Portals From Earth – Travel to The Sun


Portals From Earth

​In this article we will be covering the interesting subject of NASA admitting portals from Earth could exist. They seem to think that there could be hidden portals between Earth and the Sun…


I like to think of a portal as a guide – a special doorway into the unknown that can open up infinite possibilities.

These openings in space or time are the life blood of travelers who aim to travel extraordinary distances to realms we can only imagine.

This is what makes the subject of portals from Earth so fascinating – the possibility of ending up in places we could only dream about.


A researcher and plasma physicist named Jack Scudder has been looking into the idea of portals from Earth to the Sun. He is actually funded by NASA and works from the University of Iowa.

He know claims that he has devised a way to locate these mysterious portals by using something called X-points ( or electron diffusion regions! ).

These X-points are locations where the magnetic field of Earth meets up with the magnetic field of the Sun. This connection of the two fields is thought to create a pathway from between the two – so people can travel from the Earth to the Sun and vice versa.


The NASA THEMIS spacecraft has been joined by the Cluster probes from European nations to gather information on the subject.

So far they have revealed that these magnetic portals are able to open and close many times through a 24 hour loop.

THEMIS main orbits
The THEMIS Main Orbits

They are not thought to be to close to us though – they are not in our immediate atmosphere. They seem to think that the portal openings are located where the geomagnetic field meets the onrushing solar wind.

A lot of these portals from Earth seem to be pretty temporary as well. There are a handful of larger openings that are thought to last a lot longer.

NASA’s Mission

There is currently a mission being set up by NASA to study the strange portals but it is still in it’s infancy ( apparently! ).

The mission is going to be called MMS ( Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission ) and will consist of four spacecraft taking part in a ‘field trip’ to determine how these mysterious portals work.

Jack Scudder has apparently been charged with figuring out the signs that indicate the start of these openings. At the moment there is a little confusion on how he intends to use the X-points to do this!

We will await their findings…


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