People Who Have Seen The Future – The Twins

People Who Have Seen The Future - The Twins

People who can see the future are hard to find – but twins who see the future? Linda and Terry Jamison think the same thoughts, have the same feelings, and predict the future together.

Two years before the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, the Psychic Twins predicted that “terrorist attacks on government buildings” would occur, and named the Twin Towers as the buildings that would fall.

The American twins are also responsible for predicting the Boston Marathon Bombing and al-Qaeda attacks in Europe in 2010.

The Twins

Contemporary examples of the Paranormal forces doing work in our world, Linda and Terry strive to share their powers. The Twins advocate the idea that every person has the potential to see the future.

“The gift is for other people,” say the Twins when asked about whether they are trying to achieve fame. “If you do it to become wealthy,” they explain, “you’ll lose the gift.”

Although the twins hold psychic readings for five hundred dollars a sitting, they work to teach a global audience to access their intuition and witness the future today.

They co-authored a book for believers who want to access their own intuitive prowess. Their YouTube channel, The Psychic Twins, is among the fastest-growing channels of all time.

The Twins’ laughter is contagious, and it is clear how connected they are to each other and the energetic beings around them.

Guests come to the show and the Jamison Twins begin writing simultaneously on notepads in a process they call automatic writing.

Spirit Guides assist the Twins, and their notes end up being identical, revealing to astounded guests their hidden truths.

Linda and Terry use their gift to open a door to the Other World, and welcome spirits to flow through them and have a voice in this realm.

Paranormal Experiences

The Psychic Twins experienced the Paranormal throughout their lives, and it was not always pleasant. Linda and Terry say they operate as one organism.

They dress identically every day, and even have the same dreams. They shared a private language as babies and saw Spirit Beings throughout their childhood.

According to the Twins, their high school years were extremely difficult because their incredible intuitive powers were too much to bear.

The emotions of others overwhelmed them, and the Twins were constantly sick. “We were feeling the feelings of everyone around us,” they lamented in an interview.

Paranormal gifts can indeed be a burden, but the Twins are an example of the power of trust and positivity. “We suffered for many many years, in fact, probably all our lives,” the Twins admit.

But instead of turning inward and treating the gift as a burden, Linda and Terry rushed full force into the Void – and succeeded in predicting global events that changed the course of modern history.

People Who Have Seen The Future

The life of the Jamison Twins is an encouraging lesson to anyone who has been blessed with a supernatural gift. They teach us to not despair – but rejoice!

Because the Other World knows exactly what it’s doing when it hands out spiritual gifts.

Linda and Terry embraced their gifts – and their weirdness. They promote the cultivation of personal weirdness, as it’s the stuff that makes us different, and the Other World likes different.

There is a comforting and exciting answer to the million dollar question, “How do they do it?” Empathy, according to the twins, is key to seeing the future. “Empathy is intuition,” they claim.

People warped by the mindlessness of modern society often view empathy, the ability to truly feel the emotions of others, as a weakness.

Suffering, anxiety and pain, however, are a very real part of our world. Devaluing the empathy’s role in the Paranormal literally blocks our connection to Other World.

To connect with the future, is to connect with the true feelings of the present.

The Jamison Twins have an uncanny knowledge about strangers’ pasts and secrets, but the stuff makes them extraordinary resides in all of us.

It’s available to whomever is brave enough to open their minds to the Paranormal energies that are flowing constantly. The power to see the future resides in all of us.

Linda and Terry are people who can see the future, and they’re sharing their powers with us. They’re teaching people to let go of the fear of being a little different and start using their intuitive gifts.

Isn’t it great when Mediums open the door to the Paranormal world a little bit wider?

4 comments on “People Who Have Seen The Future – The Twins

  1. I have and can see the future . my future day by day and can tell people everything i do read watch on tv my life all the way to the end… beleave it or not….

  2. This is a topic that interests me very much as I find it very fascinating. I have sat down and been given a psychic reading once a couple of years ago and it absolutely blew me away with how accurate everything she said was.

    I was a little skeptical beforehand but the results she came out with were truly amazing – put me in a whole different mindset about psychic powers in general.

    I have never heard of these twins before but the article is also very interesting. It’s ironic that they say that anyone who does it for fame will lost their gifts, yet they charge $500 a sitting? I’d say that’s kinda steep.

    That part actually leaves a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth – what do you think about it?

    1. Hi there Jeff,

      I tend to agree with you there Jeff. The psychic readings I have had have all been free. In fact, most (if not all) the readers claim that the power is a ‘gift’ so it should be treated as one…therefore given for free!

      Unfortunately money talks in this day and age – it was only a matter of time before these two realized they were missing out on a ton of wealth.

      I suppose we should ask ourselves the question – do we blame them?

      What would we do in their situation? That’s a lot of money at the end of the day!

      Great speaking with you mate – thanks for leaving your opinion with us!

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