Psychic Frauds Exposed

Psychic Frauds Exposed

Before we get into this article I should point out that I have no problem whatsoever with (legit) psychics – I’m actually good friends with one and her abilities never cease to amaze me.

But, my friend has a rule and a psychic ‘moral’ she always sticks to – “it’s called a gift for a reason…which is why I’d never make any money off it”

Now, that’s just her view, and I’m not saying that’s the correct view, each to their own.

In this article we will be looking at a few of the more famous psychic frauds exposed. These are the kind of people that will do anything for money…and rarely have any sort of gift to call upon.

Oh and yes…it’s nice to see them squirm…

Uri Geller on Johnny Carson

I don’t know what it is with Uri, but when I was a kid he seemed to infest UK breakfast and daytime television – he was everywhere (well it certainly seemed that way, anyway!).

I think the most irritating aspect of his ‘show’ was the fact that he insisted he had supernatural powers…but surely someone with these powers would shy away from the limelight…otherwise they’d end up in a government testing facility for the rest of their life!

You see, most of these people are damn fine magicians – illusionists if you will, even though they’d never admit it…

When Uri Geller was booked to appear on The Tonight Show, host Johnny Carson was understandably skeptical about Geller’s claims.

Carson was actually an ex-magician himself, and had also invited professional illusionist and psychic troll James Randi onto the same show.

Carson ended up surprising Geller by having a table full of spoons and props already provided – Geller had to perform his supernatural powers on items he had never touched before.

From this point…the show gets incredibly hard to watch.

Geller can be seen crumbling as he tries to figure out what he’s going to do, with the world watching. He actually goes as far as waving his hands over the props to draw in some sort of power…stalling for time.

It’s a sham, and so was his performance.

Geller eventually squirms out of the segment by claiming that he’s just not feeling the supernatural strength tonight.

It’s worth noting that Uri Geller spent the remainder of his career trying to sue James Randi – he lost legal battle after legal battle…and in the end admitted that he was nothing more than a magical entertainer.

The BBC Sting

I actually remember watching the re-run of this, after I read the newspaper the morning after it’s original airing.

A group of psychics were ‘set up’ by a BBC program, and each one of them fell for it in style.

They were taken to a abandoned chocolate factory to try to summon the spirit of its long-deceased owner.

The BBC Psychic Sting

Amazingly, they were able to channel all sorts of information once they had made contact with the dead owner, George Bull.

Unfortunately for them…Mr. Bull had never existed.

The production team had completely made him up, along with his history, and posted all the relevant details on the factory’s website…just days before the psychics were invited in.

Again, this was pretty hard to watch…one psychic even goes into a trance and let’s the spirit of George Bull into her body…a terrible cringe moment.

Will Smith Meets a Psychic

This one cracks me up every time I think of it – when the Fresh Prince rings up a live infomercial psychic!

Yep, this one’s a British example yet again…

A British psychic simply known as Wayne, used to make a ton of money on live TV by giving increasingly vague answers to caller’s questions.

Sometime in 2012, I don’t know the exact date, a Irish guy rings him up to tell him about his childhood…which ended up being a rendition of the theme tune to The Fresh Prince of Bell Air.

He ended with the question of whether or not he’d meet his old friends in Philadelphia again…which should have been a big red flag…considering this guy was Irish and was ringing FROM Ireland!

Missing the ruse entirely, psychic Wayne shuffles his tarot cards and advises the caller that he should try getting in touch with them through social media…now that’s some deadly effective advice from the other side!

Will Smith Meets a Psychic

The caller starts to get bored with the situation and begins to tell Wayne that he used to be a rapper back in the 80’s…but he got sick of the music scene. He eventually decided to move on to a entertainment career, and become an actor.

Wayne asks the caller what his full name is, and the caller responds “Will Smith”.

Painful viewing once again – you can actually see the moment our friend Wayne realizes he’s lost his job…and his mortgage, career, holiday in the Bahamas….

Psychic Frauds Exposed

As I pointed out at the start of the article – I have nothing against legit psychics. As a matter of fact, many psychics have written articles for this site!

So, with that in mind – if you have any opinions on the psychics we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

4 comments on “Psychic Frauds Exposed

  1. We’re totally in agreement Chris. I’ve had a few “psychic” experiences and they always happen when you least expect them. As soon as you try to make them happen, nothing happens. They seem to depend on having your mind very relaxed.

    Fake psychics are one thing, but the bottom of the barrel are the Faith Healers who take very sick desperate people’s money and tell them to throw away their medicines. They should be treated as the swindlers and criminals they are. Did you see Randi’s video about Peter Popoff at ?

    1. It’s like you’re reading our minds over here Fred!!! When this article was put together yesterday, a friend of mine stumbled upon a related piece covering these ‘healers’. It’s a subject we will be covering here after we’ve researched the main culprits a little more…

  2. See, I told you that psychic things happen when you’re not trying. Good luck researching the world of Fake Healers!

  3. The one that really bummed me out was Derek Acorah. I really liked him, met him, loved watching him on Mist Haunted, but then they got suspicious of him and set him up with fake information just like in the article above and he walked right into it. Ugh 🙁

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