People Who Have Visited Hell

People Who Have Visited Hell

On the 20th of February I received a direct contact message from this site entitled ‘My Trip to Hell’ – unfortunately, that day I received a LOT of messages from site visitors and I was therefore late getting around to this information…

But I got there in the end. The message simply read:

“I want to remain anonymous, but my name is ######. I have a story of my trip to hell and fight with demons and how it drove me into depression and insanity. If you want the story email me”.

Well of course, I was interested, as I’d come across similar experiences before…but not from individuals that were happy for me to publish their journey.

The author behind this experience is keen to reach out to people who may have ended up in the same boat as him – he has even agreed to have his email included with the article so that readers with interest can contact him (it will be included at the end of the article!).

So, without further ado…

The Trip to Hell

Preface of my Life:

I am 15 almost 16 as of now and have had depression since around 3rd grade, also, I live by Waverly Sanitarium. This happened whenever I was around 7 years old and have recently remembered more and more of this event.

I split my personalities (made myself go practically insane) and became depressed so I could cope with my experience. I, always, said that it was just a dream until I read an experience of hell and it matched with mine, I was 13 when I read it.

The Trip to Hell

I have always kept a list of my personalities to make sure they didn’t get out of hand, I made 13, 14 including my main and original personality. I started to merge my personalities whenever I was 14 almost fifteen.

Now I only have three.

The more I merged them the more I remembered my experiences. One demon encounter, a hellhound or hellbeast creature, a lost soul, Nothingness, and a trip to Hell.

I still cannot recall everything because the more I have recalled the more it sends me deeper in depression, but recently I got my first Girlfriend and have been happy so I am barely depressed now. However, I fear that if I remember all of the pain this soon it will drive me into depression again.

My Experiences

My first, and worst, experience happened when I was around 7 years old. I was never scared of dying, but I was scared about what would happen to me when I’m dead (Hell, Heaven, nothingness, etc.).

Scared and curious, I wondered this and it got to the point where I had to keep the light on because I was afraid of waking up in nothingness, but black. As I slowly fell asleep I saw the light and got up and looked through the window, I saw Heaven’s gates, God, the Holy Spirit, angels, and Jesus.

Then I saw an angel get cast out it’s wings blackened and skin grayed. I was forced to watch as it, the angel, was dragged into hell by demons and beast, not of this world, through a pentagram that was made of blood.

Angel dragged into hell

This happened as I was just staring appalled and satisfied that I had an answer, but scared of what lay within. I saw a demon look at me and it could not get out of the pentagram circle, but the fallen angel could.

It grabbed me and pulled me straight through the window. I cannot recall whether it took my body or just my soul. As I was pulled down I gripped on the grass because I could feel the heat already I tried to save myself and I prayed and prayed.

I stabbed by a demon or beast with it’s claws and pulled down ripping through my skin. I was pulled down to the fifth layer of Hell where the fallen angel was damned to (I never saw any level lower, but I researched and saw that there could be 7).

I was young, alone, scared, but I am a very determined person and if I want something done it gets done. Willpower is the strongest weapon in the supernatural world whenever it comes to demons and angels. The beings with the Highest willpower go in order  The Holy Trinity, Humans, Angels, etc.

I felt the pain of thousands of degrees boiling my skin, muscles, my whole body all the while it regrows for more pain to come. I was then chained to a pillar of Hell’s brimstone and the metal burned my skin but never burned through. I was not ready to die.

So, I refused I kept trying to break out of the chains, while fighting demons with my knees, head, and anything I could hit them with. After what seemed like a year I broke free by biting off a horn of a demon and destroying the chains. I jumped…. it must’ve been 20 stories tall.

fighting demons

I broke my leg, but I hopped and crawled to where I came through and prayed and prayed eventually another soul, I don’t know how, lifted me up and said “you are not dead and have time to get out. Go don’t worry about me I am damned.”

After this I saw that the fourth layer was not as hot, but the loneliness was stiff more painful than anything. I could not touch anyone else except that one soul. I found strength in knowing that I had a chance.

I tried saving people, saying their name to try and release them for another chance, but nothing happened. I kept going traveling. I then thought, what if the same way out is the way in.

I cut myself and drew a pentagram on the ceiling and prayed I was then pulled up by a fallen angel who regretted his actions. This is whenever my first memory cuts off…

The next thing I remembered was holding on to a little girl on the 1st level of hell as demons were trying to pull her down lower. I eventually let go because a demon cut off my arms, however, they did regrow because I was in Hell. I was then pulled out of Hell hearing “It is not your time or place.”

I woke up the next day crying, but I stopped crying because I realized I was in bed and that it must have been all a dream because I didn’t have any burn marks or scars except one which was in the shape of a cross on my hand, but as I was looking at the scar it disappeared.

Even if this was a dream it was a vision of Hell because my own imagination could not have harmed me. I felt vivid pain during that and the sights of demons, blood, gore, fallen angels, wandering corpses and many more have not even been introduced to me at that level of intensity.

The sights of demons, blood, gore, fallen angels

It was about ten seconds in real time, but it felt like 10 years to me in hell. There is no way it could have been a dream.

