SB7 Spirit Box Review


CaptureProduct: P SB7 Spirit Box ITC Research Device

Subject: SB7 Spirit Box Review

Brand Name: P-SB7

Price: $69.99 ( Retail )

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Our Rating: 8.5 out of 10

We don’t usually go for ghost hunting equipment that has been featured on paranormal TV shows but we kept hearing a lot of good things about the P SB7 Spirit Box ITC Research Device.

It’s the spirit box that features heavily in the show Ghost Adventures and is usually found in the hand of the team member named Zack ( he normally refers to it as his SB7 ).

Due to the reasonable price we decided to purchase the item and find out what the all the fuss was about. We’ve decided to write a review about our experiences with it so far.

In this SB7 Spirit Box Review, I will discuss how well it works, how durable it is, some minor drawbacks with it, and where to get the best deal when you buy it online.

By the end of this review, you should have a good idea as to whether the P SB7 Spirit Box ITC Research Device is right for you.

P SB7 Spirit Box ITC Research Device – Product Overview

This device is developed so that it can capture voices of spirits in real-time. It utilizes a millisecond adjustable Forward or Reverse frequency “sweep” technique coupled with a proprietary high frequency synthetic noise or “white noise” distributed between frequency steps.

It is also fitted with a FM frequency sweep which provides up to 119 new frequencies. These new frequencies range from 76MHz to 87.9MHz.

As we mentioned in the intro the device became a popular after featuring in a variety of paranormal reality shows. It’s now used by professional paranormal researchers the world over.

Below is a short ‘how to’ SB7 Spirit Box review video that demonstrates operation of the product:

The Good & The Bad

The Pros:

  • Provides results similar to that of an EVP recorder, but in real time
  • Has an enhanced FM frequency sweep that offers over a hundred new frequencies
  • Provides two separate audio outputs ( one for earphones and the other for speaker output )
  • Back-lit display and controls makes it simple to use in dark circumstances
  • Uses regular AAA batteries
  • Comes with a built in stand
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Reasonable price

The Cons:

  • Volume can sometimes come out low – some users find using an adapter speaker works well with the product
  • Battery life is quite short

Who is The SB7 For?

The P SB7 Spirit Box is suited to anyone who has an interest in paranormal research or ghost hunting/spirit communication in general.

Our Final Opinion on The P SB7 Spirit Box ITC Research Device

The P SB7 Spirit Box is a modified radio that sweeps through the radio frequencies at a very fast rate. Spirits are able to manipulate the frequencies and produce words or even use snippets of radio as their voice.

We, like the majority of other users out there, believe it works as a paranormal tool but you must be critical when using it. Don’t forget that the product is a modified RADIO so certain snippets picked up with have nothing to do with the questions you are asking.

The inbuilt speaker on the spirit box is practically no use when you are out in the field and we opted to take an portable external speaker with us every time we used it.

The sweep feature passes through up to 5 frequencies a second so if you start hearing ‘full’ words then there’s a good chance you are listening to something directed at you, something paranormal.

By choosing to sweep through the frequencies as fast as possible you are eliminating the chance of radio signal interference ruining your investigation.

I wouldn’t advise jumping straight into paranormal research with this tool – it’s best to get used to the device and the process it goes through when sweeping for contact.

Definitely NOT a toy…

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We hope you enjoyed this SB7 Spirit Box Review and if you have any questions about the product or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment in the section below. 

59 comments on “SB7 Spirit Box Review

  1. Hi Chris. My boyfriend freaked when I showed him your site, he absolutely lives and breathes conspiracy theories. He is bookmarking your site so I know he is impressed. It’s bizzarre that you have the exact same theme as my site, and yet we have such vastly different niches. You have some fantastic content, and you write in a really engaging way. I’m sure your site will do well. I don’t know much about conspiracies or aliens so I can’t comment too much on the subject matter but you’ve really laid your content out well and been consistent with it. It is a great resource for a select group of people so I expect it will do really well. Good luck with it. Rachael

    1. Hi Racheal,
      Nice to hear that your boyfriend liked the site so much when you showed him! Also glad you’re so impressed by the articles/content we have here – stop by again any time 🙂

        1. It’s been a while since I’ve used one myself Joe but I seem to remember using the forward sweep. I would advise checking out a few tutorials on YouTube (they’re free of course!). There are some excellent ones on there!

    2. This box is great. Took it on a trip to Ireland last year and got tons of EVPs. I was amazed how many times I heard my name. If you would like to listen to them they’re under the video portion of my YouTube channel. Some of them are very clear and others are less so. I recommend headphones.

      I am definitely an amateur so I was really impressed with this I used every quarter app on my iPad to catch what the box put out.

