Poland Vampire Grave – Kamien Pomorski

Poland Vampire Grave - Kamien Pomorski

In this article we will be taking a look at the recent Poland vampire grave uncovered and finding out about the history behind this strange find…

This Ain’t Twilight

It’s pretty nice to come across a vampire story that doesn’t involve that dull British dick and that winy American lass – vampires don’t come all covered in glitter and gold!

For years we have had these idiotic characters from Twilight and Buffy shoved down our throats as the truth slowly ebbs away.

Even the ‘daddy’ from Transylvania must be turning in his grave (no pun intended!) over the recent influx of ‘romantic’ vampires.

So what about the truth of the matter? What about the REAL vampires that existed and their effect on modern day culture?

Lets take a closer look…

Kamien Pomorski

The Poland vampire grave is located at Kamien Pomorski – in the northwestern part of the country. There is a market located there in the Pomeranian Province and that is where this most recent of finding has taken place.

Right on the side of this particular marketplace stands an old church with an ancient cemetery. Apparently the cemetery was in full use from the 13th to the 17th century.

The corpse shows tell tale signs of how they used to bury suspect vampires in those days. The teeth of the corpse have been removed and a fitted stone has been rammed into the mouthpiece of the skull. This is performed to stop the so called vampire from rising from the grave to claim yet another victim.

polish vampire legends

There has also been the use of a good old fashioned ‘stake’ on this corpse to. It’s not the traditional stake through the heart – it’s more a stake through the leg attached to the ground below.

This stake was again a way of making sure the creature could not rise from the grave…


The bones indicate that the corpse is probably from somewhere in the 16th century. Funnily enough this area has thrown up more than a few vampire bodies over recent times.

In July 2013, seven bodies were uncovered at a construction site near the town of Gliwice. The locals are pretty positive that these corpses belonged to vampires due to their heads being removed before burial and attached to the legs.


In this part of Europe vampires existence seems to be part of normal life and has been now for many centuries.

Poland Vampire Grave SkullNobody really knows why this is but some think it is linked directly to the time of the black death.

At this time many different graves were reopened and corpses were found in terrifying positions. In some cases onlookers would run off as the corpse would display signs of blood running from the sides of it’s mouth.

These days we know that this is probably down to the illness of the black death but back then there was no real medical knowledge.

Vampirism became the reason for all the wrongs in the world and things people did not understand. Many mentally ill people suffered a terrifying and painful fate due to being considered a vampire.

If you have any further information or opinions on the Poland vampire grave please leave them in the comment section below…

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