Spirit Box For Ghost Hunting (SB11)

Spirit Box For Ghost Hunting ( SB11 )Product: Spirit Box sB11

Subject: Spirit Box For Ghost Hunting

Brand Name: P-SB7

Price: $99.90 ( Retail )

Product Dimensions: 6.2 x 3.8 x 1.5 Inches

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com (Click Here!)

Our Rating: 9 out of 10

Product Overview

The Spirit Box SB11 from DAS Distribution is currently the most advanced spirit box on the market, with the combination of features and speed that gives it an edge over other models.

Now, for the unenlightened, a spirit box, or ghost box, is a communication device that traces its history to rumours about relevant scientific work by Thomas Edison.

Typically purchased by occultists, or people who study the supernatural, these devices can pick up voices from spirits that exist in the form of radio waves.


Read on to find out more about what may be the best ghost box you can currently find on the market…

This particular model, the SB11, has been used by paranormal investigator Zak Bagans and his team in U.S. Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures. In use, the SB11 proved to be an excellent, class-leading spirit box for ghost hunting.

For one, it outpaces other models in the speed with which it sweeps radio frequencies. This, in combination to its Dual Sweep, with a Forward and Reverse Sweep function makes it one of the most desirable ghost boxes out there.

The SB11 can actually be thought of as two discrete SB7’s with independent controls for each, but delivered in one single package and at a lower price.

As for its additional features, this looks like a definite Swiss army knife of a ghost box. Packing useful functions like an ambient temperature meter with baseline correction, a red LED flashlight to improve visibility in the dark, and dual audio outputs, you can just get one of these and avoid struggling with seperate equipment on your trips.

Basic controls are there as well, with AM/FM switching, volume, and scan rate controllers. The design is modular in nature, so you can purchase upgrades for your existing one when new features arrive.

Pros and Cons

First, the device is a fast one, with a scanning rate that goes up to 50ms, which is lower than on the SB7. Having 50ms is great as it rules out possible waves from actual radio broadcasts, hence increasing the authenticity of your audio.

Now, so how do the voices come accross? In a word, fantastic. It is clear, and relatively loud. Words are easily identifiable and with some skill and luck, even names can be distinguished.

The excellent intelligibility can be credited to its use of white noise between the scanning frequencies to provide a larger bandwidth for the spirits to work with.

EVP, short for electronic voice phenomena, can be also easily identified due to the use of step sweeps which scans the radio frequencies independently.

spirit box for ghost hunting

This is very useful if you are recording the audio for closer analysis to confirm paranormal communication.

The device itself is also quite sensitive, and can pickup extremely soft voices if not obscured by the white noise. This makes a great deal of voices come through, which is nothing short of a revelatory experience.

Now, onto the physical aspects. The built-in speakers are nice and loud, offering crisp and distortion free audio. Note that I said “speakers” because there now two speakers, in fact, over the single one in the SB7.

This reduces its distortion and increases the volume level by quite a bit, hence reducing the need for external speakers.

The shell seems to be very durable as well, with a tough body that survives drops from a few feet. It does get scuffed and scratched – it’s plastic after all – but the build quality is overall excellent for the price.

However, no paranormal spirit box is perfect, and this is no exception. These devices often require compromises in one area or another for gains in another area.

In this case, the SB11 sacrifices noise floor for sensitivity and speed, which is a good trade off in my opinion. For instance, the white noise fills the area between frequency steps, causing a undesirable hissing noise not found in spirit boxes without the feature.

Still, it is not too annoying and worth it when considering the extra auditory information this can collect.

paranormal spirit box

The audio is also somewhat distorted. While clear and high in bandwidth, the output seems to clip slightly at times, which can be due to the audio driver. Also, the step sweep which aids identification of EVP leads to a slight tapping noise which can be slightly annoying at times.

Granted, all these are minor gripes and the best-in-class reception is more than worth these tradeoffs.

The device is also bulkier than the SB7, and near double the cost. Which means that for those who want the new features but don’t want a heavier and more costly device, you are unfortunately out of luck.

Another thing is the battery life. It is smaller than the SB7 by quite a bit due to its increased functionality and the fact that it is two SB7s in one. This may necessitate the use of replacement batteres or snap connectors for longer trips. But if you use the scanners more conservatively it shouldn’t be a problem.

Who is This Product For?

This product is suitable for anyone interested in ghost hunting, from dedicated occultists to the hobbyist. With most ghost hunting equipment delivered in an all-in-one package, you should be fine with just this and a handheld camera on your trips, making it excellent for those who do not want to invest excessively.