  2. Do these devices actually work? I’ve always had an interest in the paranormal. I watch the different shows on television, but I always thought they were fake. I figure those devices just pick up random sounds. But have you had the opportunity to use one of these devices? If so, what were your findings?

    1. Hi Mike,
      Yes I’ve been in situations where the spirit box has on occasion worked but they are not exactly set out for a novice. As with any electrical device, there is a learning curve and a way to handle them correctly. There are many impressive tutorials on YouTube actually!

  3. This sound great and crazy! A spirit box? Wow thats so cool! Who knows there is really a spirit in the world? I am also a person who belief there is existence of supernatural in the world.. but be cautious, when using it, as we dont know what the spirit might do on you. Will try it next time and tell you all the result!

    1. Hi mingyao,
      You’re right about being careful – any sort of paranormal device needs to be respected in the long run! Glad this product has taken your fancy – come back and let us know about your results 🙂

    2. Something more we have to be conscious about: there are many dimensions around us, and we still dont know nothing about a existence of beings who lives there… and worst, are they nefarious? Take care about this…

  4. Interesting article. sound like a ghost busting machine right here.

    I noticed you had discounted prices for those living in the UK and USA. I will like to find out if there is any such offers for those of us leaving outside of these countries?

    How can we also benefit from the discount and free shipping?

    1. Hi Fidel,
      You will probably find that Amazon provide free shipping to certain other countries as well but we only concentrate on the UK and US really. The links will take you straight through to your demographic Amazon so give them a click and find out 🙂

  5. I just love the mystery behind the unexplained and people trying to find out facts about it.

    The PSB7 sounds like a great way to get started into ghost hunting. And being able to capture voices of spirits really gets my juices flowing.

    You give a great review on this product and anyone that is interested in getting into ghost hunting should consider this product.

    Thank you for the great review!

  6. Spirit hunt, it sounds very scary to me. So this device will actually generate some understandable words or sound to us? I bet I’ll be freak out if I really do hear something from the device. Salute to all the spirit hunters, you all have the guts that we normally don’t have, and finding out answers out there where we are not reachable.

  7. I’ve never read a review about a paranormal audio device before and found it very interesting. I see these shows on TV all the time, where they’re using EVPs and the like to capture the voices of spirits. Sometimes I think they’re just hearing what they want to hear. Loved your review of this product, and it seems really cheap.

  8. This is a great website.
    I am really in the mysteries and love the story about Anneliese Michel Possession.

    The books about to start to get into ghost hunting is great. Never realised there books like that about the subject.
    Any book and kit you would recommend as a starter.


    1. Hi Cees,

      We actually cover a book on the ‘Ghost Hunting For Beginners Page’ – that’s the one we promote to all newcomers to the subject 🙂

  9. Wow crazy stuff. I’m not too sure about the paranormal world, sketches me out a little bit. Have you had any experience with ghost research? Have you encountered one and heard it by using this device or one similar? Crazy how people go out in search of ghosts and try to communicate with them using these devices.

  10. This device seem a bit advanced. I had a difficulty understanding the video. What are some basic device that a total beginner can use to communicate or connect with spiritual being. I’m not a believer of spirits since I haven’t experienced any. But I’m very curious enough to sleep over at a haunted house and also tried Ouija board at a local haunted place. I know Ouija board is maybe a bogus compare to expert equipment. So what are some device a novice can try out. And can there be any benefits to communicating with spirits? Or is it something we have to be careful of?

    1. Well there are no real ‘novice’ devices out there Joon – this is a pretty serious subject that requires decent technology. And PLEASE don’t mess about with a Ouija board – they are not ‘bogus’ as you put it!

  11. Hey there Chris, I currently have the P-SB7. It is definitely quite interesting and your review was great. I have had some voices come through on the device and I really don’t know if I’m hearing spirits or the radio. It sucks to have these doubts. I hope what I hear really are spirits. any advice to tell the difference?

    1. You are on the right track there Brittany – remember, the P SB7 Spirit Box is a modified radio that sweeps through the radio frequencies at a very fast rate. Spirits are able to manipulate the frequencies and produce words or even use snippets of radio as their voice!
      Hope this helps 🙂
      ( Oh, there are also many different tutorials on YouTube if you are interested! )

  12. NO NOT TRY TO CONTACT THE DEAD…. I had bought the Ghost Box and it became addictive I ended up becoming possessed and attacked by the devil I’ve been experiencing demonic attacks for over a year I turn to God and repented of sin and enter the Deliverance Ministry there is no such thing as Earthbound Spirits which I found out the hard way there’s only the devil and his demons trying to trick us to send so that they can gain control over our lives if you’re experiencing demonic possession or oppression or attacks go to a Deliverance Ministry in the church and repent of your sins and turn to God do not turn for an exorcism do not contact the Dead

    1. Okay, all this sounds pretty heavy Christina, you’ve obviously gone through something traumatic – did you learn how to use the Spirit Box correctly first? I mean these things ain’t toys – they were made for a reason!