I was 7 so I was scared as Hell (pun intended), I couldn’t take it so I tried and tried to forget by making happy memories, making up memories by doing activities with imaginary friends… it worked, I mainly forgot, but a fear of mine always got me thinking about Hell, Heaven and death.

I had an uncontrollable fear of being dead not dying, not death, but being dead and what would it be. Little did I know those imaginary friends were just alternate personalities to split my memories so I would not have to bear it all at that age.

The personalities had almost free will as a person, but were still controlled by my subconscious, i guess, because I only started switching between them in Middle School.

I slowly regained memory in dreams of demons and Hell and death.

I shrugged most of it off at the time, until I realized that I didn’t know why I was depressed because I was happy, but always felt dragged down and always cut for some reason then I started to notice that I healed extremely fast whenever I intentionally caused harm to myself.

I looked up if anyone else had this effect. To no avail. My dreams of demons and Hell became more frequent and so I thought to has to be a supernatural cause… I loved horror and the supernatural, but I always just thought it was bullshit.

Until then. I finally came to terms with myself whenever I meditated for at least three hours all the while conversing with my other personalities we/I decided we/I would rather know the truth than to be constantly tortured.


I researched ways to converse with other more supernatural sides with oneself and found the three kings ritual. I did a sort of three kings ritual, but I had 11 mirrors and I did it a 3 am but I changed a few aspects. As I looked at all the mirrors they were me.

However, were moving freely. I talked to them and as I talked i put out each candle which gave me myself back and as I did this I remembered more and more. I ended it after the twelfth one.

That’s why I still have two extra personalities I only had 11 mirrors and 13 other personalities. I am now more whole than ever and got my life together. I am no longer scared of anything except myself. I can lead an almost normal life.

The Hellhound Beast Encounter

To Preface I was 12 years old and home alone with my dog. I was playing video games whenever my mom called and told me to get dressed because I was going to be leaving in about two hours.

All the lights were off except my TV screen. I got up after the round was over. As I turned on the lights I heard a noise from upstairs, but just thought it was my dog. I went and got a drink and went to the bathroom that’s when the lights flashed, but I just though I blinked.

I went to the bottom of the stairs, about to walk up them, whenever I saw a dog-like creature peering down at me and it smiled with bright white teeth and red on the tips.

I thought it was my dog and the lighting caused the effect, but I heard my dog in the room next to me and I looked over and there was my dog in the light.

The Hellhound Beast Encounter

I looked back up and the dog-like-demon creature opened it’s mouth and let out a blood curdling screech it then ran to the right towards my room, upstairs.

I grabbed a flashlight, turned on the lights, grabbed my sword and ran after it. It was me and ‘it’ at the opposite ends of the hall a flash of fiery light came and went.

The creature was gone, vanished. I checked the whole house. No sign of it. Nothing… except my memory.

The Literal Inner-Demon Encounter

Everyone says you have to battle your inner demons… but what if it is an inner demon but not yours? A demon, when I was in Hell, came into me and stayed there?

Now I said I had a strong will, but this pushed me to my limits.

The demon, I named it Wraxioth so I could address it, was inside me tormenting me. I had to meditate and astral project to some extent. This is where I saw him. I had to end him or let him go. I was definitely not letting a demon roam the world.

The Literal Inner-Demon Encounter

I called upon God for help and hummed happy songs so it would be on the higher happier scale where I was more powerful. I grabbed the demon by the neck.

I couldn’t kill him or I would be like him all I did was banish him out of my mind and penalized him by sending him to the sixth layer of Hell one below where it came from.

How you may ask?

I cut myself and drew a pentagram with my blood and lit the pentagram on fire and pushed the demon down. I don’t know exactly how I banished him because of my split memories, but that’s what I can gather.

Demon Encounter

This demon, surprisingly, was not evil. Yes, he disobeyed God originally because he did not know God’s plan. He regrets this decision. He came out of hell by being summoned through a Ouija board, those things are evil not toys.

The people who used it were trying to talk to the dead, but the demon interfered the connection and came out instead of the evil spirits.

Demon Encounter

He protected them. He came to me warning me of doing supernatural rituals. Then he realized that I already knew. He still warned me and said if you need me you know how to contact me.

The Lost Soul Encounter

This soul was not evil. She was killed in the aftermath of a car wreck. Everyday for years she stood wondering in pain where she got up and collapsed then died. I was the only one to see her everyday. I researched and found her name.

One day I went to where she was and said her name and she said yes talking to me. I explained to her what happened. She went through the stages of death.

It was so sad she was only 9 when it happened. Before she got through her stages I told her about Christianity and she believed. She then lay in my arms thanking me. She kissed me and then was taken to heaven. My first kiss was with a ghost.

If you wish to contact the author of this experience for any reason, you can find him at this email address – thelettersfromtheunknown(at)

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    1. No, and I can prove it. I didn’t play videogames until I was 11. I, also, heal extremely fast if I cut myself.

    2. No, I can prove it too. I didn’t start playing video games until I was 11. Also, I heal extremely fast when I cut myself

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