Paranormal Psychic Investigators

Paranormal Psychic Investigators

Although they don’t normally admit it – law enforcement agencies the world over have frequently relied on paranormal psychic investigators to help solve cold cases. In this article, we will be taking a look at two of the most famous psychic detectives and the cases that helped put them on the map…

Kiesha Abrahams: Debbie Malone’s Reading

Kiesha Abrahams: Debbie Malone's Reading

Malone is a well known spirit medium who has provided psychic aid to police departments in Australia and America for over two decades. She primarily helps out with missing persons cases.

The most famous case she was involved in was that of the tragic murder of six-year-old Kiesha Abrahams

After she had disappeared, one of Kiesha’s relatives met with Malone in 2010 in an attempt to finally find out where the little girl had ended up. She arrived with a handful of Kiesha’s personal belongings to aid in a reading, including photographs and a Dora the Explorer hat.

Malone went for the hat first…and immediately felt Kiesha’s presence in the room with them. This tragically meant that Kiesha had passed.

She decided to concentrate on the hat alone, and closed her eyes and gripped the item tighter – she began to witness images of violence that had been inflicted on Kiesha as well as images of her whereabouts.

Kiesha Abrahams

After the reading Malone contacted Roger Mayer and his colleague Dave Cole – two employees of the NSWPF Dog Unit that had been working Kiesha’s case.

She informed them that the hat had brought on visions of Kiesha’s mother, Kristi Abrahams, and stepfather, Robert Smith – she believed that they had killed the six-year-old.

She also told them that she thought that Kiesha’s body had been stuffed into a suitcase or a similar travel bag (maybe even a sports bag).

In December 2010 the police decided to act on Malone’s information – they sent in some undercover cops and befriended the girl’s mother and stepfather. By April 21, 2011, the undercover officers had manged to catch the pair out and record the evidence.

They were arrested and taken to Mount Druitt Police Station – both were finally charged with killing Kiesha, hiding her body in a bag for a week, then burning her remains in a shallow grave.

Noreen Renier’s First Case

Noreen Renier's First Case

Noreen Renier is now a well-known psychic detective known for helping close many cold cases (over 400 unsolved homicides, missing persons and rape cases).

But once upon a time, when Noreen was first starting out in the world of psychic readings, she had little confidence in her ability to help law enforcement.

Dr. David E. Jones, a cultural anthropologist, author and parapsychology investigator, was the guy that finally managed to twist Renier’s arm and get her into the field.

He knew of a woman that had been totally cleaned out by a robbery – everything she had of worth had gone!

No one had seen anything and the police were stumped. It looked like a dead-end case.

At first, Renier wanted nothing to do with the case, as there was nothing for her to touch or hold – everything had been stolen – how could she complete a reading?

Dr. Jones simply stated that he wanted her to feel to energy left behind in the house by the robber(s) – maybe she could pick up some information from that?

Detective Grady joined both Renier and Dr. Jones at the reading – they both watched the psychic move from room to room recording her thoughts on a portable tape recorder.

At the end of the session Renier informed Grady that two men had carried out the robbery and they had used a gray van. A few weeks later the police made an arrest and Detective Grady confirmed Renier’s visualizations were accurate.

Renier has gone on to become one of the most famous paranormal psychic investigators on the planet – continually helping out law enforcement, and she even predicted the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan.

If you have any opinions on the two psychic investigators we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

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  1. The evidence is many people are ‘psychic’ as young children, but lose that ability when they learn from misinformed adults that ‘It’s all rubbish’. Only a few people retain it.

    1. Totally agree Fred – unfortunately there are more fakes out there than ‘real deals’ though. We’re in the process of creating an article on famous psychics that were caught out on TV (it’s gonna be a good one!)

  2. Thanks Chris! James Randi the famous magician goes after all the fakes with a vengeance, and there are so many of them. James is the one who wrote the book about Uri Geller (spoon bender extraordinary!).

    If you’re looking for tons of good material, search YouTube for ‘ james randi exposes ‘. I’m about to watch his Secrets Of The Psychics at which should be very interesting.

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