      1. Yes I knew how to use it and … I ended up getting attacked by a demonic spirit and was dealing with demonic possession. Yesterday I got out of an eight-month Tree Bible training program and I went through extensive Deliverance through prayer and fasting and worship and it was not easy. I’m still battling the attacks but I learned spiritual warfare and how to walk in Christ and how to be a Christian. I suggest that nobody buys a ghost box or practice necromancy because it’s a sin and it leads to demonic possession and opens doors.

        1. Okay, but you do realize that most people are not looking to practice necromancy when they purchase a Ghost Box? That’s not what the tool is designed for – that’s an extremely foolish thing to get into!

          Paranormal investigation has nothing to do with necromancy.

  13. My wife’s Nana passed away last year. We had her cremated and decide to keep her ashes in our home. Over the last few months, our dog has had this nightly ritual where he randomly paces around the house whining, only stopping to stare at the urn that holds her ashes. I’ve considered ordering a product like this to see if there’s anything going on, but I also wonder if ignorance may be bliss in this case

    1. Wow your dog may well be onto something there James – surely getting to the truth of the matter is more important than ignorance?

  14. I never even knew a product such as this really existed, I always thought it was just a gimmack on the ghost buster programs and not really a real product.

    This might be a good product for someone who has everything, surely they have not bought one of these products yet. Do you think this would be a good product for the person who has everything, would this be a fun gift for them?

    1. I highly suggest that you don’t buy this product. I was a Wiccan since I was 13 and was into ghost hunting and acted as a medium and contacted loved ones who passed away. I ended up getting attacked by a demonic spirit becoming demonically possessed, bed bound for almost a year, trying to get free for almost 2, not having control of your mind emotions will or body, in complete Terror and fear it is the most experience I have ever encountered. Had a few near-death experiences trying to get free – this is serious it’s not a toy, it’s not a game. The only positive thing is that it led me to Christ and now I know that God exists and that there is a devil and there is a heaven and there is a hell. Unless you want to go to hell I would not buy this product or practice necromancy.

  15. This is a great Reivew I’m not going to lie. It creeped me out a little bit. The video made me turn on all the lights in my house. I want to buy one of these and go to a so called haunted place in my local home town. To see if I get any ghostly reactions. Wish me luck and I will let you know my experience goes. I’m so nervous.

  16. Hi Chris
    I joined an EVP group many years ago, I built a shack hack with their help. I did a session or two. I sent my recordings to a member of the group, he cleaned the recordings. One recording actually said he wanted to speak to this guy that did the cleaning. The spirit clearly said “I want to speak to Bruce”. It blew me away, at the same time, I thought this person may have inserted his name for laughs. So, I listened to my original recording carefully and actually heard it myself. The recording also came with a whole lot of cursing and mean words, kind of shocking !!!

    My box eventually became scary, it would turn on at will, sometimes blasting the volume to the max, it would happen even if I was no where close by. The computer on my clothes dryer went bonkers also, I could not reset it, all lights went on and stayed on, unplugging it and re plugging it did not help. I had to google the fix. I took the batteries out of the shack hack, put it in the basement and never had an event again with the clothes drier.

    I was so wanting to contact my parents, they never came through, but I’d like to try it again, this time I know I need protection. Is there a special procedure for closing down a session, so the unwanted entity does not remain in my home ?!?!?!
    thanks in advance

    1. Hi Holly,
      This is something you should really check into fully before doing anything. I recommend joining the Paranormal Chat community on Google+
      They are an incredibly friendly community that often host live spirit box etc. sessions on YouTube – they will be willing to teach you everything you need to know. (I frequently post the articles from this website there!) 🙂

    2. It is dangerous. .. they are demons acting as loved one who passed away… I know from experience. …I would not mess with it but in case you do …. if u get attacked … pray and command what ever is happening to stop in the name of jesus… always use the name of Jesus …. they will flee…

  17. Hey! This was a great article! As i was reading I was wondering about the battery life. That always stinks. I have a camera that doesnt last at all and the battery is not rechargable. Do you know if they plan on updating this part? Have you used this yourself in and actually found spirits? Was it audible? Its great that they can sweap more frequencies. That is always a plus. Thanks for reviewing this

  18. Hello I was wondering how I can record the PSB-7 with Audacity using a 3.5mm Headphone and Microphone Plug Adapter. I only want to record the PSB-7 audio by itself through Audacity with no background noise like people talking or dogs barking over the PSB-7 responses. I know there are settings on Audacity to do that with the plug adapter but just wondering if yawl know the correct settings for that?

