Paranormal Ghost Hunts – The Unfortunate Situation

Paranormal Ghost Hunts - The Unfortunate Situation

You’ve probably heard of ghosts terrorizing innocent locals – but what about paranormal ghost hunts?

That’s right – residents who live near the White Memorial Cemetery in Cuba Township, Chicago, have had enough of paranormal ghost hunts

A New Breed of Problem

When I first came across this report I couldn’t help but smile – what a turn up for the books!

Local legend has it that the 2-acre White Memorial Cemetery in Cuba Township, in southwest Lake County, is haunted…or is it?

Locals to this area would start throwing bricks at you if you turned up claiming this was a supernatural hot-spot ( and the Township officials may even wade in as well! ).

Every month various ghost hunting groups turn up at the cemetery all kitted out and ready to go. Cuba Road runs alongside this graveyard and it is apparently constantly full of paranormal investigator’s cars.

ghost hunting groups

Late at night locals look out of their windows to find crazy strobe lights going off as the hunters attempt to track down the ‘quiet ones’. Way back in 2005 there was a total of 23 paranormal experts arrested for trespassing in a two month period.

At the moment the cemetery seems to be in constant lock-down by the local council. The only time they open the gates is when they are sure only family members are attending…

Paranormal Ghost Hunts

Priscilla Rose is the Township Clerk to the cemetery and she claims:

“It’s a very unfortunate situation, it’s a nice country cemetery that unfortunately has been the site of myths and legends. I don’t buy into all the stories though.”

Ghost huntingThe hunts are near enough continuous throughout the year but there is an obvious peak around October and November – Halloween territory!

The township has spent more than $10,000 in an attempt to keep the cemetery secure. The police have changed their schedules and now regularly patrol the cemetery area. If anyone is found inside the cemetery without permission they are instantly charged with trespassing.

Tom Gooch is a township highway commissioner for the area and he decided to check out things for himself one Halloween. He found a secluded spot and sat in his truck for eight hours throughout the night.

The next day all he had to report was severe boredom in watching people drive past the cemetery all night with their car lights off. Every few seconds they would snap a shot with their cameras in the hope they would catch something ‘spiritual’.


The cemetery is well-known among local ghost enthusiasts and is featured in various different paranormal articles online.

There have been many reports of a ghost car that patrols the area and then pulls up to the main cemetery gates only to disappear into thin air. There are also various reports of bright spheres that originate from inside the cemetery and then float down Cuba Road.

These are the kind of reports that locals despise – they are convinced nothing paranormal is going on and are sick of the attention.

But I’m afraid the paranormal ghost hunts are set to continue as people just won’t give up on the idea that the cemetery is haunted. Even an independent film company (CNGM Pictures) has created two movies based on the site!

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