People Who Have Seen Angels

People Who Have Seen Angels

Angels are perhaps some of the most mysterious yet most revered subjects in human history. There are countless tales of people who have seen angels; stories which recount of these powerful yet ethereal beings transcend through almost all people, groups and religions.

The word “angel” itself can be traced back to the Ancient Greeks, Hebrews, and even Persians, in all of these groups it refers to only one thing…a Messenger of God.

Thousands of years later to the present, the subject of angels has done everything but disappear, in fact, there are more recorded angel sightings today than there have been in all of recorded history!

Below we have researched and compiled a short compilation of angel encounters so that you can decide…are angels just a myth or reality?

Clear Lake

Our first angel encounter takes us to a suburb in Clear Lake, Texas. Deborah Powell and her young daughter Sarah lived alone in their small home.

One day while Deborah was gone to work her house was broken into. Unfortunately, her daughter was there alone. After being beaten to near-death, Sarah had a most other worldly experience.

She found her self safe, and awake, sitting under a tree in the most beautiful country side she could ever imagine. A British accented man dressed in all white walked up to her to see if she was okay, he spoke in comforting words and told Sarah that she would indeed need to go back to her body.

The man told Sarah that she should not worry or be scared because he would always be with her…he told her that he was assigned to be her guardian angel.

Soon after this encounter Sarah awoke to find herself back in her home, tied up but still alive, and just moments later her mother and the police arrived.

Jimmy Jones

Our next encounter takes us back to April 27th, 2011 in the tornado alley of America. Delivery man, Jimmy Jones, was going about his daily routes when all hell broke loose.

An F-4 tornado with winds exceeding 180MPH was hurtling directly towards him. Jones stated that he felt compelled to drive under the nearest underpass, even though many tornado experts have said that finding a ditch was best.

Jones drove as fast as he could to the underpass and prayed, knowing that he could do nothing more but plead for divine intervention.

As he was praying Jones noticed what seemed to be a homeless man, calmly sitting on a blanket beside the road. Jones pleaded with the man that he needed to find shelter to avoid the incoming tornado.

The man calmly stood up, and Jones said that at that moment it felt like time stood still. According to Jones, the man did not say much, but his presence seemed to have a great calming effect.

Jimmy Jones noticed a pipe sticking out of the ground in a crevice near the man, so he ran up a grabbed onto it, hoping to bunker himself down and survive the inevitable.


The tornado hurtled through the underpass, debris pelted Jones, and after what felt like an eternity, everything became calm.

Jimmy Jones had survived, and as he turned he saw the man with the blanket, quietly standing in the same spot he had originally been sitting at.

Almost immediately after Jones moved his gaze off the man, emergency personnel showed up. Jones frantically went around looking for the other man to see if he needed any help, but to no avail…the mysterious man has disappeared.

Jones believes that the man was an angel, an angel sent there for no other purpose than to comfort him and give him strength. Jimmy Jones knew that if it wasn’t for that man, he would have likely never found the crevice with the protruding pipe, which ended up saving his life.

People Who Have Seen Angels

As you can see, there is a common theme within these stories of people who have seen angels, the theme of a messenger who comforted them and gave them strength to survive what seemed to be unavoidably fatal.

Interestingly enough, these angelic encounters described beings who manifested themselves in what seemed to be relatively normal human forms…perhaps to teach a lesson, that as normal humans ourselves, it is our purpose to comfort and strengthen those around us.

10 comments on “People Who Have Seen Angels

  1. Angels are real Chris, before Mary gave birth to our Lord, an angel appeared, Joseph was sent an angel and to take the family to Egypt, the shepherds in the field saw one and then many angels…we all know how the good book goes…

    Angels help, nudge you in the right direction, keep you safe – I have always believed this and I always will believe it!

    Angels are there and from what I understand they are fighting to protect our souls from the fallen angles, what some people are calling (UFO). Have you heard of this and what are your thoughts on the alien link to angels?

    1. Hi there LeNard,

      I have indeed heard about the link between angels and alien life forms – there are numerous articles covering that very subject on this site!

      I am a Catholic but I have believed my whole adult life that what we ‘think’ is god has something to do with the UFO sightings and alien life we keep hearing so much about.

      Have you read Erich von Däniken’s book Chariots of the Gods? I think you will find it a fascinating read…I certainly did when I was younger!

      Erich von Däniken basically goes through a well thought out list of why he feels ancient aliens were the beginning of our religion(s).

      It covers way too much stuff for me to include here so give it a quick Google – I’m pretty sure there’s probably free versions of the book online somewhere these days!

      Great speaking with you 🙂

  2. Angels are real, sod religion they’re all basically’ the same story anyway, they are not nefhilim, while of these may’ also exist these Angels are spiritual beings and guides and they are there trust me all you have to do is ask

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