    1. Hi Casey, I’m afraid I only use Adobe Audition for this sort of thing – localizing and deleting various sounds. It’s a pricey program but you can get cracked versions for free on Kick Ass Torrents or Pirate Bay etc.

    1. The version I had definitely did not have this Chinese language function on it mate. I’m unsure how a Chinese language version would work when you consider how the equipment is set up…

  19. Nice review. I bought a spirit box last year and was finally able to use in at a cemetery that was supposedly haunted a few weeks ago. The first few questions I asked I got no response but after I called the spirit we were trying to contact by name I immediately got a response saying “How ya doing?”. The only other response came a couple minutes later when it sounded like he said “Please go”. I’m still skeptical on whether this was just radio interference or the actual spirit, but the fact that it was multiple words that came through and the response was immediately after I said the spirit’s name, makes me believe there is a good chance it could have been a spirit. I’m hoping to go back there soon to use this device again to see if what I got was the real deal.

    1. Hey Adam,

      Well that’s a great first experience in the field – congrats on your results. Remember, you will learn more about the equipment the more you use it (get out there as often as possible!).

  20. Got it today. Internal speaker is useless as stated. The external wasn’t much better. The volume control didn’t work at all. I plugged my own speaker in, same. Yes, I plugged into the speaker port. You would have to be right on top of it to hear. In a room full of people who want to listen, it’s not going to work. Don’t know if it’s to small a driver to pump out sound. Disappointing.

  21. I’ve been seeing things and feeling like someone’s in the room with me. It’s never felt scary, rather it’s almost comforting and makes me happy. When I was young a psychic told my mum that a previous baby she had who passed away was watching over me. I’ve always woken up in the middle of the night feeling as though someone is stroking my nose, for as long as I can remember. I’ve never used any paranormal equipment, never been to a psychic or anything like that. But I want to know who’s with me and I want to thank them too. I hope this doesn’t sound crazy. I want to try a spirit box as I feel that it’s the only way I may be able to connect with my lost sister. Any advice as to whether I should try or not?

    1. Hi Phoebe – this puts me in a strange position really!
      I wouldn’t know what to suggest here, as I have also lost my sister (when she was young). I am however, very interested in the path your are looking to take…
      Please keep us informed on what you decide.

  22. I have this exact box; a friend ordered it online, but I think he got ripped off majorly; it was a spur of the moment purchase on his part, so he paid an outstanding amount. $180.00 (we’re in Canada, so apparently he had to pay customs on top of the price). Well, it’ s his dime.

    So we played around with it, in full speed 100m in reverse, we asked questions; but I dont think I got any real responses; mind you we were so excited to have the damn thing; we didn’t take it serious. He has left it in my care, so I will be using it when I’m home alone (my kids know I’m a big ghost adventures fanatic- Zak is so fine) lol so they just roll their eyes at me; anything paranormal they just chuckle at me.

    But I will be using it now that I have it in my possession. I will bookmark this page and come back with any updates as they arise .. aka responses from the spirits.

    Happy Ghost Hunting everyone 🙂

  23. I feel that these radios have a way better chance than any app, first off many apps use a bank of words randomly generated, internet radio is data transmitted from another location that you are receiving so in theory it would work the same but are ghosts capable of manipulating data? If that was the case coulbnt they respond in the form of a text message. Seems there is a long history of radio waves being manipulated. I know some instances in the past people hear voices through their tv but it wasn’t always a ghost, sometimes it was a guy a few blocks down with a cb antenna and a amplifier way over powering it bleeding into other frequencies (huge fcc violation). I would think this device likely would work the best with all things considered. But it’s also easy for you’re brain to make a connection with things you hear assuming it maybe paranormal. It’s just like the whole thing with religious folk saying if you speak Jesus ghosts don’t like it. If in sense we too our souls are spirits speaking out loud is more or less telling your brain to make sounds through you’re vocal cords… that’s like the same as you thinking subconsciously I’m waving my hand vs actually doing it. My point is you should also be able to communicate subconsciously speaking Jesus and having the same effect, No? I have a hard time grasping the turning on and turning off of electrical devices, as if that was the case there would be huge disasters would occur to possibly the most extreme case

  24. I love my sb7. I use fm & 150 sweep rate. Whilst on an investigation I had some really clear spirit communication with mine. My only mistake was I did not have my evp recording this. Lesson learnt I always record my spirit box sessions now

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