The product is also the best in class in terms of the ability to establish and maintain a clear communication channel. If its use on Ghost Adventures told you anything, is that its really the best spirit box for ghost hunting you can get.

paranormal spirit box

For those who are just getting into the realm of the paranormal, do exercise care in using this equipment and avoid growing affection for the device or the spirits.

With great power comes great responsibility, use this well and it should serve you well. Due to its durability and upgradability, it may be easy to grow attached to to your device, so make it a point to be firm and objective in that regard.

If you are aware of the necessary precautions and want to begin an adventure into the paranormal, buying this device is sure bet. It will take you on an enlightening and fascinating journey, so be prepared.


This is best-in-class product, which, while admittedly best in a niche, serves its purpose extremely well. For experienced ghost hunters, you may well be aware that the ghost box is pretty much the lens through which you view the paranormal world.

Indeed, the spirit box is the centrepiece of many road trips, and the spirit box SB11 offers an exceptionally clear window.

While slightly blurred, perhaps, by the undesirable noises, the dual sweep function in conjunction with the fast detection and wise design choices offers a stunningly authentic way to hear the voices you want.

As the best paranormal spirit box you can get, short of exorbitantly priced “boutique” products, this is a no brainer for everyone interested in occultism or paranormal investigations.

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24 comments on “Spirit Box For Ghost Hunting (SB11)

  1. This ghost hunting box looks super advanced! I would love to get one of these some day as I’ve always been very interested in the super natural.

    It would be great to have absolute proof that a supernatural experience wasn’t just a case of overactive imagination!

    Thanks very much for sharing this with us. I love your site, always lots of interesting stuff on here.

  2. Hey there!

    Jeez, this thing looks incredibly high tech. I’ve been browsing through your website and I think you’ve got an incredibly interesting and enticing niche. I have to ask, have you ever seen a ghost or spirit? Or ever attempted to “hunt” one yourself? It definitely seems like a super cool hobby.

    1. Hunting – yes of course! As for results – I’ve had ‘experiences’ but I’ve been able to gather any evidence on the subject ( unfortunately! ).

  3. This is so cool. I’ve heard of the spirit box for ghost hunting, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen one.

    I’m a big fan of the radio show Coast to Coast and occasionally they will have professional ghost hunters on with recording of electronic voice phenomena. It gives me the chills to hear it.

    I live in South Carolina near the site of several skirmishes between Confederate and Union forces. I would love to use the Spirit Box sB11 there.

  4. I loved reading about the Spirit Box! I am a huge believer in ghosts and I watch a lot of the shows that use these. I never knew you could buy one right from Amazon! I have bookmarked your page because I loved a lot of things you have on there and I am very interested in reading all your information and the new things you will be posting!

  5. Wow, i really do not know that this kind of product is easily available in the market. I thought we need to go to specialized store to get it one.

    It is a very interesting product and may be i should have one in my house to detect anything supernatural because who knows may be there is something in my house that is undetectable through our normal 5 senses.

    1. Sorry for the late reply Charles,

      Our ghost tech geezer (who wrote this article) is currently away but we will get him look at your query when he returns (it’s been a while since I used the sb-11 and I don’t remember a ‘add features’ function on it…but that’s probably just me!)

  6. i didn’t even know they sold these. I see the spirit box on all the tv shows all the time but I honestly thought they just had some hi-tech recorder that they just gave a fancy name to. I’m not sure if I’m ready to get into ghost hunting quite yet haha but still a spirit box seems pretty cool for even skeptics to try out

    1. Hi Bob,

      Well they certainly ain’t toys – so make sure you are 100% into the idea before going out and buying one…they can be VERY powerful (even in the wrong hands!).

      Check out a few ghost hunting tutorials on them first yeah?

    1. It’s been that long since I’ve used this model now Hank I really can’t remember! I don’t think it came with an adaptor – I remember a headphone adaptor being released a couple of years back for it, but not an ac adaptor!

  7. Being an avid ghost hunter myself I think the psb11 is an awesome bit of kit and beats the psb7 hands down saying that the psb 7 is a great starter spirit box.

    1. That’s a new one on me – I’ll pass this message onto the guy that handles our ghost hunting articles! The Pan11 is a new version I take it?

  8. Not happy with this product,all it picks up cb,uhf channels and music stations and foreign language,tried all different types of frequency and to no avail,in my opinion waste of my money$$$ I think I will just get a oquia board lol

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