the night and told him not to worry, they would clear his name by the morning.

Denke was found dead in his cell the following morning – he had hung himself.

The Cannibal Psychopath

When the police searched through Denke’s property – they uncovered a sadistic double life…

It was Christmas Eve, and the police were getting the house ready to hand over to Denke’s relatives…but nothing could prepare them for what they …

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The Deerness Mermaid

The Deerness mermaid of Orkney has been with many British children since a young age. As a young primary school pupil we were often made to draw pictures representing this magical creature for our basic art lessons.

On several occasions our teacher would go through the story with us before we were allowed to mix our paints and start. I used to love it – the magical theme of the story then the license to be let free in art later was always exciting to me.


Off the North coast of Scotland there is a group of small islands that band together to form Orkney. Out of the 70 islands only 20 of them are inhabited, the biggest of which is referred to as the Mainland.

There have been people living on these islands for at least 8,500 years. The two first known civilizations to be living there were called the Mesolithic and Neolithic. Later on on history the islands became inhabited by the more famous Picts.

The island sort of bounced back and forth between Scotland and Norway (the Norse) in early history until 1472 when Scotland took it back for good. It has stayed as one of the 32 council areas of Scotland ever since.

The Deerness Mermaid

There have been many sightings of mermaids in Orkney but the Deerness mermaid is by far the most famous.

It was around the 1890 period when the sightings began. They happened over a couple of summer periods ( we cannot be exact but we are led to believe it was about two to three summer seasons! ).

The Deerness mermaid used to show herself to visitors to Newark bay with little to no fear of being spotted. It pretty much started off as a bold rumor but then literally hundreds of eyewitness reports came forward.

There were no real details given about her appearance as she swam about some distance from the shore to stay safe.

There is one known report that offers a vaguely decent description of the creature but it’s not exactly what you would expect. We are not talking about a friendly ‘Disney’ character here!

The report claimed that the creature was a rather frightening seven feet in length and had a dark black head and neck upon it’s shoulders. The skin of it’s torso was a deep pale white color and it had long arms that it used to swim …

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The Bathsheba Sherman Story

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the Bathsheba Sherman story, which is linked to a previous article we published, located here – Old Arnold Estate – The Conjuring.

Accused of being a witch, even after she had proven her innocence – why were locals so convinced that she was in league with the devil?

Bathsheba Sherman History

Born in Rhode Island in 1812, Bathsheba Thayer married her sweetheart, Judson Sherman, on March the 10th, 1844. They were both is their thirties at the time (records do not show the exact ages).

Five years after they tied the knot, Bathsheba Sherman gave birth to their son, Herbert.

The Sherman family owned a farm which Judson ran alone, leaving Bathsheba to look after and raise their young son.

NOTE: Certain reports claim that the Sherman’s had three other children who all died at a young age. There is NO evidence to back this up! 

Life couldn’t be better really – the farm was doing exceptionally well and Bathsheba was doing a great job at raising young Herbert…

But all that changed in an instant, when a neighbor’s infant died whilst in her care.

Bathsheba Sherman the Witch

The infant died, or was murdered, in a rather gruesome fashion – the cause of death was found to be an impalement at the base of the youngster’s skull.

Bathsheba went to trial and was cleared of any wrongdoing…but the locals did not buy this – they believed that she sacrificed the child as an offering to the devil.

Unfortunately for Bathsheba – she was not the most popular character with local women before this incident. She was extremely good looking and most women who knew her resented this.

She could not escape the opinions of everyone she knew, and she eventually led the sheltered life of a recluse.

This only added fuel to the fire, and the locals made up fresh rumors of what she did when she was locked away in the farm.

Reports suggest that this sheltered lifestyle eventually changed her personality, and she became incredibly nasty to the hired help that worked the farm.


Bathsheba is thought to have lived to the age of 72, but then died suddenly from a strange kind of paralysis. Reportedly the medical report on her death states that her body had turned as if to stone.

This strange death only ended up convincing the locals …

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The Mothman Indrid Cold – The Grinning Man

About a decade ago I was introduced to the Mothman Indrid Cold in a Richard Gere film named The Mothman Prophecies. I don’t normally rely on Hollywood as a source of research but…

The film absolutely captivated me and I have spent many hours researching the subject ever since. Let’s take a closer look at the case of Indrid Cold and the Point Pleasant West Virginia Mothman…

Woodrow Derenberger

A salesman for a sewing machine company named Woodrow Derenberger was on his way home one night to Mineral Wells in West Virginia. He had been away working in Ohio and was heading home along Highway I-77.

As he was reaching Parkersburg a strange car flew past him at an extraordinary speed. The car was like no other car he had seen before – he claimed it had a ‘kerosene lamp chimney’ spouting out of it’s top and it traveled a few inches off the road.

Without warning the car suddenly pulled in front of him and jerked itself sideways making Derenberger slam on the brakes. Suddenly a grinning man in a dark suit got out of the strange car and started to walk towards Derenberger’s truck.

As the man approached the truck his car suddenly took of into the air on autopilot floating about 40 feet off the ground. The man continued walking until he reached the right side window of Derenberger’s truck.

Indrid Cold

Once at the window he somehow connected with Derenberger telepathically. He asked him to wind down the window and informed him that he meant no harm.

The grinning man asked what he was called so Derenberger told him his full name. The man then responded by saying his name was Cold. As they were conversing telepathically Derenberger noticed that Cold was transfixed by the distant light of Parkersburg.

He then asked Derenberger what the lights represented and Derenberger informed him that they were from the city of Parkersburg. Cold followed this with strange questions about the people that live in Parkersburg and Derenberger told him that mostly business went on there – the people lived outside the city.

After the strange questions had finished Cold seemed very satisfied with what he had learned. He turned to Derenberger and said…

“It’s been nice talking to you Mr. Derenberger. We will be seeing you again”

With this he turned and walked away …

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Mystery of The Man From Taured

One of the most intriguing stories of a stranger from a strange land is the Mystery of the man from Taured. The story goes that in 1954, a man arrived at Haneda Airport in Tokyo after disembarking from a plane originating in Europe.

Upon arriving at the customs checkpoint the man presents a passport indicating he is from Taured. The only problem is that officials recognize that no such land exists. The man is insistent that he is from a nation over 1,000 years old situated on the border between Spain and France.

Popular tellings of the story differ with various sources at this point. Some indicate that the man is confused by Andorra and insists that this is not his homeland while the majority have the man identifying the space as Taured though he appears confused that it is being called “Andorra” and claims to have never heard of such a place.

When immigration officials take him to a hotel under guard they are shocked the next morning to find he has disappeared with no discernible means of escape. Complicating matters further is that his confiscated passport is also gone as is virtually every bit of evidence that he ever passed through Tokyo.

The story of the Taured man is a spooky favorite. The idea of a waylaid traveler finding himself in a strange land, seemingly of another world, was constantly used as fodder for mystery and horror stories throughout the last century.

The story itself could easily have been a plot for an episode of ( which, incidentally, would have aired less than five years after the Taured man stepped off that plane at Haneda ).

The Taured Man

There are a few possibilities as to what happened to the Taured man ( ordered from least to most likely ):

1. He Was a Time Traveler – Perhaps the name “Taured” was unknown to the people of 1954, as it is unknown to the people of the present year, because the land formerly known as Andorra is to be known as Taured many years in the future.

For this to be the case, a few assumptions would need to be made. First, the boundaries of Andorra and Taured would need to be nearly identical despite a thousand (or more) years difference between their existence. Very few nations have geographic boundaries that have remained completely unchanged for …

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